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Okey but not really good
4 May 2011
This is a story about love between two men, one is a right wing and the other is a left wing politician. It's a new stage but the same story we've seen many times before. And the directing by Tova Magnusson-Norling is nothing to applaud.

Björn Kjellman and Eric Ericson are both good actors, but there is a lack of chemistry between them.

This can be a good film for the everyday-family who doesn't want to see too much of a love story between two men. But if you want to see a movie with more depth and a movie who dare to show more of the sexual nature between homosexuals, then this is not the right movie.
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A charming film
25 October 2007
This is a beautiful, charming and interesting Swedish film about three exotic siblings (one who's a control freak, one who is a lesbian/bisexual and one who eats magic mushrooms) who takes care of a fantastic garden, and their new neighbours who has some problems in their marriage. These problems gets worse when the husband thinks his wife is having an affair with one of the neighbours.

In Sweden it was promoted as a "sex-comedy" but I think that's a bit wrong because this is so much more. It's not one of the best films I've seen but it's really good if you compare it with other recently released Swedish films. And it shows such a beautiful environment.

The acting is mostly good with both famous and new actors in the leading parts.
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Rederiet (1992–2002)
One of the best
13 June 2006
Rederiet (The Shipping Company)is one of Swedens most popular soap-opera ever. It's always been a great script with lots of action, love and normal life and relationships. I think that especially the way many of the characters feels like normal but still interesting people is the base for why lots of people sat down every week for ten years and followed this series.

The story is about all the crew at the ship Freja and the Dhalens-family that owns the company. Some of the most popular characters is Joker(Johannes Brost) the bartender, Uno (Hans Engström) the strange and funny guy and Tony (Kenneth Söderman) the directors son that is always in some problem.
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Cold Mountain (2003)
Good and bad
11 June 2006
The beginning is so boring. You get a presentation of all the peoples in the story, but everything goes too slow and you just want to fall a sleep, but then after the first half hour the movie starts the get a grip of you and its a brilliant acting from all the actors.

Renée Zellweger shows us that she can do much more then comedy and Nicole Kidman does a strong performance as always.

For me that has follow the British actor Charlie Hunnam it was a bit to bad that he only got a small part, but maybe he's just to Britsh to play an American.

Jude Law is doing a good performance, but nothing more.
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Baltic Storm (2003)
25 August 2004
The Baltic Storm is a very controversial story which I think have a lot of truth in it.

It's about the big catastrophe in 1994 when the ship Estonia sank between Estonia and Sweden. Over 800 people died and only around 100 where saved.

The survivors told about explosions and the proof also told that something wasn't right in the official story about what had happen.

This movie is about that and it's quite interesting, but you should not expect any movie like Titanic. This is a movie which have been done to tell the alternative truth with a low budget.

I recommend this movie to all you out there which don't buy all the crap politicians and other high people tells us.
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Queer as Folk (2000–2005)
Not as good as the original
8 January 2004
I love the British series Queer as Folk and this is kind of the same story, but not as good. Especially the actors are not so good (with exception for the one playing Mike.)

If you want to see a good series about queers you should look at the British Queer as folk instead of the American version.

A big warning is that it shows mostly stereotyped gay people (both the British and the American).
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