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More than an action film done right
10 September 2015
This movie ranks in my best action movies, and I haven't said that in a while... The thing that strikes me the most is the art direction. George Miller and his acolytes have created a very coherent universe that not just looks impressive, but is very believable (in the sense that it all fits together not that it could really happen). You feel the desperation of everyone, you taste the sand from the desert that gets everywhere and you understand the struggles such a dystopian society faces. Secondly, kudos for the fact that almost all the female roles in this action movie have clout! These gals can hold their own and then some. They give very good performances, even the secondary roles which I thought would be very weak. When I saw the "breeders", I thought they would be the cliché Barbie dolls of the movie. I was very pleasantly surprised to see these girl models can rub elbows with the other stars of the movies and contribute to the creation of the substance of this film. And later, with Furiosa's tribe, these older women had real character! This probably fits all very well because of a great script. A script that could feel a bit clunky on paper but is masterfully brought to life by Miller. As for the two main actors, the restraint that Tom Hardy shows or the boiling temper we sense in Furiosa are outstanding. I guess that since Miller created this universe starting in the late 70's helps. And it shows that this director started out before the CGI era. The stunts are absolutely spectacular. I thought I was back in the 70's with real car chases and explosions. Miller goes all out to bring a fabulous vision of a twisted future and, believe me, he achieves it 100%... 9/10
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More personal view than Hotel Rwanda
15 April 2006
I've seen Hotel Rwanda and now this film about the genocide of the early 90's in that country. Both films are very poignant. This movie is definitely more intimate as we are following a journalist through his view of that country's drama and, especially, his love towards a young black woman. I think that this movie complements nicely Hotel Rwanda with as powerful performances and story with a more day to day view of the very harsh reality of those times.

Be aware that there are some disturbing scenes in this movie. In hoping that movies like this will help raise consciousness and help prevent other tragedies like that one.
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The film died before the main character did...
5 September 2005
This movie is incredibly slow... There are movies that need to be slow because it may bring a sense of tension or to bring you in with the characters and their slow way of life, but in this movie it's just painfully slow. I guess you must have an appreciation for the main character, who is a famous 19th century Tchek writer (and a woman too). Since I didn't know her work, I didn't catch on at all. And even if I had, I wouldn't have liked her to be portrayed like this.

In the movie, you follow the last days of her life and a recollection of some of her memories that she writes in some letters. It's in the form of a puzzle, where the screenplay reveals bits and pieces of her life and her illness, in a non-linear fashion. It doesn't even give me an incentive to read her work since the few lines we ear of it seams really bland. As is the movie. I must say that the main actress is good, I'd like to see her in other movies to make up my mind on her talent. The 19th century is also well recreated, which helps just a bit. But forget the rest, it's not just the main character who has a deadly sickness, it's the whole movie.
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A bit of action, a lot of total waste
28 November 2004
Well, I was disappointed by this movie, even if I didn't have high expectations. When I saw that it was released by Walt Disney Pictures, I was even more apprehensive (especially since they're lackeys to the actual political power, see last paragraph). Even though Walt Disney Pictures now release more edgier pictures.

The plot? Well, one of the worst and most full of wholes I've ever seen. You can see everything coming from miles away! I'm looking for something that stands up just a little storywise and this doesn't even cut it. Acting? It's OK, nothing really special. Action and special effects? Pretty good, it's the part that saves the movie from complete nonsense. And it's running way too long. Not enough tension in the film to keep us going. You can't just throw in the usual action theme music and think it's going to keep us going. There's even the traditional "high speed car chase with the girl/guy hanging on the truck's open back door which must be saved by good guy while the bad guys shoot at them"! Come on, be a little more creative!

And, not to get into a political debate, this is a great American propaganda film, just right for these times as another reviewer said : influenceable Americans will go to this film and come out being so proud of their history and forefathers. It's so obvious. And the phrase read from the Constitution by Cage about doing the right thing even if it seems wrong in the eyes of others? What a great way to validate the Irak war! And you ask why there is resentment towards the USA. Oh please...

I give it 5,0/10
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A glimmer of hope
17 November 2004
As opposed to the last reviewer, I found this movie completely refreshing. Finally, a movie that presents the quirks of our modern and frantic living in a very humorous and simple way (check out Kooyaanisqatsi if you need a more abstract and poetic view). This movie doesn't "try" to make you laugh, you just do so because you can see yourself in it.

This may not be a movie that Americans will quite get into since the type of humor and cultural background is very French in deed (and it does point out the absurdity of a lot of things we do here in North America as well as in Europe). It is highly commendable for the social comments it passes (just check out the scene where Vincent Lindon accidentally scratches someone else's car's rear view mirror or when the baby doesn't exist since it doesn't have papers). The movie as a lyrical feel to it and gives us hope. We just have to listen a bit closely. I give it a solid 7,5/10
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