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Palindromes (2004)
25 October 2005
You know since Welcome to the Dollhouse Todd Solondz has seriously gone down in quality. He seems to think that if his story lines disturb people then it's good.

But disturbing situations with bad acting and an uninspiring plot line do not make a good movie. While changing actors for the lead constantly is interesting, it also does not make a good movie. Honestly, how many times do we have to learn that pedophiles are people too? Think of something new! The scenes with the Christians are amusing, but they are not enough to save this film.

If you want to be disturbed why not watch an old John Waters movie, instead of this recycled trash.
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Love Actually (2003)
14 December 2003
This was an excellent romantic comedy. Most people who are complaining seem to think that it should of had some sort of deep symbolic meaning/overtone. In reality, it's just a simple fun movie, and in that regard it succeeds admirably. If I have any complaint, it was that after so many grand romantic gestures I started to get a little overwhelmed by all of them. But again you can't expect to see a romantic comedy without some sort of grand romantic gesture. Overall an excellent example of the genre, and a pretty good film in its own right.
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7th Heaven (1996–2007)
Please make the pain stop
29 September 2003
I understand the need for shows like 7th Heaven. Shows that can help kids comprehend the very complicated world that we live in. Shows that can teach as well as entertain. Shows that an entire family can watch. And while an entire family could sit down and watch this show; I have no idea why they would want to. This show is so bad on so many levels that it is hard to know where to begin. Almost all the shows problems stem from the ridiculously trite and unrealistic plotlines. Not only are some so ludicrous as to border on the bizarre, but quite a few are downright offensive. The misogynistic overtones aside, who are these people? Why does nothing make sense on this show? Since when does painting situations in black and white ever convince kids to follow the better path? Kids are smarter than that; they know it isn't that simple. And by refusing to show the other side or simply misrepresenting it will not sway any impressionable youth.

Most people don't get engaged/married within a week/month/day of knowing each other. Everyone over the age of 6 knows that smoking is bad but that doesn't mean all smokers are bad. The same with drinking. The same with sex. Its unrealistic to portray all of the kids as virgins with all the heavy making out that gets shown. And further more its detrimental because it gives the impression that that heavy petting doesn't lead to sex with most people. Why is there never an episode that deals with these complicated problems in a realistic manner? Why does an associate pastor drive a BMW, is it really that lucrative of a job? Why do the Camdens have expensive bottled water if they're so poor? Why do the girls on this show so often need the approval of men? Why? Why? Why? This show and countless others like it merely perpetuate unrealistic notions concerning appearance, romance, and income. So really is this what you want your children watching? Something that will make them feel ugly now, lonely and depressed later because its been two days since they've had a date, and broke because for some reason their income doesn't allow them live up to a "poor" family's standards. If you want quality time with your kids, buy them some books and read with them.
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Escape to Witch Mountain (1995 TV Movie)
Definitely for children under ten.
31 May 2003
I saw this movie when it first came out, and I was as unimpressed then as I am now. The cheesy special effects and poor direction aside, the movie breaks so far away from the plot of the book that you have to wonder why they would still retain the title. I could see the appeal for an audience of seven year olds, but even my eleven year old mind couldn't stand this nauseatingly, soporific mess.
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The West Wing (1999–2006)
Excellent Show
29 April 2003
An excellent show. Great cast, great dialogue. In recent episodes Sorkin has been letting other writers handle the show, and it hasn't been quite up to par. But it is still one of the best shows on TV. Be forewarned the show professes mostly liberal ideologies, so you might be offended. To be fair though, they normally offer a counter-argument for every liberal one they give.
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