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Transformers (2007)
Transformer fans will be pleased movie watchers won't
25 June 2009
While this movie had great special effects and was visually impressive during the action scenes it would make anyone a fan of Transformers happy well, except for the fact that Optimus had lips that moved when he talked, not sure why he had lips he's a robot. However, any movie goer will be disappointed at how juvenile and weak this film was. This was the first movie i've ever started to get up to leave the theater but quickly remembered that the theater costs $10.50 now and i should stay to get my money's worth. The new one looks to be more of the same so if you enjoyed the cheesy dialog, weak story and juvenile humor of the first one enjoy the second. Me personally, I think Bay should just stop making films, he is just bad.
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This movie ruined the first one (not a spoiler comment)
15 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
The first matrix as we can all agree was amazing, the action was of a new kind, the storyline was intellegent, philisophical and intreuging. you would expect that from the sequal but in my opinion it totally wasn't, it fell way short of the original. i was dissapointed in all aspects. yes the movie delivered eye poping fight scenes which were awsome at times but, they were also extremly long (often seeing the same thing over and over throughout the one scene) and the heavily influenced CG in fight scenes were very noticable at times (sometimes you felt like you were watching a video game). All in all i feel as though this movie has ruined the first matrix which i thought was amazing. The storyline for The Matrix Reloaded was good but it did not develope well at all. i gave this movie a 3/10. yes i will end up seeing the third matrix but to me the entire series i ruined because of this movie which is dissapointing because they had somthing good going and ruined it, oh and lastly zion looked crappy and what is the deal with the nudity, totally uncalled for just one more thing to make the movie even less attractive!!!

that is the jist of it watch it at your own risk of dissapointment
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