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Icon News (2010– )
Amazing Stories!
30 December 2011
I just watched the first episode of Icon News, starring Lew Markllin and Sheri Nadel and loved it. Lew interviews an amazing celebrity Icon from his studio in Hollywood and the celebs talk to him from wherever they are, on a Skype call. It's absolutely brilliant. Then Sheri Nadel goes out on the red carpets and catches more celebs. It's a very positive show. I hope to see many more episodes! It is sort of eclectic, the way the show is edited. It is funny, and smart, makes you think, but also touches on some very touching issues and offers the viewer a positive and uplifting resolve to today's issues, facing us all.
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Makes News Worth Watching
5 May 2011
I was sitting in my hotel room in New York City flipping the channels and stumbled upon ADHDtv on the TV Guide Channel whilst trying to see what was on the channels. At first, I thought, what in God's name is this nonsense rattling my TV set, but then as I began to watch, it grew on me, and I found myself laughing hysterically. I waited to see if it would come back on and it did not so I looked it up on the net and found tons of stuff. I had no idea that the show even existed! Brilliant!! It's like a combination of news and crazy actors who impersonate the people who are in the news. They relive the event and it looks like they are all high on mushrooms or some sort of the like! Some of the stories are so dodgy that you have to laugh at the stories themselves. It's hard to believe that the stories are true! It's like 30 minutes of Darwin Awards. Lew Marklin is absurd and obnoxious, raising hell about everything under the sun and David Spades (I think that's the name) is completely off the charts funny. Between those two I almost wet the bed laughing. Love it!
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