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Avatar (2009)
A Truly Cameron movie...
24 March 2010
James Cameron was the man who gave me access to English movies. That was some 15 years ago, when Terminator - 2: The Judgement day released in my home town. Till then English movies were considered to be porn in my house hold, and those who wanted to watch them did it in secret. But not after T2. I watched it with my father, and he understood the magic of the movie and recommended it to all. Now, after Titanic, we became a sort of fans for JC, and one statement by my father summed up his achievement. While discussing the fate of Avatar before its release, I commented to my friend that if this movie failed at the box office, it will be a black day for movies. Overhearing our conversation, my father said, "It will never fail It's a Cameron's movie.

That's it. It is an extra ordinary experience. I watched it first in my native language in 2d, after that got a chance to watch it in English, 3d on IMAX. I was spell bound not only with the visuals, but also with the sensitive, and thought provoking story. The narration's smooth, and racy. Except for a very few dull moments, it's worth watch a hundred times. It's a visual feast. And technically path breaking as told umpteen times.

It has everything for everybody. A fascinating science fiction. An emotional love story, and breathtaking action sequences.

When a friend of mine asked whether to watch after reading a negative review, what I told was It's a Cameron movie. Came the reply, after a day, yes, it is.

Just experience the world of Avatar
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