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Polanski's keeps his consistency
12 November 2017
You could be fooled into thinking that Roman Polanski would close shop by now. Acknowledge all the excellent films he has made during his long career and retire. Does he have more to say? Probably not. Can he still direct? Absolutely yes.

Together with Oliver Assayas they've adapted Delphine de Vigan's book by the same title. It has resulted in a hotchpotch of mystery. Which only is intensified by Eva Green's eerie performance. And his wife Emmanuelle Seigner is much better casted in this film than in his previous film "Venus in Fur".

The films biggest weakness is probably the lack of a new direction. But at 84 years old he probably doesn't have time or effort to change a proved recipe for an excellent filmmaking. Because that's what it is - the perfectly crafted 100 minutes just flew by and I was gripped and thoroughly entertained. By the end I enjoyed the journey so much that I totally forgive its ever so slight lack of depth and originality.

Strongly recommended: 8/10
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An under appreciated gem about modern parenthood
30 June 2017
When I decided to watch this film my expectations were modest. I thought it was going to be like every other Ulf Malmros film: funny, fresh and a bit of drama. I never imagined such an intelligent and deep piece of filmmaking. Maybe I've underestimated this director as in hindsight his comedies usually have some hidden depths to them. This film is also hilarious in parts. But the focus lies in the drama this time. Without telling you to much about this film which is about modern parenthood in Stockholm (the city being a good symbol for our progressively changing world). It raises questions about our fundamental way of being; what is right and wrong? Though Ulf Malmros just observes our behaviours never clamping down with a moral judgement. Strongly recommended and I hope more people see this film.
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Obce niebo (2015)
Political filmmaking about the morally superior country Sweden
18 March 2017
This film sparked my interest from the get go with a highly controversial story. Right of the bat I should say that I'm Swedish and this is a film critiques my own country from a Polish perspective. I was worried that director was going to push his own opinions down the audiences throat. Which fortunately didn't happened. This is a film I strongly recommended to people interested governments role in ethics. Hopefully this film will bring up the debate about how sometimes Sweden's supposedly morally superior system also has some really big problems.
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