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A melodrama, basically. But with a passable lesson.
15 February 2003
As an old hippie, I try to acquire few non-essentials. But when I saw this on the $5 table, I took it in hopes of:

  • finding out what the fuss is about R.Zellweger

  • learning more about Hasidic Jewish women's life

On the second goal, IMDb viewer comments gave me at least as much _accurate_ info as did the film, and I thank them.

Nearly didn't make it past the first scene - how unappealing can two children be? And what was with the non-sequiturs about "They'll kill us if they find us?!"

Even basing itself on the weary "givens" of strident feminism that all men are evil (or at best, stupid) and that religion oppresses women, especially those of unstable emotions, the film did remind me of two things I've learned in life:

1. Be true to yourself.

2. Let no one come between you and God (as you understand Her).

Oh, and sure enough, that Zellweger gal can act.

Now, one thing I do like to ponder on a movie like this:

What happened to the characters after the titles rolled?

I didn't see Sonia and Ramon staying together. She reps him creditably, builds a business and life for herself, and somehow maintains a pleasant, part-time relationship with Baby Shimmie and Mendel, who I suppose doesn't remarry but continues to become a most beloved and apt teacher.

And I found out that I'm so glad I can walk out with my head uncovered in my culture!!
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It's about family, folks.
15 February 2003
There are few movies I want to own, and fewer still that I could view and re-view weekly. This is one of them.

Substitute any unusual childhood problem for Ludo's imagined identity as a girl and the point of the movie remains the same: The love of family is foremost.

Whether he's homo or hetero makes no difference. It's about love. And oh, do I love this film!
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Cold Comfort Farm (1995 TV Movie)
This is the perfect movie.
15 February 2003
Period, end of statement.

There are a few films that are so incredibly well done, so seamless, that they could be watched daily. Well, that *I* could watch daily.

This is one!

It never lags, it never sags.

It is funny, it is real.

It is touching, it is hopeful.

Kate Beckinsale started her career on such a high note with this early work!

The rest of the actors are simply perfect in their roles. Sim-ply perfect!
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