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Mysterious love like Northern polar aurora
11 March 2003

I visited St.Petersburg in Russia last week and bought a DVD of this film because I was very impressed of a face of actress on DVD cover, beautiful, young, mysterious and sad.

This is a story of young college student girl in St.Petersburg who fell in love with an old man in Moscow whom she believed her father at the beginning.

Beautiful actress Ms.Marina Aleksandrova took a roll of such student girl "Anya" and old but still handsome actor Mr.Aleksandr Zbruev took a part of a old medical doctor who was believed as her father.

Russian title of this film "Severnoe sianie" means "Northern Aurora" and also name of bullet train links St.Petersburg and Moscow. We can enjoy beautiful autumn scenes in both cities backed by lovely strings chamber music throughout this film.

Ending of this film is strangely passionate and desperate which is something like an aurora mysteriously shining in dark northern polar sky.
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Burning snow on Stalingrad
24 February 2003
Hi !

This film title means "Burning snow" and this is a story of Soviet artillery soldiers who broke German tank divisions' rescue operation for besieged German army in Stalingrad, on account of their own lives.

This is a rare purely combat-focused Soviet film where Stalin and top red army generals are never appeared. Even the commanding red army general on the spot is not named.

In such a sense, this film is a bit closer to American war film which always focused on ordinary individual soldiers. Also camera work on this film is excellent and piling up the scenes to the climax of battle.

Also actor Boris Tokarev showed his excellent play on his roll of Lieutenant Kuznezov and he symbolized feeling of sadness of war without such words from his mouth.

I believe that Boris Tokarev was one of the most favourite soviet actor specially by young females during 1970s.
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Great humanistic film of blockade of Leningrad
21 February 2003
This film together with series No.2 of the same, is a great humanistic film about the blockade of Leningrad by German army during 1941 -1943.

This is a story of fighter pilots defending Leningrad and citizens of same city under blockade where more than a half million citizens died because of hunger. Such a tragedy is so immense and would no way to describe it fully and exactly but can only be symbolized in some ways as in this film.

Actress Lyudmila Gurchenko, who took a roll of young girl in Leningrad and also a volunteer for helping citizens, show her excellent ability to show a young girl's unbreakable dream even in such a desperate situation.

She showed her superb ability as a musical comedy actress in the film "Carnival Night" (Soviet Film of 1956), and here she showed her another ability to take a dramatic and symbolic roll.

Also this film might be a rare case for actor Michael Ulyanov who took part of a fighter pilot, since he later regularly took part of Soviet Army General Georgy Jukov in numerous Super scale Soviet WWII films.
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Fighter pilots' music band
20 February 2003
Hi !

This is very interesting WWII fighter pilots' film in international standard!

This fighter wing has own music band played by fighter pilots themselves and the "nose art" of the plane of wing leader is "music score".

Director and main actor, Leonid Bukov is one of very impressive actor in Soviet union 1960-70s era movies who usually took rolls of ordinary citizen or soldier in several films. He never took a roll of famous red army general.

Most of air battle scenes were taken from documentary films. This films focus on a life and death, happy time and sad time, of pilots themselves, and their love with lovely female pilots.

Also I feel special Ukrainian feeling in this film.(This film was made by Ukrainian movie studio during Soviet era)

Beside this one, another Soviet Union Fighter pilot film "Baltiskoe Nyebo" (means, Baltic Sky) is also impressive in different way which focus on the various relations between fighter pilots and citizens of Leningrad under German army's Blockade.
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Film over past tragic history of St.Petersburg city
19 February 2003
Hi !

This film is a bit different from other Soviet Union's super scale WWII films.

This film is considered as War film and it is correct. But also this film is a story of Leningrad citizens who seriously suffered during Blockade of the city 1941-43 and finally survived.

If you intend to visit St.Petersburg in Russia for sightseeing, I recommend to see this film in order to recognize tragic history of such a beautiful city with excellent peoples and cultures.
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Monumental film of Snow melting era
19 February 2003
Hi !

I recently saw this very old 1956 Soviet film in Russian TV and very much impressed to main roll actress Ms.Nina Ivanova of her beauty and excellent ability to play her roll.

Also theme song of this film is lovely and easy to sing.

This film might be one of best films of so called "snow melting era" of Soviet Union (after death of Josef Stalin in 1954) where peoples still had huge hope over the future of Soviet Union.

Even after collapse of Soviet Union, this film is still shining because of its straight hymn to human life.
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The Star (2002)
Lovely Music portrays Katya
17 February 2003

Zvezda got two golden eagle (zolotoi oryol) prize for best cinematography and best music for Russian movies of 2002.

Theme music by guitar solo or strings orchestra portrays romantic love feeling of Katya, a young female soldier in front head quarter communication unit who loves "Zvezda" scout team leader lieutenant Trabkin.

Beside this is a serious and precise war combat story, this is romantic love story with lovely music.
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