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The Fever (2004)
Utter Drivel
5 April 2010
I kept waiting and waiting for the interesting twist. The flash of insight, the window into the human sole.

All I got - a pathetic excuse for marxist apologetics which glosses over any real politics with a healthy dose of hand-waiving. A waste of 83 minutes of my life which I will never get back.

If you are a socialist then there a far better films. If you are not then this is hardly in danger of challenging your convictions. Go read the motorcycle diaries!

It feels as if this was written by a guilty middle-class teenager who has just returned from a gap year funded by mummy and daddy. I am surprised that Michael Moore stooped to be in this film, his brief cameo is one of the few highlights of an otherwise lifeless and self-indulgent romp through cliché and rhetoric.
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