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26 August 2012
The only reason to watch this film is to see a future Academy Award winning actor doing something abjectly horrible to pay the bills.

The best part is when Waltz skips off through the train laughing maniacally towards the end. The rest is just... poorly acted rubbish. If you're watching this with the desire to see more of Waltz acting in English... do yourself a favor, and skip it.

Everyone has a few stinkers in their back pocket and this is Mr. Waltz's. Mark Roper must be a pseudonym for garbage as this, and Queens Messenger (Queen's Mess) are just horrid, flawed, nonsensical films with terrible acting, cheap locations, and plots that make no sense whatsoever.
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My son LOVES it!
24 March 2011
My three year old son LOVES this show. He gets such a kick out of the counting, and the kids. Afterward he pretend-plays that he's a pirate and acts out scenes from the show. I find the music to be amusing and fresh, and not annoying like most kids' music.

My observation is that the world and activities the kids get into remind me of a video game. Jumping on turtles and moving platforms, for example, is classic adventure-video game fodder, as is collecting coins.

The show encourages kids to jump and play along with them, and not so bad as Dora and other shows which break the fourth wall to encourage audience participation.

Give it a chance. If you're the parent of a young boy, I think it's a winner.
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