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The Quiet (2005)
Interesting enough
15 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the synopsis on Amazon Prime, I chose this movie because it said something about a deaf girl finding out a family's dark secret. It was tagged as a drama/crime/thriller/mystery and I figured it was a murder movie or something like that. This is a purely drama movie focusing between two girls, one who is deaf & mute, and the other who has an incestuous relationship with her father. The two girls slowly grow a friendship together and both have different ideas of what "growing up" means. One wants passion, the other wants freedom. The incest scenes are very cringe-worthy, they'll well done, maybe too well done. You can feel how uncomfortable the daughter is at certain moments. This might be enough to turn some people away. The reason I kept watching, however, was because of the bond between the girls. I liked the character development and wanted to see what would happen with them at the end. The ending might be a bit confusing at first, but when you sit and put all the pieces together, you can understand why it turned out that way. It's not an amazing film, but it caught my attention and the plot lines gave me and my boyfriend something to talk about and figure out why certain characters did certain things.
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Gnaw (2017)
Not very horror, but drama, and pretty interesting
3 July 2019
Straight away, you should know: this movie's horror aspect only really comes in at the last 30 minutes or so of the film. This is a story about a woman who escapes her abusive ex, steals a demonic box from a shop, and finds herself waking up with sores and bite marks all over herself. Most of the plot comes from the drama and mystery, of what is doing this to her, what happened to her neighbor, and what her ex did to her to make her run away. If you enjoy storylines like that, you'll have a good time watching. If all you want to see is the horror and the creature, it doesn't come until the very end of the movie. It might be boring to some, but my interest was held. The payoff at the end was worth it. The creature was very well designed, and in my opinion, was actually kind of cute. The ending was very satisfying to me as well. It's something you don't see in many movies. Definitely worth a watch at least once.
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Jeruzalem (2015)
Better than most found footage
18 June 2019
I don't really much care for found footage, but this one had a neat enough synopsis to get me to watch it. I appreciate the camera not being grainy and hard to see what's going on. Everything is pretty high definition. Movies about the apocalypse and biblical apocalypses never really show you what the end of the world is like, or the demonic creatures that rise to attack humanity. Most of the time they're either human or just never shown. (I'm looking at you, Red State.) This is the type of movie I have been waiting to see. This is a very fun watch if you're a big horror movie fan, found footage fan, etc etc. For the parts I didn't much care for: This could have been a great movie, in my opinion, if it wasn't found footage. It works for some parts, but not all of them. It's no fun when you can't really see what's going on. The main character is also a bit annoying. She makes dumb choices, but the most irritating thing to me was when she was hiding from demons... and kept whimpering very loudly. I know you would be scared of a demon lurking in the dark, looking for you, but 99% of people would know to shut up and not make any noise. She doesn't make smart decisions the entire movie. It could have been a found footage movie without her, and I would have enjoyed it more. All in all, it's a fun watch and I liked the designs of the demons.
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Screamers (1979)
Intriguing plot
15 June 2019
Let me get this out of the way first: Screamers is not a horror. It is an action-adventure with some horror elements, but if you're watching this movie to get scared, you most likely will not be. That said, this isn't a bad movie. The special effects are pretty well done, especially in the beginning, and it has a pretty interesting storyline. There's a lot more to it than what the plot summary will lead you to believe. It's not just a slasher movie with people getting killed by fishmen. It reminds me a bit of a Lovecraft story, and it makes me want to watch the other two movies in the "adventure trilogy". My main complaint is the acting. There are a couple performances that seem genuine, but a lot of the lines from other characters feel forced. It's like watching a high school play. If they were to remake this movie, I think it could be something really good.
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Apartment 407 (2017)
Very important to watch
3 June 2019
I feel like this is a movie that all women should watch. It is a real thing, getting tricked into a business deal and then getting kidnapped. It doesn't necessarily have to be photography or anything sexual, it could happen to anyone. I am very impressed with Frida for deciding to tell her story, and to act in a movie based on it. You can tell in most of her scenes that she isn't acting, she is reliving the stress and fear. She doesn't try to look pretty while crying. This is a movie, so the story is different than what actually happened to her. Her personal story, she said she doesn't remember a lot of it, because of being so drugged up all the time. This is where all the embellishments in the movie come in. It wouldn't be a movie if it only showed what she could remember. They created a new character with a different life. This isn't a bad thing, but viewers need to be aware that, of course, things were added in and changed. It doesn't make the story any less real. She made this movie to bring awareness about sex trafficking, not to be about her. If you brush it off as something that could never happen, you are part of the problem.
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Hostile (I) (2017)
Not a horror movie
25 May 2019
If you just want a horror flick with scary scenes, you will be disappointed. There are a good handful of creepy and scary scenes, but that's not what the entire movie is. It is a mix of horror and drama, more of a love story than anything. I honestly liked jumping between the two storylines because it kept things fresh. I get bored too easily if it's the same scene drawn out for too long. It slowly got you to know the characters and understand their relationship together. It doesn't tell you how the apocalypse began, but that's not important to the story. It's the story about two people who were drawn together and the tragedies that befell them. If you want a movie with a deep, emotional, and creepy storyline, check this one out.
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Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)
Great acting but didn't really care about the mummy
23 May 2019
I've been meaning to watch this movie for a few years, and it's not really what I expected. Most of the movie is Bruce Campbell reminiscing his life as the king of rock and roll, and how he got to the nursing home he is in. This isn't a bad thing however. His performance mesmerized me, and to be honest, I liked those parts better than the mummy mystery. His interactions with Ossie Davis were very well done, and I feel like they could have made a movie purely about how they ended up where they were, and the two of them being paranoid about supernatural things going on. The last part of the movie, where they go head to head with the mummy, was pretty entertaining, but again, I just didn't really care about that. I mostly just wanted to see more of Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis giving monologues. It's pretty funny that those are the parts I enjoyed, but it was a fun ride. If nothing else, watch it for their acting.
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Could have been good
23 April 2019
The legend of La Llorona is a very interesting story that had potential to become a good movie. Unfortunately, this one suffered from showing the monster too much.

The plot wasn't bad. It would have been more interesting if they showed more of how the legend started, but they had a good idea to go with. What really didn't work for this movie was showing La Llorona too many times, to the point that she wasn't scary. What's always creepy in movies like this is not being able to see their face until the very end, which they had a perfect scene to show her, but by then it was too late.

If you like the Conjuring universe/horror movies, it's a fun watch, just don't expect anything special.
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Lily C.A.T. (1987 Video)
Pretty average, had potential to be better
21 April 2019
This movie caught my attention because the plot sounded similar to Alien and The Thing. It was very heavily inspired by those two movies, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The movie took elements from those two and created its own story. The story itself was very interesting at times, but unfortunately the short run time made the pacing way too fast, plot wise. There were several scenes of the crew members bickering amongst themselves, and the interesting reveals were very short. For the story it was trying to tell, it would have been better to be 2 hours long, rather than 70 minutes. I would have liked to see more about the plot lines that gave more character development, rather than the action scenes. It was also unfortunate that you never even got to see what the planet they were trying to get to looked like.

The animation and music were very typical of the 80s, something you can't really knock points off of for. The voice acting was pretty good, I liked all the different accents each character had, depending on where they came from. The design for the cat, Lily, was also very cute and realistic.

If you are a cat/animal lover, be warned: Lily the cat does die. She dies in a horribly gory and disturbing fashion. She's sucked into a wall and her body explodes into a mess of blood and gore. Once you see her owner crying and freaking out while facing a door, it's going to happen.
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Pet Sematary (2019)
Great movie until the ending (spoilers towards the end)
7 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I've been a Stephen King fan for years, since I was a teenager, and one of his books that creeped me out the most was Pet Sematary. Everything about it was disturbing and unnerving, and while the 1989 film was good, it felt a bit lacking. My favorite and creepiest part from the book (for me) was when Louis is walking alone, barefoot, in the middle of the woods at night and he hears the wendigo nearby... The 1989 film never made any mention of the wendigo, which was a bit of a letdown.

Everything that the original lacked, this remake more than made up for. There was great atmosphere, great acting, great camerawork, everything was great. There were a few changes to the story but for the most part it was faithful to the novel. They even included the wendigo, which I was very happy about.

It is a lot more intense than the original and has more scares and blood/gore. Some of the bloody violent scenes were hard for me to watch, but that's a good thing. It means they did it right.


The original story saw the Creed's two year old son, Gage, getting killed and his older sister, Ellie, surviving. For this movie, it was switched up and had Gage surviving (but almost getting hit by the truck), and Ellie was instead the one who died. I would have been interested to see another version where Gage had been the one to pass, but the original 1989 film already exists. I liked the direction the movie was going and it was very disturbing to see a sweet girl turn into a monster like that. I had no problem with that aspect.

The part I did not like at all was the ending. In the book, Ellie was staying with her grandparents when her father brought Gage back to life, and the murdering happened. I was hoping that Gage in this movie would get the same outcome, but I did not like what they went with.

Rachel takes Gage back to the house, Ellie kills Rachel, Louis puts Gage in the locked car, then is killed by a resurrected Rachel, and then the three undead family members go up to Gage in the car, with weapons, and the movie ends. It is heavily implied that they are going to kill and bury the two year old boy to be part of the living dead family. I might be biased because I have an almost two year old son, but I would have much preferred if he had been rescued by firemen or his grandparents from the car, and had him be the only survivor.

I hope there will be an alternate ending, but who knows.

This is a good movie, just prepare to be a bit letdown by the ending if you loved the original story or don't like child death.
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Too confusing and doesn't live up to their other films
7 July 2018
I walked in to this movie about 10 minutes late, and I thought maybe I missed something important, but I looked it up online and I didn't really miss anything. The films by this company are normally all very good, and this one looked promising, but looks aren't everything. The storyline seems simple enough, but once they throw in the magic/sci-fi aspects, it becomes very confusing to follow. The characters flip flop between being sympathetic, and seeming to have ulterior motives. I wasn't sure if Yusuke was a nice guy or a jerk, if Norimichi actually cared about Nazuna, or if Nazuna was a sweet girl or hidden psychopath. Once the plot point is shown, there is one ending that the characters could choose that would make everyone happy and fix everything, but it never came to mind. The ending is very confusing and threw too much at the audience. I really wanted to like this movie, but in the end it didn't affect me as much as Your Name or Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
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XX (2017)
Not as bad as the reviews say
3 July 2017
I went into this movie, expecting something terrible, but it really wasn't.

It should have been classified as a suspense movie, since there isn't much horror. The acting is good in most segments, but there are some parts where the actors were hamming it up. The cinematography is good, it looks very professional.

The first segment has a very interesting story, but it is a bit slow, and the mom's character seems very unlikable and unbelievable. I would have liked more closure to the end of the segment, rather than the ending they chose.

The second segment was very boring to me, and seemed to be more black comedy than horror.

The third segment was the most enjoyable, since it was actual horror. The story was too short, however, and more backstory on the monster would have been nice. I didn't much care for the characters.

The last segment was also interesting, but slow, and we don't get to see the big bad himself, which disappointed me.

It's not a terrible movie, but it does feel lacking and very slow at times. This is a movie to put on if you're multi-tasking since there will be times you will stop paying attention to it. They could have done a lot more with it, but it's not as bad as some movies I've seen.
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Great new Resident Evil movie based on the games
20 June 2017
While the live action Resident Evil movies stand on their own, the CGI movies are what fans of the series really want.

Degeneration and Damnation were good on their own, but in my opinion, they felt a bit lacking. Vendetta more than made up for it. It has the creepy atmosphere of the original games, and the non-stop action of the newer games. The beginning of the movie was very reminiscent of the first game and they did the horror part extremely well. The rest of the movie keeps your attention with the story going forward and keeping interesting events on screen.

I'm also very glad to see new, but familiar faces, in the movie. It was cool seeing how Leon became the weathered hard-ass that he is now, but it was refreshing to see Chris, and especially Rebecca, who hasn't been seen for 15 years. I'm hoping next CGI movie will have Jill.

The CGI has also improved a ton since Degeneration. It looks extremely realistic and the character's faces are just amazing. Rebecca looks gorgeous. They put a lot of hard work and love into this movie and it shows.

If you're a die-hard fan of Resident Evil, or even just a casual fan, or horror movie fanatic, definitely check out this movie. It is the best Resident Evil movie I have seen yet.
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Eden Lake (2008)
Not something I enjoyed
13 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Reading about this movie online made it seem very interesting. However, once I started watching it I found too many flaws.

Reviews online make it seem like the couple are terrorized for no reason whatsoever. In reality, the character, Steve, did too many things wrong. I kept shaking my head at his decisions and thinking that all of this could have been avoided if he had just done things differently.

Already the storyline wasn't great, but I decided to watch it further just to finish. What kept me from finishing the last 30 minutes, was the gore. I am usually okay with it, but this is the prime example of what I can't stand. Close ups of the injuries being made. If it had been quick, I could have finished, but the scenes were drawn out and made me uncomfortable.

This may be a movie that someone else would enjoy, but not for people, like me, who want a stronger story and less gross scenes.
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Open Water (2003)
Some parts great, some not so much
30 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching this movie not expecting a gory shark-fest, like most people have been. The premise of the film seemed interesting so I started watching it.

The beginning was able to keep my attention. You see the couple go out on the scuba trip and see how they get left behind. The middle lost my interest, but the end caught it again. It wasn't the sharks coming, but the scuba staff realizing the couple was missing, along with the couple's lives coming to an end.

The sharks were not the main part. It was getting stranded, with no way back, in a realistic situation.

However, while the story was good, the time spent waiting to be rescued was boring and didn't seem too realistic. The couple spent way over seven hours, just floating and waiting. They saw a boat, but when waving didn't get their attention, they gave up. Then they fell asleep for about three hours and drifted apart, quickly finding each other again after waking up. If they were willing to swim to find each other, they could have tried to swim to the boat or wherever they thought land was. Most people stranded at sea would probably try getting to rescue. If not, then the long time spent waiting in the movie should have been shorter.

This is a unique movie. It's probably unlike any made before. People wanting a gore fest with lots of shark attacks and blood should not bother watching this.

I give it 3 stars for keeping my attention some of the time, but it's not enough to get a really good score.
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Idiots on a Boat
28 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
From the beginning, I knew the story would be a bit stupid. I decided to not judge right away. After all, they could have just immediately jumped off the boat without thinking about how to get back on. The thing was, they took their sweet time before going into the ocean. The aquaphobe girl and the yacht's owner were standing there, talking, for about ten minutes. Then he stupidly jumped into the water, taking her with him. What an a**.

Most people would think about how to get back on the boat before jumping off the (at least) twelve foot high deck. Not to mention that the ladder came down with a push of a button. How hard is it to remember the push a button? They should have done that as soon as they stopped in the water.

The mother leaving her baby onboard without anyone around was another mistake. At least one of them should have stayed to watch over her.

The movie put them in a situation that could have easily been worked through. They had six people. There are so many ways they could have worked their way back up onto the boat. Instead, we get two attempts to get back on. The rest of the time is being spent whining and crying about not being able to get back on, while possibly waiting for a ladder to magically appear. There is no sympathy to be felt for them. One of the characters tries to put a knife in the side of the boat so they can climb back up. The "owner" of the boat, flips out and refuses to let him do it, because it belongs to his boss, and ends up stabbing and killing his friend.

Everyone gave up way too quickly. One of the girls drowned herself. Another started swimming for shore, even though they were smack in the middle of the ocean. The rest didn't try anything, but float on their backs and stare at the sky.

At one point a cell phone rings and the coat it's in is hanging over the side of the boat, somehow in reach. When the call ends and the signal dies, the guy holding it throws it into the ocean. That was probably where I stopped feeling any despair for the characters.

In the end, this movie is stupid. You will be face-palming throughout the whole thing and wanting to choke the characters.
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1 September 2009
I went to see this movie with my younger cousins, not knowing what a terrible and inappropriate movie it was going to be.

It starts out alright, but not too long after it goes down a spiraling hill to being a bad movie. There were parts I didn't think were at all appropriate for anyone under 17 and I doubt many of the adults watching it appreciated the stupid sex jokes that were made over and over again. I wanted to drag them out of there, but they didn't know what most of the innuendo meant, so I wasn't too worried about that.

The movie had no plot whatsoever. If there was a plot, then I could not understand it. As far as I knew, there were people stuck in a remote place making stupid jokes and finding themselves in trouble every 5 minutes.

Don't waste your time on this movie. It's one of the worst, if not THE worst, films I've ever seen.
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