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This really brought back a lot of memories.
15 July 2004
I'm a 16 year old resident of Canada, and music is a big part of my life. Many of the songs featured in this countdown of the top 100 best movie songs are songs that I had already heard before. Many of those I knew some lyrics. Even if the show lasted about three hours, it was worth listening to. A lot of great songs were selected to be among the top 100 and I would say the choice was excellent.

I may be young, but there are some old classics that should be a part of every generations' repertory, and this special TV show showcased some of the best songs I have heard in my whole life.

It is really nice to be able to share the songs along with my mother and this is really a must-see show. Adults a well as teenagers and even younger kids will enjoy singing along to the songs they know and love.

I hope they will broadcast it again!

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