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ParaNorman (2012)
What a disappointment!
14 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts out great - this little kid can see and talk to ghosts. He passes and talks to at least ten on his way to school, then, for some reason, this plot point is discarded. He sees a ghost dog and gets important plot information from a ghostly relative (it's almost like to whole 'sees ghosts thing' was a set up to enable this vital plot point.). No more ghosts. The plot now switches to a witch's curse and zombies. Very funny zombies and a very scary witch-like apparition in the sky. But then the whole tone of the movie changes. The zombies are the victims, the witch is - well, I won't give that away. Let's just say the final act gets sentimental and serious and drags the whole movie down. Too bad - there are some very funny characters and some beautiful animation. The 3D is well done.
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Come on guys - watch the ending more closely
20 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The ending is neither confusing or Dr Mabusian - just one that has been used before. I saw it coming when the Psych staff arrived. Notice that at least three of the people at the mental hospital - the woman who comes to get him, the doctor and his wife - are the same people who were supposedly in the steam room. That makes the ending quite clear. Val is having another hallucination. He has used people that he knows from the mental hospital as characters in his Chaos scenario. The 'human chaos' that the doctor refers to is that residing in Kilmer himself. A very stylish film with an excellent cast. Only real problem is that the violence was gratuitous. They could have implied rather than show the more gruesome things.
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