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De Dana Dan (2009)
Not that Great......Has it's funny moments but......
13 December 2009
Alright when i first went to see this movie it was a full house in the theatre and i could not get a ticket and instead i watched kurbaan but since de dana dan had a full house it increased my expectations for the movie and then when i went to see it the next week..........Disappointment, seriously i was expecting this to be a quality movie after reading the reviews but what happened.

It isn't a Kambakht Ishq but still it could be close because it gets a little stupid and did i mention at one point i was not even able to follow the story line because it got so confusing but then the reason it isn't a kambakht ishq is because first of all it isn't entirely stupid and it does have it's funny moments and overall it really is not a must watch but if you have nothing else to do i guess go watch it.
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