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Defendor (2009)
Defendor - Another wannabe vigilante
17 September 2010
Good movie. Interesting how it came out at the same time as Kick ass . Cause this one at first glance seems to have so much common with Kick Ass, But kind of more serious and nowhere near awesome as Kick ass was. But there are some finer things in this one too. Another fact that kind of came to my mind is that Kick Ass might have stole the little bit of thunder which is left in this one. I'm sure if this got out some time before Kick Ass this would've gotten more rep than now. Great stuff by Woody Harrelson. He is really cut out for this role. I should say the most suiting role this has been for him. What does that say about him right? And Kat Dennings looks to be a really Amateur actress, no where near as good as one expects her to be. She couldn't even perform a decent crying act. Great music. But too much emphasis on it. Must add the only good acting I found in this was of Woody only. All the others really suck. Even the "Special Guest Appearance" (lame). About the story. Seems okay a bit but really gets lame at the final parts.
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Agora (2009)
17 September 2010
What a great movie. Truly inspirational. So many sides to this movie. It depicts the biography of whom I understood as the mother of Science, Hepatia. And also the effect of religion ( Or dare I say of Christianity) to the progress of human intellect and also the conflict between Human intellect and stupid faith. And love of a young slave with his mistress. And I cannot say I love one aspect more than the other. As a student who have studied science his whole academic life and who is still fascinated about the cosmos, this movie is so inspirational because it shows how great people fatigues their minds to come up with the knowledge that is common knowledge to us all now. Some say that thinking of the stars, what really happens in this world and what happens in the cosmos is no really concern of ours because in our day to day life we never get to use that knowledge. But what if we all think like that then such philosophies that gave birth to our modern sciences would have been for nothing. To know that we also share the passion, the passion of those great philosophers like hepatia in finding out the mysteries of the universe, is truly something. To ignore that passion and say that we don't want it is to disgrace the progress of science.

I think one of the greatest crimes in human history is depicted in this movie the great burning of the library of Alexandria. This is only one of the incidents that has shapes our history or, more accurately, mutilated our history. Such incidents has caused the demise of the progress and set back the steady succession of the development of science. And for what . In the name of religion. All in the name of effing religion. I stand down here.

I'm so grateful that Rachel Weisz starred in this masterpiece. I still would have watched it. But her appearance certainly increased the chances. And overall this was well made. One of the best historical documentary movies I should say. One other such movie comes to my mind while vomit comes up to my throat. Alexander. Gosh I hated that movie. This movie is Golden compared to that piece of crap.
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Jin yi wei (2010)
14 blades.
6 September 2010
At first glance "14 blades" seem like one of those kung – fu movies that tell an ancient story of the Chinese dynasty, how a hero with awesome moves kick butt and all. But out of all the movies with the same kind of background story, this one seems kind of special coz this one is kind of new age-y. I bet everyone has seen cool hypnotic movies like Evil Cult starring Jet li and the once upon a time in china series. Compared to those legendary masterpieces, has the modernization been that good an effect. I have to say no.

Watched IP man recently and was really impressed by it. (It's in my best movies list too ) And it gave me the feeling that the kung fu movie industry won't die after Jackie Chan or jet li. Coz there's a new guy in town, Dannie Yen. Doesn't seem like a hot shot action star but as far as moves go he is as good as any. Dannie yen stars in this one too and I gotta say I'm back where I was. Coz this movie certainly seems like a big budget movie than IP man but this one SUCKS A**. First of all the story is just a little bit effed up. Eventually you can figure out what the heck is happening and all, but initially, it's all just a big puddle of goo. You can't tell who's who and what's what. Like they expect us to know everything about the ancient Chinese history. Duh! Then again if I say that this is totally based on Chinese history I would give the wrong idea again. Because to me this seems like more of a fantasy flick. You know like something out of Final fantasy series. Coz the characters certainly doesn't seem like ancient Chinese to me with their more than modern clothes, funny mechanical contraptions and, get this, rocket launchers, for crying out loud!. When I say modern clothes you'll see how much the wardrobe of this resembles like something out of a manga. Overall this movie resembles a bollywood piece of crap than an actual Chinese masterpiece, (except from the little bit of kung fu it got of course) That's another thing that bummed me most, the lack of martial arts. I could see the potential of Dannie Yen in Ip man but here, they seem to have totally lost it. It's just a bunch of swords and stuff flying around. You can hardly pick out any actual thrilling kung fu. I thought people can do lot more these days when it comes to fight scenes but this Is disappointing. But please don't lose all your hopes. Compared to any other Hollywood action flick this is GOOD as far as the fighting goes. But in comparing with legendary kung fu movie like the Drunken Master this just . bites the dust.

By now If you are really up to still try this movie out I say go for it because of Wai zhao. Her sweet and innocent face always is something to behold. And Don't forget to see the old Sammo Hung in action. You know, the fatso from martial law. But when i say action, basically all he does is stand up and just keep staring!!!XD
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Batman or Owlman!
29 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing many Anime cartoons like Naruto and Bleach, American cartoons just doesn't seem to cut it for me anymore. Of course these cartoons are based on the numerous superheroes that we have loved when we were kids, like Superman, Flash, Batman… Those days we would be crazy about a movie like this and would have enjoyed this very much. But after watching toons like Avatar, Devil may cry and Naruto all those WB cartoons do seem to miss that certain something. I think it maybe the lack of moves. I mean the ability of the anime artists to come up with a fight scene with wonderfully awesome moves that tempt us to repeatedly to watch the scene, seems to lack in the creativity of the American cartoonist. Nevertheless they seem to overly have the ability to make sexy cartoon characters. 10/10 stars for Superwomen! And also the dialogues aren't exactly awesome compared to anime ones. Not to mention the music! People who have watched Avatar: the last airbender will know what I am talking about. BTW This movie is special cause it has a good degree of violence making it more, kind of, awesome. Favorite Quote : "Humans are a cancer, and I mean to cut out the disease" – Owl man Finally I must add Batman is the most awesome Superhero of all time. Period!
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Lost (2004–2010)
Lost - The greatest show PERIOD!
29 July 2010
The period that I watched the TV show Lost, will always remain in my memory as the period that I watched the greatest show ever made. Because I have never been so overwhelmed with anything else other than this. As for me I started watching this without having any idea what its gonna be like. The funny thing is that I thought Lost was about some people getting lost in an island and the story of their attempts of getting off that Island. Because of this idea I was surprised why this is so famous and reluctant to watch Lost because quite frankly I thought Lost is going to be lame. Never I have been more wrong!

At the start I wasn't impressed by the show because admittedly the 1st season is the exception to the show. I always made fun about the show while watching it for the first time, saying how boring this is. But at the end of the first season I knew that there is more to this than it seems and I was entangled. Surprises and questions kept coming and it expanded to this wonderful story that I fell head over heels with.

First of all I gotta say this Is the most awesome (+ every good adjective in the dictionary) story ever told. JEFFREY LIEBER, J.J. ABRAMS & DAMON LINDELOF should be praised for creating such an enchanting story. Just when the world seems to run out of solid stories to tell, these geniuses came up with the perfect show. The way it stands out from the others, make it seem like alien. I mean there are other great story lines out there in movies. But to come up with such a story that spans 6 seasons for a TV show is remarkable. It's got suspense, action, thrill, romance, humor … everything. In other TV shows they come up with an impressive story that spans like one season and when people seem to like it they try to expand that story by introducing new plots and fail hugely. That's why most of the TV shows like Prison break, Heroes, and Battlestar Galactica, rock in the first season and then start to suck Bigtime. Actually I get nauseous even thinking about comparing those shows to Lost. We get constantly disappointed with those TV shows out there because they all lose their touch sometime or later. But With LOST it's the direct opposite. The first season it kinda sucked and after that it was just the ride of a life time. It actually seems like that the creators made up the whole story and then started to make the TV show. Things that happen in the first season are connected to even the last episode. Most of the things that happened throughout the show starts to make sense at the end. Questions that need answers get completely unexpected but really good explanations. Broken pieces get sewn together adding wonder to the whole piece.

The other thing I like most about this is the characters. Now as I see it the 1st season is dedicated to character introduction. The characters are so vivid and unique it really suits the show. Didn't like Jack Shephard because of his God complex. Kate is pretty OK. But there's really nothing special to tell about her. Then there is Sawyer. My favorite character from Lost, because of his witty comments, angry attitude and tendency to bring suffering upon himself. He doesn't give a rat's backside about anyone else and tries to show the others how selfish he is. Liked Hurley too, who is the stereotypical funny guy. Kind of says that obese guys aren't that much of losers and all. But whatever! My other favorite character is Charlie. Also Funny. It seems Dominic Monaghan is a favorite for TV shows. After all he is a hobbit! And then there is Sun and Jin. If someone were to ask me what is your favorite story of love I wouldn't think twice before saying the story of Sun and Jin. This is how all modern love stories should be like. You have to see it till the end to realize what I am talking about. And Locke. I don't get this guy. Seems so pretentious and the obvious choice for the favorite character for most, but not mine. There are so much other characters :-Rose, Bernard, Mr Eko, Ben, Daniel, Juliet… Describing these characters would lead to spoilers so I stop here.

The various directors which accompanied Lost really have suited it too. You can't blame anything on them directors. They were able to depict the characters so well and in a unique manner, that it stands out from the rest. And I kind of noticed how the dialog's tend to speak for the audience. The characters ask the questions that are in the audiences mind providing them with the required answers. And also the humor is not overdone too. It just really suits the show.

But not everything is spot on in my opinion. For one is the art direction. There are some places that you can see stupid mistakes that even make you laugh. The CGI isn't that good either. The set must have been a challenge to work on, they must get accredit for that. I didn't like the music much either. And sometimes there are some loop holes that the creators have forgotten to close up here and there. But they can be neglected considering the whole thing. Some might say the end gives rise to more questions than answering any. But I wouldn't want it any other way. Its just so PERFECT. The perfect end for the perfect story.

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A perfect Surprise!
29 July 2010
Well this certainly seems like an unusual combination at first. Zahn and Mila?!? One of the first impressions I got was its cheesiness that seemed to last until the very end. But other good thing surpassed that. Another thing that bugged me to death is the long conversations and flashbacks. I mean I was like for god's sake cut to the chase already. Do we have to know such detail? As matter fact as the story develops we realize we did need to know that much detail. Because of this level of detail you tend get swept off your feet when the real plot reveals. So my advice is if you feel kind of boring watching the first half of the movie, just hang on, the best is yet to come. But the "flashbacks" are like really filled with unwanted crap. And the obvious attempts at making humor out of nothing are just BS. But by and by this becomes a suspense thriller that kinda really gets you by surprise which is a huge plus point for me. Seems like the writer, David Towhey, who is also the director, has gone into great lengths to deviate our suspicions. So much so that it becomes a bit too unbelievable at points. It's like the writers trying to play the fool with the audience. And succeeds by the way! (Or just "they" went a little bit more in to the character. Trust me this'll make sense after you've watched the movie.) But disregarding that, and all the boring delays and distractions and of course the cheesy remarks, this one really takes you by the balls. So much so that I believe this has become a good movie for me. Cause I love surprises. And there's a good deal of that right from the casting! And by god, an excellent performance by Steve! I somehow knew there must be something to it. Coz Zahn doesn't act on completely bad movies. But admittedly this is a little cheap movie. BTW, What the heck is Whoopty-tah???
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Gamer (2009)
Interesting Ideas!
29 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers

Movie and games are like the most favorite things in my life(besides music, of course!). To see a combination of those wouldn't be too bad, would it? Actually I was extra psyched! So I started watching Gamer with high hopes. And I must say, I am not disappointed! It starts awesomely, kind of making an impression on the audience from the start. This can be categorized as a Sci-fi thriller. One of my favorite categories too, when it comes to movies. Very awesome Ideas about the future of gaming, is presented. I'm not going to discuss about the pros and cons about those ideas, coz they certainly are cool! Comparing with other sci-fi thrillers, this one moves closely with Surrogates, but again much more awesome. I feel the need to discuss the lameness and stupidity of the program Society however. I mean what kind of music they play there? The obscenities and the tendency towards pornography, is very demeaning. Disregarding the coolness, this displays a very negative attitude towards the future. Maybe the creators were trying to increase the coolness by the weird stuff going on "Society". But it has become a very negative thing in my mind. The movie would have been still cooler and awesome without all the porn! ( But not in the mind of perverts of course!) I have nothing against porn. But when they use this amount of pornography in such a movie it really puts down a notch the greatness of the movie. And who the hell would wanna dress up like that? Maybe the whole idea was to depict it as a weird and a sick place. Kind of a pun intended for the massively popular social networks these days. However the in game action pieces in "Slayers" are so wicked! Its all well made, giving you the feel of an ultra cool actual game. But the down side of such a gaming environment is it'll be more realistic. No aliens or monsters and No superweapons.

In order for them to work they have to be real and already invented weapons, Right ? A fictitious superweapon cannot kill anyone in "Slayers"! Another futuristic idea is the conversations between the character and the player. Considering the movie this is not such a big deal but they certainly try to make it a big deal. But think what if we could actually talk with someone like Gordan Freeman, who doesn't talk with anyone else! (Sure it won't be like talking to that "freemans mind" guy in Machinima). The Music really suits the theme too. Kind of give a feel of a gory musical.

But something so awesome must have some downsides right? Like for instance much stereotypes can be found. A thing that I don't always get, is why can't a decent director with common sense of quality collaborate to such a cool movie. The writers Neveldine\Taylor must've been kind of high for sure. There's some really weird stuff. Not bad weird always, but cool stuff too. Really artistically weird stuff like in Hellblazer. Exceptional role by Michael C. Hall. I think he'll make an able candidate for the role of Joker. BTW I lolled so hard when I saw Peter Petrelli form Heroes in this one. He's brief appearance was a real contrast to the lame character he plays in Heroes. I must say that I have a feeling that this movie is kind of under-appreciated. It deserves more rep people. My final score would be: 7/10
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Alice in Wonderland (I) (2010)
Alice in disappointment.
10 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Hugely anticipated movie of 2010. But My hopes were crushed within halfway into the movie.

Alice in wonderland is about a adolescent Alice, who twirls down the rabbit hole once again. At first the story seems to be following on the path of the actual book. But It turns in to a adventure story revolving around Alice who turns out to be a knight in shining armor. All happy ending aside, I think it's rather bull.

I haven't read the actual book by Lewis carol actually. But I know the story line of Alice in wonderland by watching some versions of it on TV. Once I watched a boring musical version and later I saw a kind of a long movie version which was actually quite good. The real story is really enchanting. It has all the weird aspects a dream should have. Actually Lewis Carol is a genius for a coming up with such a story of wonder and imagination so long ago. Alice in wonderland has been referred in many books and movies which involves imagination and realization like The Matrix. And one would say if a movie is made about Alice no other director would suit more than Tim Burton who came up with similar masterpieces like Sweeny Todd, Edward Scissorhands (Haven't watched it yet) and the corpse bride. No wonder this was so much anticipated. And it is a wonder that this movie got so much screwed up.

First why did the screenwriter attempt such child's play with the brilliant seed story. She had completely screwed it up and made it to something worthless like The Chronicles of Narnia. The CGI looks quite convincing but even the makers has screwed up that also in creating the tall character of Stayne. He looks so twitchy. The dialogs and the writing is most to blame. There's no chemistry between dialogs or between characters and scenes, also no magic, no wonder and no flow, as previous Tim Burton pieces had. Instead they are so mediocre and empty. And why is the character of the mad hatter so screwed up? Instead of being MAD and frankly awesome, he acts as an annoying, dramatic and thoughtful SOB that got on my nerves so much. (Shame on Johnny Depp!).

Really the renowned cast would be capable of a better job. At least the heroine, although being so weary eyed, makes a good impression. (Or maybe it's just the wardrobe of her.) 'scoffs'

Finally It all finishes off with a lame song which really sums up the movie : Total failure.
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Shutter Island
10 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
SHUTTER ISLAND, Directed by Martin Scorsese, big deal! It's obvious I really don't give a crap about this movie. Why? I cannot actually give one reason. It may be because that I really don't give a crap about Leonardo Decrapio. Actually I hate his guts. Leonardo seems as always so unnecessarily dramatic in this one also.

People said this movie is kind of hard to comprehend. Really the plot is not that hard to understand and not that complex as its accredited. Much like the movie " A beautiful mind ". This one does seem spooky at some places. That is the kind of idea I had before I watched this movie. That there's gonna be some ghosts involved and stuff. But at the end that was just a false wish. It's just a mind game. The director has committed unnecessarily hard on bringing out the crazy stuff. Maybe that's why some people feel like crazy watching this one. Clearly some parts just doesn't make sense at all. While watching you get the feeling all these things happening must have something to do with the story, But at the end only you realize how little the instances are actually correlated with the storyline, ergo feels a disappointment. Nevertheless, the plot is interesting, vivid and deserves some credit.
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I do that thing I do!
10 July 2010
Huge cast. Many popular stars today maybe at the start of their carrier. Liv Tylor and Charlice Theron. OMG they literally look like… dolls. Specially Charlice. And two of my favorites, Steve Zahn and Giovanni Ribisi.

It's a movie about a small town band trying to make it out in the big time. Well It's just a simple journey every band has to go through so to speak. Basically as I see it It's all just four guys playing there only hit single throughout the movie like a thousand times? Does tend to make you sick even! The reason I don't get that much of a kick out of this movie is maybe because I'm not 50. People tom Hanks' age must get to drive down the memory lane watching this one. Too bad I can't feel it. Well BTW If you think about it, This movie is pretty gay. The modern equivalent to this movie would be a movie about the Jonas brothers. Only they are still popular. But Still Liv Tyler makes it watchable. I wanted to see more Charlice Theron. She must have been an amateur then.
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Classic for the records
10 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A movie made on 1982, By Jim Henson and Frank Oz. A fantasy adventure movie about a Dark Crystal. The Crystal Broke and a shard was lost due to a great conjunction of the three suns. This breaking apart gave rise to two races, The evil Skarkses and the gentle Mystics. Only ten of each appeared. In this time, The emperor of the Skarkses, with the Master of the Mystics die at the same time. A Gelfling, Jen, Who live with the Mystics, was instructed by the master to find the lost shard of the crystal. For "THE PROPHESIE" (Oh what do we do without them?) Tells a Gelfling , The smallest, most kind and innocent intelligent creatures in that world ( What a surprise!?! Duh!) will join the crystals together and return the world to its previous grand and beautiful state. The story tells the adventures of Jen on fulfilling THE PROPHESIE.

What struck me as the most wonderful thing is how much attention to detail Jim Henson has paid in creating this masterpiece. Of course the whole movie seems like a big episode from sesame street. But the Level of sophistication compared with the technology of the time is astounding. This movie must have been for the eighties as AVATAR is for today. Must have spent a huge budget on this one. There is almost no CGI Visual FX used, well there weren't any at the time, so. Every single thing was specially made physically. What specially caught my attention was the planetary contraption in the dorm of Aughra.

Overall, really impressed by the art works, But not so much with the movie.
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Lamest of the lame!
10 July 2010
Okay I took a deep breath, made a vow to watch this till the end, and started watching Twilight: New moon. Because, Eclipse is out and spoilers are in the air. Oh what can I say, everyone is so right. Even spoilers cannot literally spoil this one. Because it's already a stinking pool of diarrhea. I mean this is it. This is the lamest of the lame. Sincerely, I am not saying this because everyone else is saying it. It really is. Cos I took the challenge to make up my mind open as possible to the possibility of seeing this as a good movie. But It is impossible. It is obvious why any girl would love this. I mean come on, guys? I mean If you are guy and you love this, It's a sign that you should come out of the closet now, If you already haven't.

One thing I like is the music. It gives this kind of a serene Indees feel that I kind of like. (Indee as in Independent movies). And Kristen, she does seem pretty okay to me when not with any one of her boyfriends, both Cullen and that other wolf boy. Actually she seems to have more balls than both of those pansies combined.

And a note on Face punch?!? Seriously this writer only knows about romance and that's it. It is so lame how she tries to make action movies seem stupid. Well the jokes on her! As for the little action sequences and FX present in the movie,(compared to the previous one, very little) I guess it's pretty all right to me. Actually more than all right. Ironic, considering the writers disposition towards action movies.

Haven't had any high hopes with this. But seriously much more worse than the previous installment. They say the next one is kind of good. I'll be the judge of that in the future.
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The last Mimzy - letdown
9 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Another usual Children's story. A little girl and a boy discover an out of this world object that will change their lives and the people around them forever. Good one I should say. But with some serious drawbacks. Here and there you can see the producers trying to give messages to children. Considering the fact that this is a children's movie, It's justifiable. One clear message I got was how whacked Buddhist people are!?! I mean come on? Why do all movie people have such a little and completely misguided understanding of Buddhism. Buddhists don't meditate like that.

The movie leaves you with just so many loose ends. It's like the writer has been indecisive of what the movie is going to be like. One time it gives the impression of being like a story based on aliens and It just changes without explanation. Maybe it was done intentionally to add an element of surprise, But obviously hasn't succeeded for me. Like for instance at first in the visions there are clearly aliens, and talk about a bridge across the whole universe and also Emma's curious questions about life on other planets. But all these lead to nothing and ends up with a totally different story based on time travel, which blows. I mean what about those "mandalas". What purpose do they serve. It's like I said. So many loose ends.

But disregarding all the flaws in the flow of the story, I thought this movie was quite appealing. The visual effects, CGI, Gives this an extra edge which seems almost out of place. As ever Howard shore music add value. The poor cast really doesn't do that much justice either. For instance I've seen much better Kid actors in various other movies. But the director really seems to understand how kids work, how they think and their behavior. The enjoyment factor is above average for this movie. I mean as a kid, I would have been pretty much psyched about this movie. Oh, Simpler times! This really won my heart over until the last 3 minutes of the movie, Which leaves you dumbfounded and angry, why do they have to mess something beautiful like this. I mean It wasn't that great before that last bit, but that bit totally screws the whole movie up. Another good one ruined.
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