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The best film of the season!
16 August 2003
Almost all of my friends and other people claimed that this film isn't worth to see and it's very, very bad movie. But I think "Matrix. Reloaded" is excellent and I like it more than 1st part. Great music, great philosophy, great special effects! After watching I felt that the world had changed around me and I could never be the same. I'm waiting for next part with impatience.

The only I don't like in this film - when Zion's people are dancing into their temple. This is very ugly and disgustful. And I can't understand why the creators of 2nd part put this scene into the movie.
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Real film about usual, non-heroic people.
16 August 2003
This is not very brutal movie as it may seem at first, there is not a lot of cruelties and violence but many realities. The film shows natural events and situations and does anything better or worse as it is. There aren't any heroes, only usual people with usual human problems. That's why the end was so dramatic. Only one prisoner could get free.

There are a lot of celebrities in this film - Buscemi, Dafoe, Furlong, Trajo, Rourke, etc. - and all of them are acting so nice! They are looks like real outlaws, particularly Dafoe and Furlong.

Mickey Rourke's character in "Animal Factory" is the most original of the rest of his roles. When I saw him as Jan the Actress first time I (and all my friends) laughed for a long because he looked very funny. And I didn't recognize him at first. But he played so greatly that somebody may believe he's a real transvestite. I guess it was the most difficult role of him to refuse from manly image, especially after his past characters. He proved again that he's an excellent and very talented actor.
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Shades (1999)
Very real, brutal and sad.
16 August 2003
At first the film wasn't very interesting to me, but then I noticed the main point of it and changed my mind. Of course, "Shades" isn't a chef-d'ouevre though it's very real, brutal and sad. It shows up the wrong side of Tinseltown as it is, with all its dirt and meanness. This film doesn't give any hopes of real acting talents, sincere feelings and fairness in the movie industry. Everybody wants to use the others in the movie to get to his own intentions, from producer and main actor to the last studio's worker and lawyers. In the end everybody are very glad and satisfied that they could to use the others. One man whom I pity in the film is Freddy Lebecq because he was one honest person and just wanted to live free.

Mickey Rourke was himself as in real life - long hair, mixed clothes, many cigarettes, usual loneliness. and with one of his dogs. He was similar to an old man, clever and so tied, who watches mad world around him and doesn't interfere in nobody's affairs.

"Shades" has many dignities such as good play of actors, realistic plot, honesty, noir humour and many others. If you didn't appreciate this film you understood nothing.
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Don't watch this movie!
16 August 2003
This is a very bad, worse and the worst film! I don't like sequels almost and that is the worst of all. When the film was going on I wanted to stop it each minute. Don't watch this movie if you don't want to feel bad. So great actor as Mickey Rourke had not to take part in that film.
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9½ Weeks (1986)
One of the best films of the world.
16 August 2003
Here is more feels than erotic and more thoughts than acts. But this film is not about love it is about passion. This is a nice and sad story about relations between man and woman who dream and look for love. But their efforts are vain because neither he nor she aren't ready to give everything for another sake. And it's strange that their relationship went on only 9 and a half weeks and whole 9 and a half weeks. The relationship like their had to finish and to finish by break. Unfortunately they can't be together because both are single person, too independent, too free, they have to be alone.
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The Last Outlaw (1993 TV Movie)
The film is worth watching.
16 March 2003
You can talk a lot about `The Last Outlaw', but each of you will have own opinion about it. The only thing I can say if you like this movie it'll become one of your most favorite films. Poor and simple plot, excessive bloodshed and absence of scenery won't be important for you in this case. If you don't like this movie you'll consider it to be one of the worst films in the world and you'll find fault with it. Another points of view don't exist.

As for me I think the main in `The Last Outlaw' is the glorious play of Mickey Rourke as colonel Graff. Nobody could play this character better than he could. I like how Graff manipulates situations and people around him without any efforts very much. I like to watch his play between life and death, I like to look at his face and dark eyes and learn to control the events as he, though I disapprove his choice of murderous way.

I wish those of you who hasn't watched this movie yet to see it without fail. But don't except neither special effects nor tricks and adventures. Simply watch, think and learn. Because the film is worth it. And I wish those of you who's already watched this movie but hasn't understood it to see it time and again. May be you'll discover a lot of new for and about yourself.

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