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A Sequel that Never Gives itself a Reason to Exist,
20 August 2018
Now You See Me 2 is a very mediocre film with a thin plot and a talented cast that are never given a chance to shine here. What the film does still offer is some visually terrific sequences, even when it can get convuluted, it is always fuj to see these magicians use their skills and it's a soecial thing this series has to offer that no other film series has. The plot is very flat, I really enjoyed the first Now You See Me and was looking forward to seeing how they continued this story, but they really did not try to break any boundaries or try to excel beyond any success they had with their predecessor, it was simoly by the numbers. The cast look like they are having fun, and that certainly makes it more watchable, but their is little to no scope added to their characters, we do not learn anything new or benefit in seeing them grow by watching this film, it offers little pay off. An uninteresting sequel. Lightly plotted and thinly developed, I would advise giving Now You See Me 2 a miss.

The Four Horsemen are recruited to pull off an impossible heist.

Best Performance: Mark Ruffalo
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Ridiculous Fun, Very Bizarre,
14 August 2018
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law is a great television series with well written episodes and a top notch voice cast. It is a really bizarre show that fans of both Adult Swim's content and Hanna Barbera cartoons will enjoy. The characters, most of whom are based off original HB characters, are terrific, with a lot of scope and personality put in to them in just 11 minute programmes, Harvey and Phil stand out in particular.

However, it does suffer from the same problem as most Adult Swim shows, in that it sometimes gets too convoluted for its own good. There are episodes that go to uncomfortable places that are not even humorous, more so just looking for a reaction.

The voice cast is all around tremendous, Gary Cole is top notch as Harvey, making his ridiculous dialogue always sound authentic, and Stephen Colbert knocks it out of the park in his various roles. There are also many great guest appearances throughout the forty episodes, a lot of whom reprise characters they voiced in the shows their from, such as Frank Welker as Fred Jones, Scott Innes as Shaggy & Scooby and Maurice LeMarche as Droopy, it was amazing to see how many people got behind this insanity.

Ridiculously weird and enjoyable. Strange from the get go, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law certainly is not for everyone, but who it is for will love it.

A former superhero takes up a career in law to protect well known cartoon characters.

Best Episode: The Dabba Don / Worst Episode: Grodin
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Ambitious for the Wrong Reasons,
1 August 2018
The Lovely Bones is a decent film with a reasonably well developed plot and a good cast. The highlight of the film, for me, is without a doubt Stanley Tucci, who is immensely transformed and powerfully disturbing as George Harvey, his performance was absolutely riveting, it is just a shame it could not have been for a film that deserved him.

The movie tries too hard, it is throwing messages, metaphors and imagery at us left, right and center that it forgets that characters and realism captures an audience far more that impressive visual effects. There is so much going on at once that a lot of it becomes muffled.

Several members of the cast misses the mark, speaking of, Mark Wahlberg is unconvincing in this film, it is not a part that was right for him, I never truly believed he missed his daughter and wanted redemption for her. Susan Sarandon plays Susan Sarandon so much that it took me out of the movie completely, she didn't fit the film's aesthetic and her character was brought in to the plot in such a forced manner that I could not help but feel a little cringe.

Forgettable. While it had good intentions, The Lovely Bones pales in many areas and is certainly Peter Jackson's weakest movie, give this one a miss.

A recently deceased young girl watches over her family as they grieve.

Best Performance: Stanley Tucci / Worst Performance: Susan Sarandon
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A Complex Story with Beautifully Nuanced Performances,
20 July 2018
The World According to Garp is a great movie with a very well developed plot and a tremendously talented cast. Based on a bestselling novel, the film manages to balance many complex story and character arcs that ensue throughout that are all interconnected, but also vastly different, and I can gladly say that I was equally invested in all of them.

I will admit that the film gets carried away with itself, going on for far longer than it should and becoming a little overbearing on occasion. There is a lot of messages and metaphors going on that it does start to become a tad overindulgent, trying too hard to make the audience feel something rather than letting it happen naturally.

The cast is all around spectacular, Robin Williams shines in his first dramatic role and he proved from the get go, and I would imagine surprised many at the time, that there is more to him than just his funny, improvisational side, there is a soulful truth in his performance throughout. Glenn Close is also terrific as the strong willed, protective mother who wants the best for her son, she goes through a complicated arc that she handles with grace. Lastly, John Lithgow is absolutely phenomenal in this role as a trans, taking it on with full force and a caring nature that I am sure this community can look at fondly, he clearly tackled the role with great softness.

Flawed, but very memorable. Funny and heartwarming, The World According to Garp is heavy, ranging from various emotions throughout, if you are looking for a good drama, it is certainly worth the watch.

A young man finds his life being controlled by his wife and mother, he soon finds himself searching for freedom.

Best Performance: Robin Williams
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Some of Spielberg's Best in Years,
12 July 2018
Ready Player One is a terrific film with a very well written plot and an immensely talented cast. The film is truly like no other, establishing a very beautiful and unique spectacle from the get go, creating a virtual reality world that we get so entranced in that we often forget its fictional. The animation is truly beautiful and believable, the many references to pop culture were very entertaining, and the film's overall message is immensely heartwarming.

One thing I will say about this film that dropped from a potential nine to an eight for me was a major lack of character development. No one, even Wade, are given enough scope for us to truly care and be concerned for their well being. While I was in a complete trance at all the action sequences, that was more so because of how beautiful it looked rather than supporting the characters.

While they may be underdeveloped, the cast all still make a terrific show of their characters. Tye Sheridan is very effective as the lead, Olivia Cooke is a great love interest, Ben Mendelsohn steals every scene as a cliched video game villain, Lena Waithe is a hilarious best friend, Simon Pegg is completely transformed in to this role that is greatly different from who he is, and Mark Rylance annihilates as Halliday, a role he really immerses himself in to.

Immense fun from beginning to end. Action packed and heartwarming, Ready Player One is a solid adventure that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good Sci-Fi or family film.

A group of hardcore gamers search for clues to unlock the creator of their virtual reality world's fortune.

Best Performance: Mark Rylance
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Reasonably Entertaining, Nothing Spectacular,
6 July 2018
Spring Breakers is a decent movie with a reasonably well developed plot and a terrific cast. The four main actresses in this movie are all very believable in their roles and convey the struggles of their characters with a lot of realism. However, James Franco is without a doubt the highlight as Alien, he is unrecognizable with his disturbing characterisation in this part that makes it impossible for us to take our eyes off him.

On the otherc hand, the film has a lot of ambitious ideas that it is always afraid to fully embark on, it tries to be different and stylistic, but also remaining tame enough to appeal to the general public.It never felt sure of what it was trying to be.

As well as that, it is immensely bleak, the trailers made the movie look very fun, but its hardly ever playful or presented as what the advertisement made this look like it was going to be.

Enjoyable, but forgettable. Spring Breakers has its moment, but never manages to fully deliver its potential, do not go out of your way to see it, but it's worth the watch if you happen to see it online or on television.

Four students are drawn in to crime after they rob a store to fund their spring break.

Best Performance: James Franco
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Gripping Performances, Bland Plot,
28 June 2018
A Most Wanted Man is a good movie with a reasonably well written plot and a very talented cast. The performances certainly save this film, Phillip Seymour Hoffman blew it away in one of his final roles prior to his tragic passing. It is great to see him take on such a challenging lead role, playing a character that is clearly nothing like himself, taking it on with great ease and making it look effortless.

However, as far as films go, I found this very unmoving, it failed to take any risks or do anything that truly surprised me. It is a very predictable, by the book film that did not seem all that interested in doing anything different.

Reasonably entertaining. Though the plot falls flat, A Most Wanted Man is saved by great performances, worth the watch for Hoffman alone.

A man illegally immigrates to Hamburg, where he gets caught in the war on terror.

Best Performance: Phillip Seymour Hoffman
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Action Packed, Reasonably Entertaining,
19 June 2018
The Living Daylights is a good movie with a reasonably well developed plot a very talented cast. It adds an interesting new spin to the James Bond franchise, taking the series in a darker, more realistic situation. As much as I adore Roger Moore's films, it was nice to see the series go in a direction where it was not afraid to get darker.

However, I will say that the film was not consistently entertaining, there were plenty of dull moments and parts that had me bored. Say what you will about the later Roger Moore films, but they were always consistently enjoyable, this movie did have me yearning for more than just dialogue to happen quite often.

Timothy Dalton is excellent as Bond, his presence is undeniable and he has a great ease in the role, making it look effortless. Dalton has a very nice take on the character that is very refreshing, it is both grounded, as well as complicated.

Enjoyable while it lasts, but forgettable. There is a lot to like about The Living Daylights, but it certainly is not my favorite 007, still worth the watch if you are a fan of the franchise.

Agent 007 is sent to aid the defection of a KGB general involved in a drugs deal with an American arms dealer.

Best Performance: Timothy Dalton
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The Simpsons: Springfield Splendor (2017)
Season 29, Episode 2
Inventive, Sweet and Fun,
9 June 2018
Springfield Splendor is a terrific Simpsons episode with a really well written plot and plenty of brilliant moments. It is a really inventive episode as we follow Marge and Lisa bringing illustrations of Lisa's school days to life, taking on a really interesting stylistic choice that made for an experience that is vastly different from any other episode.

One thing I will say about the episode is that it could have dived a little deeper in to Lisa and Marge's relationship. It was made abundantly clear that it is troubled, but it felt like they were beating around the bushes, not creating a genuine conflict brtween them.

Martin Short also appears in this episode as one of my favourite guest roles on the show in a long time. Playing a very over the top theatre practioner, he serves as a terrific catalyst for Lisa and Marge's conflict, he puts great energy in to the role. I much prefer when the guest stars play characters, rather than themselves, while there are many great exceptions, it usually makes things more fun and interesting.

Very unique episode. The twenty ninth season has gotten off to a solid start and is taking some exciting risks, Springfield Splendor is of no exception.

Marge and Lisa turn Lisa's sad experience in to a graphic novel turned Broadway show, but they soon struggle with creative differences and ego.
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The Simpsons: The Serfsons (2017)
Season 29, Episode 1
Invents a Interesting New World in a Mere 20 Minutes,
2 June 2018
The Serfsons is a terrific Simpsons episode with a very well written plot and tons of very funny moments. It serves as an excellent, off the cuff opening to the twenty ninth season, as we our taken to a fantasy world edition of Springfield. Containing nods to famous pop culture, such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, it was an immensely different episode unlike any other and it certainly sticks out.

The only real issue I had is that the episode can get a little gimmicky at times, tossing aside its plot in favour of showing us cool things they can do and you would not see in a conventional Simpsons. There were certainly movements where I wanted the story to continue a little more.

I think the episode deserves to be applauded for the universe it managed to create and establish to us in such a short space of time. The writers and animators clearly put so much effort in to making this world vastly different to Springfield, and by the end of the short twenty minutes I had a very good idea of how this world worked.

Refreshing and new. A very different, risk taking episode, The Serfsons is a solid opening for the shows twenty ninth season.

In a magical medieval world, Marge's mother is turned into an ice walker, so Homer gets Lisa to use illegal magic to enable him to make a cure.
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Him & Her (2010–2013)
An Original and Refreshing Comedy,
29 May 2018
Him & Her is a terrific television series with superbly written episodes and a phenomenal comedic cast. The concept is incredibly refreshing and unique, having the first three seasons take place entirely in a small apartment, it genuinely never gets boring despite the limited space, as the richness of these characters and the dialogue that ensues between them is brilliant. The final season then has a much bigger setting, which I will not give away, but the transition is almost seamless and the writers do not forget to maintain the subtle nuances of these characters when making their circumstances bigger.

The only really gripe I have against the show is that there was not enough development given for Dan. He is a terrific character, as well as somewhat of an enigma, and I would love to have learned a good bit more about him before the series concluded than we did.

The cast is all around spectacular and convey their characters with great realism, while also maintaining the comedic moments with terrific ease. Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemami deserve the most credit, delivering a beautifully real, pure and honest depiction of an adult relationship. Kerry Howard was also brilliant, I absolutely despised Laura, which means she was doing a good job, Ricky Champ, Joe Wilkinson and Camille Coduri also shine, among several others.

Sweet, funny and different. There really is no other show like Him & Her, each episode manages to take you on a journey without even leaving a small apartment space, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good comedy series.

Follows a working class couple in their apartment as they are constantly pestered by friends and family.

Best Performance: Russell Tovey
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Animal House (1978)
Simply Great Fun,
16 May 2018
Animal House is a great movie with a very well written plot and a stellar comedic cast. Being the first of its kind, the film is so iconic that it inspiree comedy films that are still being made today, the frat house, gross out type films that come out continuously now. It has a fun vibe to it throughout and never gets too tied down to its plot, tossing it aside in favour of long, hilarious sequemces.

I did feel, however, that the majority of the characters were not established enough. There is really no lroper development given to anyone, which I know waa probably intentional, but it just made it difficult to route for them at times, cause we were not fully aware of who they are as people.

The cast is all around terrific and have a great presence in their individual roles. The highlight is, without any doubt, John Belushi, who steals evety scene with his spontaneous, flamboyant energy. The man was clearly a brilliant comedian and it is always a pleasure to watch him onscreen.

Great fun from beginning to end. Hilarious and easy to watch, I would certainly recommend Animal House to anyone looking for a good comedy.

A college frat house toss aside work in favour of shenanigans.

Best Performance: John Belushi
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I, Tonya (2017)
A Fascinating Biography that Never takes itself Too Seriously,
12 May 2018
I, Tonya is a great movie with a very well written plot and a tremendous cast. While it is a very fascinating, well told biography and the character's hardships are felt almost as soon as the film starts, I must also applaud this film for never taking itself too seriously. It has a very fun, flamboyant flow and a lot of moments are unexpectedly hilarious, including several parts where Margot Robbie breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience, making it a very fresh take on a true story.

I will say that the film did feel a little overstuffed at times with too many big ideas that some elements did fall flat. Running at 120 minutes, it jumps around to the main plot to the people being interviewed, which can get confusing for viewers, and it derails from the story a little too often.

The cast is all around terrific, the main credit going to, of course, Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan and Allison Janney, who all transform in to these parts with great depth, being completely unlike their real life selves. Despite playing generally unlikeable people, they do manage to add layers to them that helps us connect with them on a human level.

Interesting and refreshing. Well written and tremendous performances, I would certainly recommend I, Tonya to anyone looking for a good biography film.

Follows the rise and fall of U.S. figure skater Tonya Harding.

Best Performance: Allison Janney
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Black Panther (2018)
Provides a Thrilling New Layer to the MCU,
10 May 2018
Black Panther is a great movie with a very well developed plot and an outstanding cast. The spectacle of this film is absolutely breathtaking, the whole world of Wakanda is established well by director Ryan Coogler. We are utterly convinced that this a real society, with a clear sense of community conveyed, as well as concise character's.

I will admit that I was a little let down as a result of all the hype surrounding it, it did not manage to live up to my expectations. While it does nail the action and intensity, the humour, something that Marvel usually masters, was very mediocre for me. There is several cringey moments that were trying too hard to be funny when these characters simply are not humourus, I would have been fine with the film taking itself completely seriously.

The cast are all around terrific, the standouts being Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa, who nails it and lives up to his terrific set up in Civil War, and Michael B. Jordan, who play's one of Marvel's greatest villains yet as Killmonger. The sibling rivalry-type relationship between these two characters created a relationship that was thrilling to watch. Other cast members, such as Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Forest Whitaker and Andy Serkis, among many others, all shine in their parts, all having individually brilliant moments. The film also deserves credit as being the first big budget blockbuster to feature a largely African-American cast, it is a huge steppingstone for film and I hope others follow what Marvel has set.

Action packed and original. Intense, well acted and featuring a slew of great characters, I would recommend Black Panther to anyone looking for a good action or adventure.

A forner victim of Black Panther's father puts his nation under threat.

Best Performance: Michael B. Jordan
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Get Out (I) (2017)
Breaks a Traditional Formula Effortlessly,
26 April 2018
Get Out is a great movie with a very well developed plot and an immensely talented cast. It breaks the boundaries of what we, as an audience, have come to expect from a film under the genre of "thriller", raising some sensitive subjects of race and stirring a debate that can be discussed once the film is over. While keeping us in suspense and at the edge of our seats, director Jordan Peele deserves to be applauded for this complicated task, managing to put two things that do not seem like they should go together, and making it work.

The movie did have pacing issues, there were moments throughout where I felt a little jaded from how slow it was all moving, particularly being forty minutes and nothing immensely intense having had happened, it could have moved a little faster, which would have kept me more permanently invested.

The cast is all around terrific, but the biggest praise deservedly goes to Daniel Kaluuya. He embodies the emotion, frustration, fear and confusion of this character with great subtlety and depth, managing to find a great balance between the over the top moments and the more grounded scenes, he deserves all the awards praise he gets for his performance.

Immensely thrilling and different. A refreshing take on the horror genre, I would certainly recommend Get Out to anyone looking for a good one.

A young African-American is bewildered when he goes to visit his girlfriend's parents for the weekend, getting a lot more than he bargained for.

Best Performance: Daniel Kaluuya
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A Fascinating and Fun Exploration of National Lampoon,
24 April 2018
A Futile and Stupid Gesture is a terrific movie with a very well developed plot and an outstanding comedic cast. It was a really fascinating, unconventional biography film as we follow the origins of how the successful magazine company National Lamppon came about. Following its founders Douglas Kenney and Henry Beard, as they take a giant leap and soon have a smash hit, it was interesting to discover some amazing facts about the company and its various members that I never knew about, with some unexpected turns throughout.

I did think that the film could have had some moments of taking itself a bit more seriously. It remains slapstick and manic for the majority of it, which I quite enjoyed, but then when it tries to be sentimental towards the end, I could not take it in because it had been so goofy prior.

The performances are all are around brilliant, and it was very interesting to see actors take on such well known comedians. Will Forte and Donhnall Gleeson are spectacular as Kenney and Beard, respectively, but other standouts also include Martin Mull as an older Doug Kenney, Jon Daly as Bill Murray, Joel McHale as Chevy Chase and Rick Glassman as Harold Ramis.

Great fun from beginning to end. Hilarious, brilliantly acted and a fascinating true story, I would recommend A Futile and Stupid Gesture to anyone looking for a good comedy.

Follows Doug Kenney and Henry Beard as they create the National Lampoon, the R rated magazine that soon becomes a global phenomenon.

Best Performance: Will Forte
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Talented Cast, but a Script that does Take Full Advantage of Them,
22 April 2018
Fun with Dick and Jane is a mediocre movie with an average plot, despite a very talented comedic cast. There is not a dull performance in the bunch, featuring Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni, who have a great back and forth with one another, there pairing is unlikely, which makes it all the more enjoyable. There are also several great supporting roles throughout from the likes of Alec Baldwin and Richard Jenkins, who all bring their A-game.

However, the film itself sadly does not deliver on the potential of its great cast, they all feel wasted and restricted by mediocre dialogue, as well as a lackluster plot. There was a sense of a studio involvement in this, not allowing the performers to stretch their legs and really have fun making the movie.

The plot is also very inconsistent, having little idea of what tone it is going for, ranging from slapstick, to black, satirical conedy, then having some dramatic moments, it all got very muffled.

Instantly forgettable. Worth the look if you are a fan of Carrey or Leoni, but Fun with Dick & Jane is a very mundane comedy.

A couple turn to a life of crime after losing a hefty sum of money.

Best Performance: Jim Carrey
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Offers Little to Impress or Engage,
13 April 2018
Peggy Sue Got Married is a brutal movie with a very poorly developed plot and a cast that are enthusiastic, but never bring us in. It has an immensely muffled plot that brings up a lot of great ideas, but never delivers on the potential of these ideas, passing by and jumping on to something else that it will also never establish fully, it had a complete lack of concentration.

Farncis Ford Coppolla clearly has a passion and intrigue for comedy, but certainly not an eye for it. Not a single joke landed properly for me and I could not help but think that was as a result of the director of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now trying to bring us a goofy, funny movie, it just does not translate.

Kathleen Turner is also very ineffective in the lead role, she had no charisma and very little embodiment of her character, I was never convinced by her, nor did I feel like she was enjoying herself.

Give this one a miss. Tries to do so much and falls flat as a result. I could not possibly recommend Peggy Sue Got Married.

A woman on the verge of divorce magically travels back in time to her high school years.

Best Performance: Jim Carrey / Worst Performance: Kathleen Turner
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Original and Daring, Loses Steam in its Second Half,
10 April 2018
The End of the F***ing World is a great television series with very well written plots and a tremendous cast. The show deserves to be applauded for how daring it was, showing things that other series would not even dare mention. It was not afraid to tackle taboo, controversial subjects, and somehow managed to do so while still being immensely funny.

I will say that I started to get a little bored towards the last three or four episodes, it starts off very fast paced and frantic, but later begins to slow down. I found myself becoming very jaded with the later episodes as a result of this abrupt pace decrease.

The cast is great all around, there are terrific once off appearances, but all praise goes to Jassica Barden and Alex Lawther as Alyssa and James. These two young actors manage to take on these complicated, psychotic characters with great depth, in a way that they made look effortless, handling their arcs with grace.

Disturbing, funny and different. While its not for the easily offended, The End of the F***ing World is a great ride that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good comedy drama series.

Recent lovebirds James and Alyssa decide to run away together, little does Alyssa know that James actually plans on killing her.

Best Performance: Jessica Barden

Best Episode: Episode 3 / Worst Episode: Episode 7
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Master of None (2015– )
A Massively Unconventional, Funny, Meaningful Series,
7 April 2018
Master of None is a terrific television series with very well written episodes and an excellent cast that are capable of going from zany comedy to sincere effortlessly. It is not at all what I expected from Aziz Ansari, it is so much richer and more developed than anything I have seen him do previously, Netflix clearly gave him freedom to do what he wanted and he did not hold back for a second. The cast and crew clearly made the effort to make every episode stand out and never having one be like another, and you can see this. While there is great plotlines that continue over the course of the first two seasons, there are also out there episodes, like one that follows Dev on multiple dates, and another that follows a whole host of new characters from different parts of their town, the show continued to surprise me.

One thing I will say about the show is that it rushes some arcs that I think could have been far more established. It has a tendency to bring up something huge about a character, and then moves on, there is certainly a lot more scope that could be given when the series hopefully comes back for more seasons.

The cast is absolutely phenomenal, all Emmy worthy performances. I could not possibly name out every great performance here, but the likes of Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, Lena Waithe, Alessandra Mastronardi, Aziz's real life father Shoukath Ansari and Bobby Cannavale all truly blew me away with their deliveries of characters that they easily could have been caricatures of, but instead played with amazing balance.

Funny and enriching. Hilarious, beautifully acted and original, I would certainly recommend Master of None to anybody looking for a good comedy series.

Follows the life of Dev, a man trying to make a professional career as an actor, as well as searching for love.

Best Performance: Aziz Ansari

Best Episode: The Thief/ Worst Episode: Religion
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Has a Lot of Great Ideas, Maybe Too Many,
3 April 2018
The Devil's Advocate is a good movie with a well developed plot and a very talented cast. The three stars, Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino and Charlize Theron are all spectacular in their role, shining seperately in different scenes and each overcoming very complicated arcs that they made look easy. The plot itself is immensely thrilling and will keep you at the edge of your seat from beginning to end in trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

I did, however, find that the film was overly ambitious in the many themes and elements it was trying to explore. Once we get deep in to the plot, it starts to feel overstuffed, trying to do too many things at once and falling flat in many areas as a result, wheras it would have been far more appealing had it focused on less, giving certain themes more attention, and thus making them richer.

The film is also far longer than it needs to be, this type of movie should not be any longer than two hours. I felt myself wanting it to end, and not because of a lack of intrigue or that I was bored, but because it was simply milking what it was trying to do for so long that it became increasingly less effective.

Truly unique. While it is certainly flawed, we can look past this when watching The Devil's Advocate and appreciate what it does right, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good mystery.

A lawyer based in Florida is given a massive opportunity to work for a firm in New York, but there's a catch.

Best Performance: Al Pacino
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Fun, Emotional, with Very Pure Performances,
22 March 2018
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a great movie with a well written plot and a stellar cast. It is a film that manages to balance emotional, heavy themes with very subtle, but also side slittingly hilarious comedy. The many film parodies Earl and Greg make are a delight, just as much as the scenes with Rachel that nearly had me in tears.

However, I will say that the film is not as special as it thinks it is, there is an air of confidence throughout that they are doing something unlike any other film, but I can think of several other movies (The Way Way Back, Rushmore) that created a very likewise vibe. As well as that, it constantly refers to what is going to happen at the end in a way that they clearly thought they were being clever, but I did not care for it.

The cast is all around brilliant, Thomas Mann, RJ Cyler and Olivia Cooke are all the stars in their titular roles, and the likes of Molly Shannon, Nick Offerman and Jon Bernthal also shine in smaller, but very noticeable parts.

Fun and sweet. A very enjoyable hour and a half, I would recommend Me and Earl and the Dying Girl to anyone looking for a good comedy drama.

A young boy gets involved with a new girl in town, despite her fatal illness.

Best Performance: Olivia Cooke
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Coco (I) (2017)
Sweet, but not Pixars Finest,
19 March 2018
Coco is a great movie with a very well developed plot and a terrific cast. It has a whole lot of heart, but never forgets to have fun either, taking us on a jam packed adventure, loaded with colour and spectacle. There are also plenty of sombre moments and, as you would expect from Pixar, some tearjerkers, the song Remember Me is a particular high point of the movie, which I am not afraid to admit had me holding back tears.

However, as far as my standards for Pixar goes, it is nowhere near some of their best work. While it may be far superiour to recent movies, such as Brave and Cars 3, it comes nowhere close to the likes of Toy Story, Monsters Inc. or Up, main reason for this being that I never truly cared for these characters, they were not as loveable as the likes of Mr. Incredible or Joy, and there was certainly no Mike Wozowski or Dug in the mix either, they were all a little flat.

The voice cast is all around terrific, Anthony Gonzalez breaths a whole lot of life in to Miguel, Gael García Bernal brings a lot of richness to Hector, by far my favourite character in this movie, and Benjamin Bratt manages a lot of complicated layers to his character, Ernesto de le Cruz, with confidence and class.

Not spectacular, but certainly left me smiling. While it is not Pixars finest, Coco is still a joy, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good family film.

A young boy enters the Land of the Dead after handling the guitar of his ancestor, and must find this relative in order to return home.
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Great Performances, Unengaging Plot,
12 March 2018
Matchstick Men is a good movie with a relatively well developed plot and a terrific cast. The highlight of the film is without a doubt Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell, who make the whole thing worthwhile. They have a terrific chemistry with one another that is a pleasure to watch, and their unconventional styles of acting mesh together really well.

I did find the story to be immensely bland, it never pulled me in, feeling as if the screenwriters were really just going through the motions and writing everything for the sake of getting a paycheck afterwards.

I was also never given a reason to care for these characters when they were in danger, they were not good people, but they also were not anti-hero's that we love to hate, they were just simply characters that we could not root for.

Enjoyable, but forgettable. Fun while it lasts, Matchstick Men certainly has its flaws, but its worth the watch if you are a fan of Cage or Rockwell.

A neurotic con man and his partner are about to pull off a big job, until one of their daughters turns up.

Best Performance: Sam Rockwell
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Solid Performances, Story Falls Flat,
2 March 2018
Hidden Figures is a good movie with a reasonably well developed plot and a terrific cast. There are uplifting performances from the likes of Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner and Marshala Ali, who all are truly commited to their roles and have left their own personas, portraying these real life beings with all their soul. Taraji P. Henson is without a doubt the highlight as Katherine G. Johnson, she is absolutely mesmeric in this part and had me engaged every single moment she was on screen, delivering a real, truly extraordinary performance.

I did find that the film did not try hard enough to bring the struggles of these three women to the forefront. While I would usually like this kind of light hearted humour that features here, it felt like an injustice for such an incredible true story, it failed to uplift me as a result.

As well as that, I was never convinced by Octavia Spencer, it felt as if she was just acting and was not truly immersing herself in to this part. She was going through the motions which made the ensemble of the three females fall flat.

Flawed, but enjoyable. Certainly not perfect, Hidden Figures still brings an incredible, unknown true story to the forefront, which certainly makes it worth a watch if you are looking for a good biography film.

Follows three female, African-American mathematicians who served a major role during the early years of NASA.

Best Performance: Taraji P. Henson / Worst Performance: Octavia Spencer
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