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Falling Skies (2011–2015)
Has a lot of potential
26 June 2011
Seems like we have seen this kind of story maybe to many times. There are always some aliens attacking our planet, and some heroic man defending it. But, I still believe this series brings a new, fresh breath to the genre, which was not so good during past few years.

If you are skeptic, just give this show a chance, just like Stiven Spielberg did!

Noah Wyle is no longer a doctor we all loved in E.R. He is now a historian Tom Mason, with main interest in military history. His knowledge can be used against alien invaders, but there are many more problems survivors must face. In desperate times, people forget about their human side... If you picture this kind of future for our world, you will be able to enjoy the show. You will be able to see what makes a true hero, and what is more important, what makes a true man! Sacrifice, family, duty… Will mankind prevail???
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Game of Thrones (2011– )
This one will blow you away!
17 April 2011
Love, betrayal, greed, murder, corruption… All collides in mythical world of Westeros. George R. R. Martin's world is unlike any other fantasy world you have ever seen. The main conflict lies between two families: House of Stark and House of Lannister, but there are many more stores to be told…

Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) is the main character of the series, and the story is mostly about him. Since HBO has staked a lot of money into this series, there will be a lot of colorful characters, just like it the books.

The art dept. has done a magnificent job by creating a whole new world from scratch. Costumes, armors, landscape, photography… All has been done in well-known HBO way.

Travel along side your heroes, from the cold North, and The Wall with Jon Snow, across the desert-city on the South, with Ned Stark, and join Daenerys and her riders on a mission to retrieve the Iron Throne.

Let the Game of Thrones begin!
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Star Wars Saga refreshment
3 April 2011
"Let the Force be with you!", they say. Now, thanks to Lucasfilm it can be again!

The new, Star Wars: The Clone Wars represents a real refreshment in the Star Wars Saga. The show is, obviously, made for the fans, there for, those who do not like Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda and others should not be spending their time spitting on this show.

One of the many innovations this show brings is the deeper psychology of the characters, which help us understand future moves they make. Beside the "all-known" characters, production has made many more new characters, like Ashoka Tano and bunch of Clone Troopers.

Animation has been done on highest level, so the expectations you may have will certainly be fulfilled.

Making of 4th season tells more than I will ever be able to.

Take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy the new ride through The Galaxy!
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