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Creation (I) (2009)
Opportunity Lost
13 August 2010
Given the title and the shorts I thought this movie would (at last) take the opportunity to tell that very interesting story of how Darwin came to his startling insight. I imagined much footage of his various discoveries throughout the world whilst on the Beagle, discussions with various luminaries about different aspects of his theories, wrestling with parts of the theory he couldn't reconcile, and some mention of his daughter, wife and struggles with health. However, in the end, the movie almost totally ignored the unique and interesting parts of the Charles Darwin life adventure and instead just added yet another "parents losing a child too early" movie to an already overcrowded collection. A real shame given this was a real opportunity to tell a very interesting and unique story. I don't think I've ever left a film feeling so like I could have written it better myself. The acting was good, the production excellent and the costumes and sets were was the screenplay that was disappointing. Don't bother with this one: I think another reviewer called this DULLwin and I think they're right. Still, this does leave a very lucrative opportunity for someone to actually do this project well.
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Lived up to expectations
9 March 2003
I saw this movie on the first week of its release after an enormous amount of hype. At the time I would have ranked Terminator as amongst my top 5 all time favourite movies. Normally after such expectations a movie flops. But no, this one was better than the first. I highly recommend seeing Terminator and Terminator II, as I believe them to be the best action sci-fi movies of all time. They also have an excellent man-machine ethics theme and of course the old time-travel brain*^%$, much loved by sci-fi audiences. It explores the ethics of science, the weight of pre-destiny, and challenges the unquestioned wisdom of building robotic servants as they approach cognitive self-awareness. Its also entertaining, which is always a plus. I love this movie, I think you will too, especially if you love Alien/Aliens or other Arnie movies.
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Underrated Movie, not understood by trekkies and non-trekkies alike
9 March 2003
Star Trek Movies are far more miss than hit, with only 3 excellent, 1 good and the rest rubbish (although NEMESIS may be slightly above rubbish level). Anyway, this movie was meant to contrast 60s style leadership and ethics with those of the 80s. Borrowing from the modern leadership styles and political correctness portrayed in the Next Generation series, "The Undiscovered Country" explores (in typical Hollywood sci-fi fashion) how our present day society has progressed toward multiculturalism. It explores how committed, loyal patriots can be burdened with their old prejudices after the world/universe has changed around them. The personal struggles of Kirk and the Chancellor's daughter, and even the violently opposed logical conclusions of two Vulcans in the same circumstances (but with differing priorities) are all clearly missed by most viewers. Of course, as with James Bond movies, Jim Kirk and his crew must save the day (and also nicely throw in some minor Star Trek future history trivia with the Khitomer massacre etc). An excellent story line, excellent themes, carefully produced and directed, this is a science fiction classic on par with Alien, Blade Runner and, yes, much better than any of the Star Wars movies.
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