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Chaos (2001)
2 June 2003
I'm not going to describe the plot, plenty of that below. However, i want to agree with the most enthusiastic posters : this movie is a true gem.

It's a punch in the face when you see it, and you keep on carrying it with you after that. It's been 2 years since i saw, only once, Chaos, and still i cannot get it out of my head.

Many movies have come and gone since, but how many of them have left their mark, how many made you *really* reconsider some aspects of your life ? (Not that i was a male chauvinist pig to begin with, i think/hope.) This is one angry, 100% essential movie.
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Marie-Line (2000)
a subtle drama about working women
5 March 2003
This is a story about a women-only cleaning team for a supermarket in the suburbs of a large city in a somewhat bleak part of France. The team leader is played by squat actress Muriel Robin, previously known mostly for her one-woman comic shows. Her character is hard working, driven, uncompromising, often harsh, and she covets a prize for best cleaning team of the supermarket.

Despite this, despite being affiliated along with her flailing husband to a far-right political party, and despite being abused by the store manager, she reveals a tenderness for her (often illegal aliens) teammates, that is simply stunning and overwhelming. This is probably Mehdi Charef's best film to date, profoundly moving and intelligent. It was without a doubt one of the 2 best movies i saw in 2000.
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