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Total Recall (I) (2012)
A good game ooops..... Movie(!)
10 November 2012
So this is what we to have for a sci-fi remake of Arnold's original Total Recall? Well goody, where to start? First of all why credit for a work and make a movie as same name when nothing is similar to the original? even the production house named 'original movie' where i and surely the rest of the viewer weep for originality.

Then we get a piece of crap story which feel like filtered from matrix/inception and many renowned sci-fi in mocking fashion. no grip in it, character looks drop dead emotion in them. The story only gone with one point: mindless action. Which action set pieces and sequence really felt like playing some shooter games from recent memory. That's my whole idea for the movie.If this was a game i'll be happily paying that. But as a movie, it's a disaster.

The screenplay and direction didn't have to do lot of hardwork cause whole movie is bits and pieces taken from Inception, Blade Runner, Matrix and god know from where. I laughed hard at the end where they i guess mocked the Inception's ending. Well laugh on them for creating a disaster which will be forgotten at the end of 2012.

CGI part of the movie also felt like crap. So many flair lighting will make you blind or mad. Whole movie is blurry to cover their poor effects. Music was mediocre and so was cinematography.

only reason giving it 2 for Collin Farrel and for that 3 boobed girl ;)
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Chronicle (2012)
Awesome movie with a 12 mill. budget
5 June 2012
Chronicle was a nice ride of superhero/alien and the the story of three kids who possessed it. Some really cool and dark concept presented by the young moviemaker. Chronicle not just a 12 million doller indie movie but it has every thing to wow about. Stunning visual, videotaping style of movie (like paranormal activity and jackass but still better) and so much better special effect then what we seeing now-a-days so called "blockbuster movie". It has the nice taste of 'next new thing' of movie making. story and screenplay is really top-notch. I am recommending everyone to watch this movie just to get a different taste in movie.
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Best Animation, Medicre everything.....
29 May 2012
Japanese animation section are always a top-notch quality and pure fun. today i watched their finest animation yet named Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I am amazed by the animation and motion capturing quality created by Square Enix studio. It just looks picture perfect and seems like pixer is way out of its league. But when comes to the story character development and other issue, FFVII seem to lack what's necessary to build up a animation.I know it's an game adaptation but Sqere-enix needed to more detailed on story rather than fighting bonanza. It's felt like matrix reloaded movie where everyone fighting for too long and too much. but i still hoping t see some other game made by SE to pop up in future to create some bad-ass competitor of Hollywood fun based animation. Cheers!
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Hugo (2011)
Good, not Great........
15 March 2012
when i first heard about this movie which is directed by martin Scorsese's, i was pretty interested about it cause MS taking a different genre of movie from here. But when i see the movie my interest vanishes like a balloon. I praises what Scorsese's done with the movie. artistically it is a beautiful movie. Two of the character really shines in this Movie; Ben Kingley as Georges Melies, Sacha Baron Cohen as Staton Inspector. Other wise, i find other character pretty stale. Asa Butterfield as Hugo, Chloe Grace Moretz as Isabella, Emily Mortimer as Lisette all given average Performance.

I was pretty convinced Scorsese made a Awesome adventure movie that gonna blow my mind, with some Oscar worthy performance. The full movie focused on Artistic value and the glory of old age movies. Which is Acceptable but not good enough to give an awesome movie experience. Scorsese's 1930 Paris looked like more as a "Hugo In Wonderland". no enough flashback, No good motivation to go on, too much focus on visual rather then movie itself make it a pretty normal movie experience.

I didn't read the book but i know Scorsese's has a habit of make the original source upside down in his movie. SO my presume is that Scorsese's made an awesome book looks like a broken movie which won multiple Oscars. Sad.........

Rating 4/10
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