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Mom (2013– )
15 April 2014
It's not just a comedy, it bears so much grief and pain as well as many great funny stories.

It gives hope to anyone who have doubts about their life.

Every episodes is well written. Especially the first episode.

The 22nd episode is the most touching one!

The cast is brilliant! Faris, Janny and Calveno are talented actresses. Even Rothenthal is funny and adorable.

This is a one of a kind TV show for people who truly understand what life is about and brave enough to appreciate it everyday.

Keep up the good work, Chuck!
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Curse of the movie viewer!
24 December 2006
I don't know how to say about this movie other than "very bad"! It not only makes no sense but also a waste of money and time to produce this movie. What was Chang Yi-Mo thinking? I have no doubt that he has talent but I don't think he knows his limit. There are so many techniques he used in this movie are copied from other movies but only worse. I just don't know how to say it but it seems like he can only do "copy and paste".

I feel so bad for Chow Ren-Fat... He performed so good as he did in "Crouching tiger hidden dragon". He is a real talent actor even in a bad movie like this. You can tell he put up a lot for this and tried so hard to express the role of the emperor.

Gong-Li performed moderately. Jay Chou is a wash.
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Mystic River (2003)
28 January 2004
I'm not sure how to describe my feeling after seeing it. 'Disappointed' is probably the simplest I can use for now.

Where can I find the 'Unforgiven' Eastwood again? Where is that silent emotion and raged anger that stun the audience? Not in 'Mystic River'.
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What's left for human?
16 May 2003
This movie definitely proves that machines can do more than human.

For the entire 2 hours and 18 minutes, the computer generated actions and sound effects take up 80% of the show. The animated scenes are fun to watch especially the highway chasing. No doubt the Wachowski brothers have created an astonishing movie in visual effect that may not be easily replicated by others. Unfortunately, I'm a fan of Matrix's story more than its visual technology. Obviously younger people have a total opposite view than mine - i.e. my daughter and son (11 and 13 year old). Well, I didn't let my kids see the original Matrix until last year (it's R rated, you know.) and they were so thrilled about the actions but knew little of the story - which they didn't care. For this reason, I have not decided whether I should let them see the 'Reloaded'. Another thing is that they've seen too many similar movies already - from Harry Potter to Lord of The Rings, Spiderman to X-Man; it's no big deal any more. Just to give an example, we watched 'Shoalin Soccer' the other day; they were not surprised of those super soccer maneuvers and skills at all, but my wife . oh boy, she was amazed! She insisted that the soccer actions were real performance until I showed her the 'Make of the movie' which revealed the CAD of those super soccer scenes.

So what about the story of 'Reloaded'? My opinion - it is just too complicated for my little human brain to digest. Why the machines can create Matrix - a virtual world that is so real and powerful but can not stop Neo from breaking in? Why there are so may security systems and failed proof power grids just to prevent human (Neo) to break in? This is more like a video game than movie. For game it needs no sense, only rules. So for people who are looking for reasons, you'll be disappointed; but for game lovers, this is just a prelude for the video game 'Enter the Matrix'.

For those Keanu's fans, he is still the same old Keanu Reeves - perhaps a little bit too mature. No comments for other actors.

So what's left for human?
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