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Just a small glitch
27 September 2017
I was a young USAF airman stationed at Tan Son Nhut from Dec67- Dec68. I found this episode and all, so far, very informative and interesting.

I did see a glitch in Episode 5 that I think should have been caught during editing. Minor, but incorrect, all the same.

00:35:35: Right after the words "mass civilian uprising" is a short, four second scene from Thailand, not Vietnam. This scene shows multiple "Samlaw" pedal taxis (Driver and one wheel in the front and two wheels in the rear, between which the paying passengers sat.) that were common in Thailand. In Vietnam, the pedal taxis were "Cyclos" (Two wheels in front, between which the paying passengers sat, and driver and one wheel in the rear.)

Source: One year stationed in Saigon followed by three and a half years stationed in Thailand.
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