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Dragonslayer (2011)
a beautiful portrait of someone trying to figure it out
31 May 2011
Dragonslayer's a tough film to define and that's what makes it so great. It's not the typical documentary you see today with a big social issue being explored or your expected 'inspirational' character who comes out of the story with a clear cut resolution to their struggles. It exists in the gray areas of life, and explores the beauty and hardships of being young and trying to live your life in an unsure world...It's more old school verite (think the Maysles' Salesmen) with the production value/techniques of a Gus Van Sant or Larry Clark film. It puts the viewer smack in the middle of Screech's life without explanation and let's them experience his life first hand, not letting go until the end credits.

From the cinematography, to the editing and awesome soundtrack, Dragonslayer elevates the documentary genre to something really special. I was so happy to see something on the big screen that was so different than the usual reality TV shows and Oprah-fied documentaries out there. THIS IS REAL LIFE SHOWN IN THE MOST CINEMATIC TERMS.

But forget what I say- go see this film wherever you can and make your own decision about it.
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