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Pixels (2015)
Phew - Even the kids didn't find it funny.
16 November 2015
Well, what can I say. Kids wanted to see it and as I played all the original games when I was a kid, I thought why not, might be good for a laugh or two and Wreck it Ralph was great.

In the cinema you could hear every cough and groan and maybe a couple of giggles, but that was about it. Luckily my kids thought it was just as crappy as I did, so walked out about half way through with a bunch of other people at the same time.

I guess some of the cgi was OK, but none of the characters worked, especially Kevin James and Adam Sandler that looked like they really couldn't be bothered.

To sum up - avoid it, unless it's free and you really, really, really have done everything else in the world, but even if you have, just watch some paint dry.
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Best thing I could say was it's a chick flick (no offence meant ladies!)
23 November 2009
Well, my lovely lady wife has been waiting for this movie since Twilight, and is a huge fan of the books, I thought I would keep her company. We saw the Twilight when it first came out, and I wasn't really impressed with that, so though, hey ho, go in with low expectations and hopefully I would be surprised.

The only problem was, I don't think I could have expected less and still been as bored as I was.

When in the theatre I was probably the oldest male at 37, apart from some dads that had been brought along by their kids, and several boyfriends, which is fair as I guess the film is aimed at the younger ladies than us old folks.

So, we sat down and I waited for anything to happen, well anything really. There was no chemistry at all between the leading actors, just a dull numbness which left me bored, I really don't know how Kristen Stewart got the role as she's possibly the most boring actress around and added nothing to the film at all, unless I guess she was just asked to play a spoilt brat with no brain.

I thought, maybe there is some suspense? Nope, none of that either. Bella does a very good job of not really showing any emotion either way and where in Twilight you there was at least a couple of times it made you think "something good might happen" there wasn't really a single moment in this film that stood out, although I was at some point expecting to see the teleprompter which some of the actors looked like they might have been using, so wooden was the performance.

It's a shame really that the other film I have seen recently "UP" you feel more attachment to the characters in that, than you do to the actors in this.

Yes, the CGI was good, the Wolves were pretty great. But like in 2012, throw a lot of money at CGI and be amazed, but that's about it. There so many little bits of story that really didn't seem to do anything, it really reminded me of another film directed by this lovely director, Golden Compass anyone?? All in all, pretty much a letdown, and that's with low expectations, if felt like just another suck on the wallet by Hollywood to our pockets.

If you are thinking of this film, and really if you read most of the reviews on this site I can't imagine why, wait until it comes onto DVD. Rent it for £1 and you can get a couple of cheap laughs at the acting, and for the ladies, buff men, apart from that give it a miss.
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