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Freedom Force (2002 Video Game)
Great game, very moddable.
16 July 2004
This is just a great game, like the other reviewer mentioned. If features a legion of Superheros known as the Freedom Force (if ya didn't know *chuckles*) brought together by an alien known as the Mentor, though the very first FF member that you get to play as is Mintue Man.

The graphics are very, very comic book-like and when you attack the bad guys, you get words such as "biff" "thawk" kinda like the older Batman TV show.

As the game progresses more Superheros are added to your team, and some of them are recruited by spending prestige, which can be earned by beating up the bad guys and making sure that the buildings (this game is very interactive with the enviorment around it) are not destroyed.

Your also able to make your own Superheros such as Batman, Superman, and I even have the Ghostbusters in my game, and again, like the first reviewer mentioned, they can be used in the single player missions right along with the in-built Superheros. (Some require special FX's which can also be made for the game).

This game is a recommend buy if you like anything to do with Superheros and the sort.
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Luigi's Mansion (2001 Video Game)
Who are you going to call? Luigi!
3 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Had to make to make a Ghostbusters reference in here, and why not, this game plays a lot like Ghostbusters, minus three other characters, and the fact that you don't use traps to trap the ghost, but use a vacuum cleaner instead.


Luigi has basically won a large mansion in a contest that he hasn't even entered, and his brother, Mario gets to the mansion first, only to be caught by the ghost and trapped in a picture by a large Boo ((thats what the main ghost are called in the Mario games)) and its up to Mario's younger brother, Luigi (who finially gets his own game) to save him.

The graphics are great, from the ghost, to Luigi himself, and the sounds great, from the music (to which Luigi even hums!) and to the sound of the ghost.

My only problem with the game is that it is way too short, but other then that, it is a decent buy.
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Hobgoblins (1988)
Warning: Hobgoblins May cause Blindness and Death
26 April 2004
This was the warning on the reel container that Pearl pulled out of the box after Mike and the Bots were jumping on the couch, and well, I think that that the warning should be followed.

Now why you ask? Well, because this is one of the worst movies that has ever been produced, right up there with other stinkers such as Manos: The Hands of Fate, The Wild World of Batwoman and Red Zone Cuba.

A few things that make this movie bad, the Hobgoblins themselves, wish, like one of them mention, its just a plush toy, another thing, the characters, ugh, just ugh. One of thems a slut, another one, a rigid girl friend, the third, a nerd obessed with phone sex, and a sex crazed military guy whose the boyfriend to the slut.

The next and most horrible thing about this movie, the Club Scum scene where the military guy, after getting a load of hand gernades from his Sargent (who the hell just hands out hand gernades in the first place?) starts just chunking them over his shoulder blowing them up.

These are just a few of the most horrible things about this movie, beware unless watching the MST3K version.
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Whoever is giving this movie a 10 is insane!!
20 April 2004
This movie is as bad as they come, and thats pretty damn bad I think. This movie is almost as worse as the other stinkers, Manos: Hands of Fate and Red Zone Cuba, so much that its hard to tell which movie deserves the title of "worst movie ever".

The "plot" and I use this term loosly, very loosly revolves around Batwoman and her group of bat girls (oh man, you can tell that something bad is going to happen right here) fighting a bad guy named Rat Fink (WTF?!) and his cronies, including a Dr. Forrester look alike who, according to Mike Nelson, dresses like an off duty Denny's manager. *chuckles*

Other very bad elements of this "movie" includes happy pills (pills that make you dance when you take them, oy), stock footage from the Mole People, and igor wannabe called Heathcliff and other stupid things that are just way to stupid to manage.

Avoid this one at all cost unless your watching the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version or you might just suffer permenant brain damage.
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Star Trek: Bridge Commander (2002 Video Game)
Great Trek game.
4 January 2004
This has easily taken the title as the best Trek game to date. The graphics and the sound are easily the best to date in any of the Trek games that have been made.

The sound effects are excellent from the ships phasers and the characters, which include Jean-Luc Picard and Lt. Commander Data, with their orginial voice actors, Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner.

I do highly recommend this for anybody who is an ST fan.
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The Simpsons: Hit & Run (2003 Video Game)
Awsome Simpsons Game.
30 December 2003
I've played this game for both the Playstation II, and the Gamecube, and its got to easily be the best Simpsons game thats ever been made. The voice acting and the graphics are perfect.

IF your into the Simpsons, then this is a must get game.
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Star Trek: Invasion (2000 Video Game)
Great game, if not a little difficult.
4 October 2003
The first and more then likely the only Star Trek game for the orignial playstation. You are under the command of Lt. Commander Worf, and are piloting several different classes of Federation shuttle craft.

You fight well known enemies such as the Borg, Romulans and others, and an Unknown speices as well. Like my one line summary says, the game does tend to get difficult at times though.
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Great Game!
27 July 2003
I've just recently got the X-Box console, and KOTOR is my first game for it, and I must say, that its a great game, a very, very great game!

Its an RPG that uses dice to battle, sort of like D&D, though you can't see the dice, although in your messages, your able to see how the dice and attacks work and such.

If you are into Star Wars or RPG's, you must get this game, its a must for these fans.
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