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Homework (1989)
Worth persevering with
23 December 2009
I've only recently discovered Kiarostami. In the last few weeks I've watched "The Wind will Carry Us", "Under the Olive Trees" and now "Homework". Yes, they are slow. No they are not action packed, exciting or epic. But in each case, I'm glad I persevered. "Homework" is probably the slowest of the three I've seen, and I have to admit I did consider giving up after half an hour or so. But when it finished, I was very glad I'd watched it. The conclusion is very moving, but has to be seen in the context of the whole film, so don't just jump to the end.

What his films show you is that Iranian people are very much like you and me. Each has his or her own problems and concerns. Kiarostami finds beauty and intensity in what appear to be mundane situations. He has a great eye for simple situations which have wider implications. A great director.
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