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Young Dan'l Boone (1977– )
I was in this series!
12 December 2009
I was an extra in the 3rd episode, "The Salt Licks" the summer of 1977. It was filmed on the shores of Watts Bar lake in East Tennessee outside Knoxville. I played one of the settlers that was captured by the Indians while at the salt licks. Young Dan'l (Rick Moses) and Hawk (JiTu Kumbuka) rescued us. John Devlin played Skag in this episode. We became fast friends and he sort of took me under his wing for the episode making sure I was close to him so I would be in more shots. He was also good company during the long hours of production. What a great experience! Danny Zapien, who played the the medicine man, kept our spirits up between takes with funny stories and just cutting up, generally. Jerry Rushing from North Carolina played the blacksmith, Avery, and was also a lot of fun. Mannie Acosta in makeup woke us up at 5AM call by adding coffee to the Max Factor pancake makeup! I met Cal Bellini who I knew from his role in Little Big Man. Rudy ?? in special effects was good at explosions!! I have photos of most of the characters, director and such that I'd like to share, but can find no way to post them on IMDb. Any help out there?
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