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Lopez Tonight (2009–2011)
Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!
30 November 2009
This show is amazing. It takes Late Night shows to a whole new level. I mean sure, Larry King is a God, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are awesome, and Jay Leno simply is a badazz and many more... But what they do gets old; First 20 Min's = Jokes about the present (They at least gotta make it entertaining like George!) and what not. I rarely laugh anymore. I watched Lopez Tonight and laughed my ass off, and I haven't laughed to TV shows since, well, can't remember. Also, finally we get a Latino talk show host! Representing my heritage, and I'm damn proud of him! To the haters, keep doing your thing, it's your life. But all in all, this show is awesome, and you know. Live with it.

George f'n owns!
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Sorority Row (2009)
Sorority Row is F'N Awesome!
14 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I watched it the first day it came out, and I knew this film was gonna be really good- Guess what? I was right! I haven't enjoyed sitting at the movies, watching a horror film with friends this match since Drag Me to Hell from Sam Raimi! Sorority Row is freaking AWESOME! Great acting, great storyline, and great twist! I'm not gonna mention any spoilers for you guys who haven't watched it yet, but my recommendation is for you to go watch it! For the love of god, watch it. Don't believe negative reviews, screw them, they likng hating on Horror remakes. This was freaking awesome. How many times have I said that? haha But yeah, it really is.

I rate this film: 10/10!!
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Death always finds a Way..
30 August 2009
This film was very very good. I just saw it and I left happy, as did everyone else in my theaters. The Final Destination is a good, kick back, Taking your girlfriend or friends, kind of movie. This is my second favorite from the Final Destination series, first being Final Destination 3. Ignore the critics, this film is good. Every critic, remember, likes to hate on Horror films, they've been doing that for more than an year. They're only into action films, and their main aim is to kick out Horror. Screw all the critics, this film is very good and I recommend you take a friend or friends and/or your girlfriend or boyfriend with you. You will NOT be disappointed, trust me, I sure wasn't.
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Halloween (2007)
Very Very Good!
30 August 2009
I recommend this one. It's one of the best Halloween movies, ever. Better than the recent 2009, VERY Much. Horror fans; Watch this, you will NOT be disappointed. . Michael Myers is back and better than ever. Watch it. Live it. Explore it. Be happy with it. If not? Too bad. This movie is perfect. Michael is more bigger, badder and better than ever in this film; My favorite Halloween film. By far. With that being said, I really do hope you enjoy this film. I really really did; I went to see it with my friends and we left very happy and everything. We WERE Satisfied. A lot of other people were too- They were wanting an encore as well, believe me or not.
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Sam Raimi, Thank you so much for bringing Horror back to the Fans.
29 August 2009
Seriously, this guy is a god. I love all his films, including The Evil Dead Series, Darkman, Spiderman Films, and now this is added. I don't care if you love him or hate him, He IS my favorite director, ever. Drag me to Hell is very good. I recommend this film. You'll love it as much as a fat kid loves Cake. Trust me. I saw this on theaters, and everyone, including myself, left with a big smile on our faces. We all ever applaud for a while, until the securities told us to leave.

Horror is back and better than ever. I'll definitely Buy this on DVD once it comes out, I'll be the first. Thank you so much Sam, thank you thank you thank you. I can't wait for your upcoming Evil Dead film as well as Spiderman! Keep on rocking man.
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Halloween II (2009)
Meh, Very very bad..
29 August 2009
I recently saw it, and was hyped to see it with my friends, as were they. But after it finished, I left ashamed. I left without my dignity. I left wanting my money back. I left sad. Don't get me wrong, I like Rob Zombie and all, but this movie plain sucked. Yeah, I guess I'm still a fan of Halloween franchise and all, but this movie plain sucked really bad. I don't recommend this film, seriously.

Rob Zombie, you're a legend dude, you really are. I enjoyed all your movies, but this one. You let me down. Why man? Why?! I guess I'll still watch your films, and all, but dude. Quit making remakes! I heard you're doing the Blob now? You better not ruin it.

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