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Bad Words (2013)
Very funny movie
17 February 2014
I saw this at TIFF and I laughed and laughed and laughed. In fact, I've been laughing since September so I thought I better write this review. I keep thinking about how funny this is. This is a very funny movie. Jason Bateman couldn't have been funnier. My face is still hurting, thinking of watching him. Everybody else in the movie was funny too, but Bateman stole the show. We're talking one funny guy. If you feel like laughing, peeing and crying, go see this movie. It is such a funny movie. Your tummy will probably hurt as well as your face. Now I know what side-splitting means. This is a very funny movie. Very, very funny. This is a very funny movie. I mean very funny.
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Adult World (2013)
It is good
9 February 2014
I won free pass to Tribeca. It was awesome. I saw Robert DeNiro in the crowd, at least I think it was him. But he got me so exited for this movie. I had not heard of it, so expect didn't know. But it turns out to be very funny. Amy is Emma Roberts, he plays her well. She is so cute and funny. It makes her play her well. John Cuesack is also funny but not as cute but I like him to. The story is worth watching so I won't tell it to you. It is funny so I think you should see it. I hope it plays in every theater. But I do not know if commercials are playing. I saw none. I watch TV and I did not see it. Remember when you make up your mind to go see it.
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Lawless (2012)
Three handsome brothers showing they can act with class and style
27 August 2012
Lawless pits three brothers, Forrest Bondurant (Tom Hardy), Howard (Jason Clarke) and Jack (Shia LaBeouf), against a crooked deputy Charles Rakes (Guy Pearce). And it was excellent! Hardy and LaBeouf aren't just around for their good looks anymore, they can act. Guy Pearce had the better role as a villain with equal parts menace and eccentricity.

The brothers are bootleggers making moon-shine and each exemplifying a different quality that allows their operation to be successful.

Shot in Georgia, the film was able to capture the grittiness of the time but also the charm of the South. Jessica Chastain plays a sassy barmaid, and Mia Wasikowska is a preacher's daughter who catches the eye of Shia LaBeouf. The cast and style of Lawless is going to send it straight up the box office charts.
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Premium Rush (2012)
Simple action movie takes us along for the ride
26 August 2012
Premium Rush is an action movie. A very simple one at that, but the cycling scenes are very well done. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is very believable as a New York City bike messenger; he looks the part along with his main squeeze Vanessa (Dania Ramirez). He's always up against an impossible route on the road or an impossible time limit to meet, but that's when you know a movie is good, isn't it? When you're willing to go for a ride through the hills and the valleys even when you know the outcome is straight ahead.

Michael Shannon plays the dirty cop complete with a manic frenzied attitude. He provides a decent amount of the comedy in the movie, but the jury is still out as to whether or not he was a good movie villain. A "good" movie villain would of course be a bad person, but one who is so evil that you're rooting for them to lose just as much as you're rooting the hero to win.

He's a dirty cop because he's using all the tricks in the book to get the envelope that our hero is carrying. A friend of his, Nime (Jamie Chung) has a family emergency and needs to get a special piece of paper to the right people in Chinatown. Once this is revealed, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character becomes much more humanized as he doesn't just risk his life for his job, but for his friend.

The direction for the movie is, for the most part, simple which matches the simplistic premise. It can get carried away with the slow-motion crashes, or highlighting the paths on the road which are most dangerous, almost as dangerous and not quite as dangerous. But Premium Rush succeeds in taking us along for the ride with one of the best actors of his generation.
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A comedy about the truth to our world
30 August 2010
"The Invention of Lying" begins with a series of truths, which in our world today nobody says because, well, we can lie, but in this world nobody can. It's funny in a very basic way, and it gets old quick. But then, Ricky Gervais discovers how to lie.

Along with Gervais, we learn a lot about society, and we see all the inherent humour. This humour actually has a fair number of levels to it. On one level, humanity is very base, but the great thing about lying is that we actually get to a level where we can find the good in people. This movie is for everybody who has ever been called short, fat or ugly, and for all those people who see that it's always the good looking people who get everything they want in the world. But Gervais is now here to stand up for us, and just let us laugh.

"The Invention of Lying" is filled with one-liners, intelligent wit and the ultimate truth to our world. It's also filled with many recognizable actors, all there to make the movie shinier and brighter. Jennifer Garner at one point tells our hero, "I like the way you see the world." Well, so do I, Mr. Gervais, so do I.
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