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Dhoom 3 (2013)
Feeling cheated by Aamir's presence
30 December 2013
Every shot is a big reveal. Every time an actor walks into the frame, it's a big moment- so as to blare the theme music and enable slow motion. Seriously, for idiots it shouldn't be allowed to copy Christopher Nolan's ideas. If you wanna be 'inspired,' at least make something watchable, and to rope in Aamir Khan to assist in your crime- sheer genius. Perhaps, Vijay Krishna Acharya is not an idiot after all. Nah, he's an idiot- go watch Tashan, it will have you convinced. You go in for a movie just for Aamir Khan and then feel cheated, doesn't happen often. Overall it was an excruciating experience. I like the final 5 minutes of the movie. I am not being sarcastic here. I genuinely like the ending, Although I was astounded by the approach of the SWAT Team as they stood as silent spectator to the Indian Melodrama. Pathetic.
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Man of Steel (2013)
Didn't expect to be bored
27 June 2013
It is strange how an alien life-form that has absolutely no knowledge of the existence of a planet called Earth speaks in contemporary English to facilitate the comprehension of a worldwide audience. 'Man of Steel' bored me to death. It was tough to keep my eyes open as special effects took over the second-half of the movie with repetitive action sequences featuring innumerable fight scenes and collapsing of buildings in a manner that reminded me of none other than 'Michael Bay.' I smiled when the movie came to an end and my mind began to recover from the clamor. Difficult to fathom that 'Christopher Nolan' is associated with this venture. 'Kevin Costner' brought some genuine moments of earthiness to the affair. 'Amy Adams' was good as always, and 'Henry Cavill' shows potential of becoming a credible Superman. Having said that, we still miss 'Christopher Reeve.'
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Bridesmaids (I) (2011)
Sad, crass and disgusting
14 January 2012
Where to start on this terrible disaster of a movie? First of all, for a comedy getting so much attention and success, it wasn't funny at all. If anything it was melancholic and absurd. I love watching movies, and all kinds at that, but to sit through this one was nothing short of torture.

I like Kristen Wiig. I think she's funny. This movie, however, falls way short of expectations. The so called comic acts were nothing but a series of crass and vulgar situations.

I'm quite surprised why this is so highly rated. There must be something wrong.
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Rockstar (2011)
Music overshadows bad writing.
21 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
What this movie is missing is proper characterization. We see the outward reaction of characters, but do not know what they really think and feel. Flaws are in writing. Material/content is just not there to handle the story properly. Music was an essential part of protagonist's life, but apart from songs (that come and go) nothing has been shown related to musical journey.

There is another idiot on the horizon, and his name is Janardan aka Jordan. I say 'another' because not so long ago there was Shahrukh in Ra-One playing a character so dumb that it was shocking to accept him as a Software Engineer. What is wrong with these stories? Why one feels the need to put all logic and common sense aside? On discovering that pain is essential in creating a great artist Janardan shamelessly (read idiotically) tries to get rejected from a girl he doesn't even know. Only a top-class moron would think in those terms that somehow magically he would feel depressed after being rejected by a stranger and hence inspired to create more passionate work. There is always passion in music and if you know music you know pain. Show me a person who doesn't know what pain is and I will show you a liar.

Another baffling point in the story is that Heer's condition miraculously improves whenever she is in Jordan's touch. Her 'mysterious' (don't know whether it was physical or mental) illness begins to fade. Now the ultimate solution to overcome and successfully handle this crisis would be for her to get a divorce and stay with Jordan. But for some unknown reason nobody, and I mean nobody, not even the two passionate lovers, Heer's husband, her sister or parents mention it. The surprising part was that her husband is shown to be a reasonable man and instead of her being dead from a 'mysterious' illness he should have suggested her to be with Jordan. I guess they didn't want to be together, for there seems to be no other logical reason for this blunder. The truth, however, is that this blunder is created by the writers.

This is the only Ranbir Kapoor movie that I have seen and to be honest I am impressed. He seemed to have worked hard on his character and it shows clearly on the screen. Nargis Fakhri wasn't as bad as others are saying. As a new comer she acts a little tense and mechanical at times but still acceptable. She should improve with experience.

The music has to be the stand-out point of the movie. A.R. Rahman has created magic for ears. The movie falls short of high expectations from a director who made 'Jab We Met.' Don't be disappointed once you are inside the theater because it is still watchable. And even if you hate everything about it, there is always Rahman.
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Ra.One (2011)
Illogical and senseless
30 October 2011
Where to start with this sci-fi, drama, comedy, "emotional roller-coaster," etc. In simple words, the execution of this movie is too childish to be taken seriously. Why do filmmakers feel they need to dumb a movie down to connect with the Indian audience. It doesn't work as the audience has become too smart to appreciate such mediocrity.

By far Shahrukh's worst performance till date with him being just acceptable as G-One and almost unbearable as Shekhar- an improbable annoying idiot. Always remember that any amount of special effects won't do if you don't have a sensible story to tell. Shun it if you can and try to forget it if you have seen it already (would be an impossible task though). My condolences with you.

I'm giving it one out of ten points because of Akon's song. The problem with Ra-One is that in publicity they foolishly targeted the audience that has already been exposed to the great Superhero movies made by great directors. I mean you can't live up to the expectations of Sam Raimi and Christopher Nolan. Especially Christopher Nolan, who has to be one of the best writer-directors this generation has seen. Ra-One should appeal only to children (its real audience).
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Bol (2011)
Brilliant and daring!
21 October 2011
In India we don't get to watch many Pakistani movies. The main reason is the belief that they are just not good enough to compete with a sensible mind. Now I know that most Indian movies don't qualify in that perspective as well. I seldom watch Hindi movies, only when something stands out in the crowd.

The image of Pakistani actors in my mind is of people hamming their way to an overly-dramatic scene. This is something I get from coming across an occasional clip of random Pakistani TV Channels accidentally while watching TV.

Bol is a movie that I was made to watch, and I must say I am not, in the least bit, disappointed. This movie has generated so much word-of-mouth publicity in India that I couldn't say no to all those rave reviews. Now my appreciation for the movie has nothing to do with my religious inclinations or the lack of it actually. Bol is an extremely difficult movie to watch for many reasons. It is pitiable and condemnable what women go through in the name of religion. What they succumb to in their everyday life. A shocking truth that takes place in today's modern world unabashedly. Moving parallel with the change there is another world that exists because no one dares to speak against it. Hats off to Shoaib mansoor for this reason alone - other than bringing out a never seen quality out of Pakistan. , and shattering all pre-conceieved notions. He has dared to question taboos. A well-made movie adorned with Humaima Malick's breathtaking performance. A must watch whether you are religious or not because it raises more basic issues about life and the people who are doomed to survive it.
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Boring - to describe in one word.
21 October 2011
Terrance Malick as a filmmaker has his unique style of story-telling where he takes the audience on an adventure with his narration and terrific camera work. It has to be admitted that The Tree of Life is not for everybody. It is unlike anything that you might have seen on screen. Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain deliver great performances along with Hunter McCracken.

Oh! Yes! There is Sean Penn too. He, however, just wakes up and roams around watching nature and experiencing something profound and meaningful. It is known that Brad Pitt plays Terrance Malick's father when he was growing up. This feels like more of a story that he has told in order to solve his own issues or at least to discuss them within his soul. This feels something too personal to be on the screen for others to watch.

The tree is life is not for everyone. I found it quite boring, with Brad Pitt standing out as an actor. Don't be surprised if he gets an Oscar nomination for this one.
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A sweet take on a terrible disease.
21 October 2011
This movie talks about depression – something I have experienced a great deal in my life, so it was easier for me to relate to this issue. This turned out to be a sweet comforting movie.

Depression is a topic that needs to be handled with discretion. I didn't have many expectations with this movie but it surprised me. The beginning was enough to suggest that it would not be disappointing.

I love Zach Galifianakis's comedy style with his straight face and funny one-liners. It doesn't go hardcore on this terrible disease or pretend to suggest a solution for it. I'd say it is kind of a funny story. Watch it.
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Christoph Waltz stands out in this weak love story with no chemistry.
21 October 2011
Now where do I start on this 'timeless love-story?' Let's start with the title. This has to be the most inappropriate title in the history of cinema. The title has nothing to do with the story, which is primarily a love story, but the title tricks you into thinking that it is not. Sara Gruen who has written the novel 'Water for Elephants' credits someone else in her book for coming up with this title. I'd say she should have used her own discretion. Now coming to the movie, and as a fan of both Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, I'd have to sadly accept that this movie doesn't justify an iota of their talent. There is just no chemistry between the two – an essential quality for a love story. On the other hand there is Christoph Waltz, who is absolutely brilliant throughout the movie. He, in fact, is the sole reason that this movie is watchable. Take him out of the equation and you have a dud on your hands. The love story is too weak to make you feel any passion. The main character, Jacob, at times, comes across as a spineless individual who eventually has lived an adventurous and successful life with all that he ever wanted, and still finds something to complain about. The story, beyond all comprehension, is not as dramatic as it was intended.
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Let Me In (I) (2010)
Go for it!
21 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Interestingly, this is a movie about kids but is not for kids. It is too dark, gruesome and violent to serve that purpose. Based upon the novel, 'Låt den rätte komma in' and screenplay of John Ajvide Lindqvist , this movie is a remake of the Swedish film, 'Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in), which tells the story of a bullied kid with no friends who comes across this little girl. They begin to develop a friendship that only becomes more profound as the story moves along. The girl, however, is a vampire who needs fresh human blood to survive. Now I haven't seen the Swedish version that was released in 2008, but this movie is worth watching alone for the fact that how wonderfully these kids have played these characters without losing the touch of that stinging horror in their prospective tales. Chloë Grace Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee have done a commendable job along with Richard Jenkins.

This movie stays true to the traits of a vampire and thrills successfully every bit of you as you watch hopefully in the darkness. I'd say go for it for sure.
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Fright Night (2011)
A trifle affair
22 August 2011
I chose to watch this movie because it was in 3D despite having a few apprehensions. All I can say that a vampire without a story doesn't really mean anything. The other important question would be to ask what the hell was Toni Collette doing in this movie? She is too good an actor to be in a cheesy vampire flick. To be honest I am befuddled by the rating and the good reviews that the movie is getting. It was neither scary nor funny. Colin Farrell does look convincing as a vampire, but the standout performance is surely by David Tennant who made it possible for me to smile a few times. All in all the movie fails to deliver. I expected something a little better I guess. Anton Yelchin is a good actor and a budding star who tries hard to salvage a little out of the night. The night, however, was too predictable.
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Heat (1995)
One of Michael Mann's best.
24 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Two men in control with a desire to be perfect at their craft, but on the opposite end of a much familiar line. Despite their intentions, they are not distinct from each other. They do what they are best at, and factors such as pride, ego, and passion for their work bind them. There is this tension in the air all through the movie. It's the heat that you feel gradually smoldering; both the characters have much on the line to lose.

The hallmark of a great director is to use music as a tool for their suited method of story-telling. Michael Mann always does that beautifully, just like Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg. 'God moving over the face of the waters' by Moby just simply and silently crawls under your skin at the end sequence.

Two great actors never share the screen together too often to spoil the anticipation. In the only scene (shot masterfully) when they truly interact, they acknowledge each others' stand and strength. But things always are, just the way they are.

Neil McCauley walks away from the life that he desired for, after a long tenure of restless and lonesome squandering, but never too far. Vincent Hanna manages to get a better deal.

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino don't need to rehearse or prepare much for a role at this stage; they could just read the script and be ready to deliver the best. Both are riveting as always.

As for the supporting cast, Val Kilmer, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman, Jon Voight, Hank Azaria, Ted Levine, Diane Venora and Amy Brenneman, you can't get any better than this. Michael Mann comfortably manages to provide each of them a shine, even under the deep perpetuating shadows of such legends.

Great cinema, fast paced, grows on you all the way.
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