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Enjoyable, if uneven
20 February 2010
Saw this film last night in Tijuana and enjoyed it, although not quite as much as I would want to (Spanish title is "Cambiamos de Pareja?", or "Shall we Swap Mates/Partners?". I've always been impressed by title translations in Mexico; "the Sound of Music" became "La Novicia Rebelde" or "The Rebel Novice (Nun)").

As opposed to what other reviewers here have posted, I was disappointed in the character of Lionel, I found him to be a non-entity and kept wishing he would fire up. And yes, the coincidences are contrived, but you have to suspend your disbelief before you even walk up to the ticket booth for any movie (other than a documentary, perhaps), so that didn't bother me quite as much as others.

Whereas I could nitpick some aspects as others have, overall I found the film enjoyable and do not at all regret having spent my money (as opposed to "Avatar"!)
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