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What a waste and what an embarrassment!
17 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The original WALKING WITH DINOSAURS (and subsequent BEASTS and MONSTERS) series were astonishing and brilliant. They had everything; revolutionary special effects, smart stories and a compelling structure. But things sort of went downhill with WALKING WITH CAVEMEN, where you suddenly got a goofy host and actors in costume. Unfortunately things simply got worse with the so called "specials" starring Nigel whatever-his-surname-is.

The dinosaurs are suddenly a supporting cast to a host with zero charisma and even less acting ability. The writing is dreadful, and the stories laughable. And even if you turn the sound down, you'll be wondering at least two things: why is most of what's on the screen mainly some guy driving around, and 2) why are the dinosaurs always shot from above or below or at a distance full stop.

All in all, a massive miscalculation and an even bigger waste. Buy it if you're very rich and have money to burn. Yep it's that bad.
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