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Walk the Line (2005)
Thumbs Down
3 March 2006
The hallmark of a great biopic of a singer is the music. As a kid I loved "The Jolson Story". While Larry Parks played Jolson; all the songs were sung by the real Jolson. Likewise in "Ray", Jamie Foxx was great as Ray; but all the songs were sung by Ray Charles. The makers of "Walk the Line" forgot this formula. While Phoenix did avery good job portraying Johnny Cash; he has no voice. Hence, I give the movie a thumbs down because in the end Johnny was all about his wonderful voice. When I saw him and June in the late 80's, June lovingly referred to him on stage as "Ol Golden Throat". And that he was. Phoenix was "Ol Lead Throat". Also, the plot development was poor. The conflict with his Dad should have been fleshed out. The movie failed to capture how Johnny eventually "bottomed out". Also, in the 70's Johnny made his "altar walk", became a Christian and truly turned it all around. The movie never even mentioned it. I guess the secular humanist that run Hollywood simply don't embrace that message. Reese Witherspoon was great. And lets face it most Americans are not familiar with her voice so who cares if she sang.
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Don't Cry tears for theses killers
4 December 2004
I did not feel sorry for these defendants when I watched this film. I felt very bad for the parents who lost their son. All the hand wringing over the aggressive prosecution ignores the fact that no court has ever sanctioned the prosecutors for misconduct. These young adults clearly got what they had coming to them. The biggest joke is seeing Dershowitz. He acts as if he's the moral conscience of the nation even though he worked hard to get O.J. acquitted. The conviction for felony murder turned on whether it was a robbery. What I would like to know if the defendants had any money when they arrived at the dealer's fort to buy the pot as they allege. If they had no money that certainly shows evidence of a robbery. If it was a robbery, they are all guilty of felony murder and should rot in jail.
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Great Prayer Vehicle
25 February 2004
After all the hype, I expected to be wowed. I wasn't. About halfway into the movie, I realized this movie was a prayer vehicle and I pulled out my rosary beads and started praying the Hail Mary. This movie was the "Sorrowful Mysteries" brought to life. However, prayer for me is very rarely emotionally moving or fun and more often is work. As a pure movie, I thought it was slow and unentertaining. Too many slow motion shots and wierd close ups. The acting was so-so and I didn't care for the music. In contrast, as a movie, I much prefer the passion in "Jesus of Nazareth" by Zefferelli. However, as a prayer vehicle, I thought it was great. I've prayed the Stations of the Cross many times and here it was brought to life. The movie opened up different biblical interpretations for me. I've became more spiritually connected to St. Veronica or Simon of Cyrene.
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Well Done!
21 July 2003
My favorite line in the movie is a colloquy towards the end between Cake's (the academic)girlfriend and Gavin. She offhandedly, and almost sarcastically, remarks to Gavin that he can't "let the old team down". With profound seriousness he responds "Honey,I never did". For those of us who have starred on the athletic field, this sentiment often drove us. For me, this movie realistically captured the experience of being an athletic hero. As I tell my young atheletes who I now coach, no matter what tribulations and setbacks may befall you; no one can ever take away from them what they have achieved on the field. I recommend the movie.
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Love This Movie
17 May 2003
I don't understand why folks think this movie is flat. All the lead names do wonderful jobs, but I also loved Oscar's secretary, his wife, the bride's grandmother, the groom's dad and so on and so on. Hey what's not to like?
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The Karen Carpenter Story (1989 TV Movie)
Good Movie
17 May 2003
I was a hard rocker and musician in the 70's and did not care for or appreciate the Carpenter's music at that time. I am glad this movie gave me another listen. What a beautiful voice she had and what a shame she is gone. This movie poignantly captured the struggles this young talented woman had to deal with. The actress who played Karen was very good. I like Peter Michael Goetz from his work in Father of the Bride. I recommend this movie to anyone.
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A Beautiful Movie of Faith
31 March 2003
I love this movie. It harkens back to a day when people of faith weren't bashed and belittled by Hollywood. Deborah Kerr in a wonderful and moving performance captures the call to the Catholic Faith and is an inspiration to all who seek to deepen their own faith. This movie would never be made today as the anti-Catholic Hollywood crowd would certainly have marginalized Sister Angela as some type of religious nut.
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11 March 2003
The trial , death and resurrection scenes are so powerful that I show it to my CCD class every year. It never fails to capture their attention. While many liberties from Scripture are taken; I am moved every time Olivier (as Nicodemus) recites Isaiah 53- The Suffering Servant- during the Crucifixion. Also, the presentation of the Prodigal Son sermon was especially poignant with its linkage to Peter's acceptance of Matthew. This is a must see for all Christians
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Diary of a Sex Addict (2001 Video)
Absorbing and Compelling
10 March 2003
I always watch this movie on late night cable should I come across it channel surfing. Having been involved in all sorts of addictive behavior, it reinforces for me the old saw- "But for the Grace of God, go I." I have never seen anyone portray addictive behavior better than the lead actor. It makes Keaton in "Clean and Sober" and Lemmon in "Days of Wine and Roses" seem tame. Watching this guy slowly "bottom" is enlightening. As a result, despite all of the movie's flaws, highlighted by other posters, I find this film compelling and absorbing. I give it a 9 out of 10.
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Curdled (1996)
Loved Opening Credits Music
3 March 2003
This black comedy was a little too dark for my tastes; but I loved the opening tune and the graphics. Also, glad to see Barry Corbin who is one of my favorite character actors (remember Uncle Bob in Urban Cowboy). Nevertheless, the movie is still worth viewing late night on cable.
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China Moon (1994)
Love the Blues Band
3 March 2003
This "Body Heat" rip-off is unimaginative and tiresome. Everybody but Benicio Del Toro seemed to be going through the motions. The best part of the film was the appearance of Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets featuring Sam Myers. They are credited as the Blues Band. Opened for them once. Skip the cost of the DVD and buy an Anson CD and enjoy some tasty Texas Blues guitar licks and the soulful vocals of Sam Myers
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