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Unfortunately, this reeks of Richard Donner's arrogance!
8 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Dear Richard Donner,

Your version of Superman II is awful. And much like Superman III & IV, your Lethal Weapon 3 & 4 are unwatchable too.

I was very upset when I listened to the commentary with Dick Donner and Tom Mankiewicz (RIP). They're both arrogant, selfish babies who spend their time trashing everything that Richard Lester did instead of being grateful that the film's still watchable 30 years later. Who are they to tell me that there are rules for Superman? (Mankiewicz says only Superman kisses Lois, not Clark. Duh! Why do you think he took his glasses off at the end of Superman II when kissing Lois? Idiot.)

For all of the accusing of Lester inserting humor, how do you explain when Donner does it also and worse? (Toilet flushing at the Fortress of Solitude, Jewish remarks at Niagara Falls, bedwetting pointing from Otis, Lois' Superman nightie). His Daily Planet opening looks clumsy compared to the exciting Paris opening. Niagara Falls is more ambiguous and better than Lois' blanks. If Supe and Lois can have sex, why give up his powers? The extra Marlon Brando stuff is redundant (except for Supe getting his powers back scene). Worse yet, just to not use Lester's affectionate ending, he slaps the unfinished part 1 ending back on as if we're expected to understand and side with him. Sorry Dick. Lester = 1, Donner = 0. Everything that Lester touched is an improvement on what's offered here.

In the future, whenever I'm in the mood to watch Superman II, I'll stick with the better constructed theatrical version. You know, the one without the chip on its shoulder.
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My, how far we've fallen.
10 May 2010
With this latest Dead entry from George, I realize we're never going to approach the original trilogy's greatness ever again. It took 20 years after Day of the Dead (still my favorite) to get to Land of the Dead (entertaining, but nothing new). In the last 5 years, George has cranked out 3 Dead movies. Is he inspired or trying to stay commercially viable? Diary annoyed me with its Scream/Blair Witch hybrid and now, if it's possible to get worse, we have.

Survival of the Dead plays like a TV movie with profanity. I couldn't get over how lifeless this movie was. I appreciate the Irish Western flavor, but that's all that's new here. While watching this, I felt like it was a rehash of Day of the Dead, substituting two feuding Irish families for the feuding military vs scientists. The so-called twist at the end is embarrassingly desperate. I know some fans will want George to make one more great Dead movie and retire the series. After witnessing this second trilogy, I feel the more he makes, the more creatively bankrupt he appears.
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