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Mindless Entertainment
3 November 2012
Reading the other reviews on this show, one would think that every television talk show is like a PBS fundraiser or a telethon to help disaster victims. Personally, I think that serious shows need to be mixed with fun and a little guilty pleasure, and The Wendy William's Show does that.

'Wendy' is not a polished program, but I do enjoy it when it's on. Wendy Williams doesn't take herself too seriously (are you listening Oprah, Leno, Ellen, and Letterman) and her show is really just a gossip column on television. If you hate reading tabloid articles, obviously don't watch this show.

Also, on a personal note, I like that she speaks her mind about celebrities, as in when someone does something idiotic in the news, she calls them out on it and makes no excuses for her words. If there is one thing I can't stand it is talk show hosts that are overly nice to every celebrity because they want bookings and better ratings.

Wendy won't win an Emmy but she might just win your attention.
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Kathy (2012–2013)
Move over Conan, there's a new redhead in town
8 September 2012
First off, let's cut straight to it: if you don't like Kathy Griffin, don't watch this show. Seriously. And if you do not know who K.Griff is, go to YouTube, type in her name, and watch any special, interview, or My Life on the D-List episode and decide for yourself. Now then, if you like Kathy Griffin's sense of humor (brash, inappropriate, straight to the point and dirty) then you will love this show because it's chalked full of Griffin humor.

After having watched the first season, it was apparent to me that her new talk show will be something special. She starts the show off with a monologue (a mini excerpt from her stand-up) and then she gets right into discussing the latest news with a panel of "normal people," or anyone who doesn't have an assistant and works 9-5. These people are mostly from the Griffin staff and fringe comics. It brings a nice dynamic to the show. I must say that I love Chelsea Lately and her "round table" segments, and Kathy's real-people discussions are a similar, comedic outlet for people who aren't afraid to make enemies with celebrities they will never meet.

On many of her shows, she brings on A-listers for interview and discussion type sessions. Depending on the person, they may take up the entire episode. I love watching these people because Kathy is a great host. She asks the right questions, makes her audience laugh, and noticeably puts her guests at ease in a way that they sling gossip, make fun of their peers, and say things that we (as viewers) love to hear.

One of the best episodes thus far was Kathy Griffin and Lisa Ling, Jane Fonda, and Sharon Osbourne. Its pure gold. The things they say and the jokes they make had me laughing out loud for an hour straight. At the end Jane turns to Sharon, while everyone is laughing, and says "this is the weirdest show I have ever been on" and she couldn't have hit the nail more on the head. "Kathy" is strange, it's silly, its hilarious, and it's a refreshing take after so many talk show hosts always fawn over their guests (no offense to Ellen).

Also, as a side note, Kathy's self described "90-year old alcoholic mother" is in the front row of the audience in every episode and is given both a box of wine and a mic. Can there be anything better in the world of comedy?

I defiantly recommend "Kathy" to any K.Griff fans, My Life on the D-List fans, gays, and closeted straights.

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Prometheus (I) (2012)
So Happy!
9 June 2012
The story of Prometheus follows the same story line that Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, and AVP all follow, which is a small group of explorers stumble upon an alien world that houses a terrifying monster, which is awakened by their presence and chaos ensues. Through this horror a major female character becomes a heroine.

If you watch all the Alien movies back to back (as I did prior to seeing Prometheus), this story structure becomes a bit too obvious and dilutes the suspense of the movie. Prometheus, however, manages to follow this same story arc in a completely refreshing way that allows long time Alien fans (such as myself) to sit back at the edge of my seat.

As for the story, I will not give away any spoilers in this review. I will simply say that this movie is both a prequel to the Alien franchise and its own movie entirely (so expect to see a familiar "face" or two, but not any cameos by Sigourney Weaver). I would say this "reboot" of the Alien universe is most akin to the reboot of Star Trek in 2009 in how the general characters and story line is the same but redone with a fresh cast, new art direction, and new adventures. Also, there are a few scenes that are truly disturbing.

It is my opinion that the best scary movies are the ones that make the viewers think. They are the movies that cause people the cringe, think "what would I do" and be terrified by the response. Prometheus defiantly incorporates such mental horror throughout the picture. Furthermore, we all know that audience's love the "happily ever after" ending, and it is hard to be frightened for a major character dying in a movie because of it. Prometheus did not suggest any such ending, and I found myself truly wondering who, if any, of the characters were going to survive at the end.

And speaking of characters, the acting was great! David, the android played by Michael Fassbender, deserves a best supporting actor Oscar nomination. Noomi Rapace delivered the most chilling scene in the movie with flawless execution, and Charlize Theron plays a bitch like no other!

Lastly, I want to comment on the art direction, cinematography, and directing: industry changing. Seriously. This movie will be used in college Film classes as an example of how to properly direct a movie. The visuals are believable and actually tell half of the story (as opposed to those horrible moments in movies where a character suddenly narrates their situation for the audience's sake, but the dialogue comes across incredibly forces and reminds you that the people are just actors and you are in a movie theater).

Prometheus is a movie for smart movie goers. It is designed for people who pay attention to what is said, not said, seen, and heard. The movie will shock, scare, creep, and make you not want to eat food for a solid day after watching. I highly recommend this movie!
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Real-reality TV
30 June 2011
This show is amazing and is a shining example of how a reality show should be done. I have always loved Kathy's sense of humor and wit, but what I love most about the show is actually the editing. All of the person-to-camera dialog is done on the spot, and not in on some studio set months after the incident took place. What you get are the honest reactions the people on the show have at the time something happens. Also, they show Kathy without makeup! It might seem strange to point out, but to me a reality TV show needs to be... well, reality. We all know women don't wear make up and hair extensions and 5,000 dollar Gucci outfits every day (yes, I'm talking to you, Kardashians), so it is refreshing to see they show Kathy at home, in her sweats, eating deep friend food and being a human! When you watch this show, you really get a sense that the cameras are there to document, and not direct, Kathy's actions. And as far as her actions go... well, you have to just watch the show because they are hilarious.
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