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Batman vs. Two-Face (2017 Video)
Good Fun But...
14 September 2018
Sequel to 2016's Batman movie with Adam West/Burd Ward doing the voice work.

I should begin this review by saying I am one of the very BIG fans of the 1966 Batman series, I have even done IMDb episode reviews of many of the 120 adventures.

I enjoyed the 2016 film but, as I am not a massive animation fan, I felt a bit out of my element. However, what-the-hell, 1966 Batman was back so I was happy with it. I like this Two-Face one as well but I felt it was not totally in keeping with the tone of the old show. The character of Two-Face was rejected in 1966 and, frankly, I can see why: he is just too grim and spooky for a campy TV show like this.

But again, what-the-hell, 1966 Batman is back so who am I to complain.

Adam West passed away after this film and there was internet talk of doing a third and fourth animated movie with an Adam West-copy-cat doing the Batman voice. Frankly, not a good idea, if they wish to make a third film I would rather they go all out and do a big budget 1966 Batman movie with CGI versions of a youthful Adam West and Burt Ward. I would gladly see that.
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Cesar Romero Just Before 1966 Batman
14 September 2018
Romero plays a nasty THRUSH guy just before doing The Joker in Batman.

I have not seen a lot of Romero's non-Batman work, so I am in no position to single out his best non-Batman gigs, but whenever I think of him not being The Joker....this episode of UNCLE comes to mind in a second.

In The Never-Never Affair, Romero's every movement and spoken word really grabs the attention of the viewer. Wow! I am not surprised that women loved his so much back then.

I can't really decide if this is my favourite UNCLE episode of the series?? It is in my top five episodes without question. The only thing going against it is that it feels a bit too MGM-backlot dominated. The best shows of this series usually go out and do a bit of action and location filming (usually seen in the two-parters that were sometimes released in cinemas).

However I am sure of one thing, if you want to see Romero almost warming up for his Joker-days...this is the episode for you!
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Great, But See It On DVD
13 September 2018
In the future, all books are not allowed and they are burned.

A wonderful science fiction film that I return to with repeat viewings every ten years or so. The sequence on the train where the boy rubs himself around the upper parts of his body and the woman passenger also acts oddly...none of this made any sense to me until I saw the "special features" of the DVD. Also, the "special features" gave an insight into how some scenes were filmed and what the relationship between the star and director was like...which is very interesting. Even composer Bernard Herrmann gets a short film made all about him. So yes, you must get the DVD to get the full experience of Fahrenheit 451.

I personally think the film would not have been as good without Herrmann's rich and, slightly daffy (just like the plot of the movie), score playing over it. Great music.

The ending to the film is fine (and well scored) but I don't know if I am 100% sold on the idea of such a thing happening. But whatever, I love this flick and always have.
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Batman: Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires (1968)
Season 3, Episode 26
The End Of A True Classic Series
1 September 2018
New villain Minerva (Zsa Zsa Gabor) appears in a spa.

A really nice final episode with an outstanding villain. Minerva's henchmen could not act but atleast they looked the part of tough guys. The plot/photography might not be of the standard we got in season one but who could dislike a show like this where everyone (including even Commissioner Gordon) look so happy with everything.

Last week's episode had all the super-villains released from prison and perhaps a storyline that centres on that would have been a more fitting way to end the series. But as I said before, who can complain about Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires?

After watching this episode, some fans might be madly searching for a replacement superhero series to fill the gap. I can't think another superhero show with this sort of great wit but if you just want something in the same kid-friendly retro tone, I would watch all 28 episodes of the Captain Marvel series called Shazam! (1974), only available to get online (not in stores).
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Batman: I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle (1968)
Season 3, Episode 23
The Final King Tut Episode Ever
24 August 2018
King Tut (Victor Buono) makes his final appearance.

Very funny and very clever episode. It seems the writers of the series still have some clever plots to tell even right down to the 4th last show of the series...this adventure makes you wish 1966 Batman got another season!!!

The moment where King Tut finds the man-sized dummy Batman must go down as one of the most amusing moments of the whole series.

Also note, we get some new camera angles of the batcave here, but why did they wait so long in the series to use them...better late than never I guess.

As this is the last Victor Buono show in the series, some viewers might wish to track down other non-Batman Buono work to keep the experience alive. If so, I personally would watch the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode titled, The Cyborg (1965), where Buono is still up to no good and making killer robots.
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Batman: The Great Train Robbery (1968)
Season 3, Episode 22
Even More Funny Than Part One
18 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Shane (Cliff Robinson) robs a train.

The final few minutes of this episode where Batman feels the need to do a solo TV-western-type battle with Shane must go down as one of the most amusing things you will ever see in the 1966 Batman series. I dare not quote some of the lines of dialogue spoken here as I don't wish to spoil the surprise.

The scene involving the villains all looking out the hide-out doorway seems to be making fun at the terrible sets (there is obviously no wall around the door so why are they standing at the doorway to look outside??).

This two-parter should be watched with the whole family on a Friday night...what a great laugh!
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Batman: The Great Escape (1968)
Season 3, Episode 21
Season Two Revisited
18 August 2018
Shane (Cliff Robinson) appears for the first time in season three.

Many people (even Adam West) have noted that the problem with season three is that it was so fast paced with short 25 plots....there was often no time for the silly small talk we got in the first two seasons. Well this two-parter proudly returns all that campy pointless chit chat that has been sadly missing sometimes (but not all the time) in year three.

This two-parter is basically just a good old laugh and I might add that part two is even more funny than part one.

Note: it you look carefully at Shane's hide out you can see that large stair case prop in the background, which was seen only in the recent Londinium three-parter.
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Batman: Penguin's Clean Sweep (1968)
Season 3, Episode 20
The Last Penguin Episode
11 August 2018
Penguin (Burgess Meredith) makes trouble at the mint.

There is no question that this episode does not compare to the sort of quality we got in season one or even season two. But we are talking about 1966 Batman here, one of TV's most popular shows ever made. One of the biggest cult hits ever! So with that in mind I can partly turn a blind eye to the various flaws in this adventure and just go along with it.

The thing that bothered me more than anything else was the terrible make-up job on Meredith. His big nose never looked right (mainly in close ups) and it was just too fake looking. Perhaps the high definition picture quality was to blame for this?

Some interesting plot points in this episode, I would call it good but not great.
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Batman: Louie's Lethal Lilac Time (1968)
Season 3, Episode 18
The Previous "Louie" Show Was Better, But This Is Good
5 August 2018
Milton Berle (Louie The Lilac) returns.

Another reviewer has described the Louie The Lilac character as "exceptionally weak"??? Everybody has a right to a view but I struggle to understand how anyone could think this?? And I might add, I was a child of the 1970s, not the 1960s, so if Berle did not take on this role I probably would not even know who Milton Berle is right now!

Adam West and Burt Ward spend the bulk of the episode playing Bruce and Dick, meaning that Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) is the one who is out and about getting involved in things. This situation is okay to have now and again but I would not like it to happen too often.

The previous "Louie" episode was better than this as it had great location filming and amusing flower children all over the place, but this episode is well worth a watch.
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Batman: The Joke's on Catwoman (1968)
Season 3, Episode 17
My Favourite Court Room Show Ever!
5 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Catwoman and the Joker go to court.

Very amusing episode in the court room, sort of makes you wish more episodes ended this way, instead of just having the villains march away after the closing fight scene.

They say kid viewers don't always understand the "camp" humour of this series, but as a child I was fully aware of the comical nature of this adventure, in fact in my 1970s childhood I had this episode on audio tape and listened to that recording about 100 times!

The cheap lighthouse set might get a laugh from Lost In Space viewers as at one point our villains seem to be walking around those fake rocks from the LIS alien planet set.

I don't agree with the other reviewers view of Eartha Kitt (Catwoman)....he describes her as "abominable"...for the life of me, I just can't understand how someone could dislike Kitt's amazing performance! (here and in other episodes).
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Batman: The Funny Feline Felonies (1967)
Season 3, Episode 16
Eartha Kitt As Catwoman Is Outstanding
28 July 2018
Catwoman (Eartha Kitt) and The Joker (Cesar Romero) team up!

Another reviewer has described Eartha Kitt's performance as Catwoman as "pitiful"?? Everybody has a right to an opinion but in my lifetime of following this 1966 Batman series I have never heard anyone say a single negative comment about Kitt's performance, so this negative view is totally new to me.

The Joker is fine but at times he seems a bit too childlike.

As always, the jazzy Billy May music cues are a standout.

The Funny Feline Felonies is a total knockout adventure loaded with colourful lines of dialogue and you will be desperate for part two next week!
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Batman: The Ogg Couple (1967)
Season 3, Episode 15
Batgirl Steals The Episode
28 July 2018
Egghead (Vincent Price) returns for a single 25 minute adventure.

An episode for Batgirl fans and she gets to dance and work solo instead of following Batman and Robin around all the time.

There is no question that the season two Egghead episodes were better written than the season three ones. Around this time in 1967 Vincent Price did other work at bat-studio 20th Century Fox by appearing in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode titled: The Deadly Dolls (this is a must see for bat-fans!)

Interesting that the other reviewers don't mention the well placed Billy May music cues used in The Ogg Couple. But I find this happens a lot with me...the May music stands out a mile away to me but others are hardly aware that it is even present??

The Ogg Couple is good but not great, but next week we have a knockout episode!
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Tomorrowland (2015)
I Think I Was Distracted By One Wonderful Scene?
22 July 2018
Science fiction film about a mysterious land.

I personally found this film to be a bit of a struggle but I loved that scene in the "Blast From The Past" store. Memorabilia, toys and man-size props from old science fiction relics such as Lost In Space (1965), The Back Hole (1979), The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951), etc, are a joy to watch.

I can't really put my finger on why Tomorrowland failed to impress me, perhaps it was the characters in the flick, or perhaps I was so distracted by the above mentioned "Blast From The Past" sequence that my mind simply drifted away to the 1950s/1960s???
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Batman: Catwoman's Dressed to Kill (1967)
Season 3, Episode 14
Knockout Adventure
21 July 2018
Catwoman is now played by Eartha Kitt!

In my 1970s childhood this episode was owned on audio tape and I must have listened to that recording atleast 100 times! A knockout adventure loaded with comedy and drama, the dialogue really sparkles and the jazzy Billy May music used over the Bruce and Dick costume change at the start is so thrilling!

Granted, we get more of those season three cheap sets, but you will be so busy looking at sexy Eartha Kitt that you will hardly notice! After the previous clunky three-parter set in "Londinium"...Catwoman's Dressed To Kill is just so welcome!
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Batman: The Bloody Tower (1967)
Season 3, Episode 13
Hit And Miss Episode...With Just Enough Hits
21 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The end of this clunky three-parter set in London.

The budget for this episode looks so low as the 25 minutes keeps jumping from the cheap Bloody Tower set to the big gate outside the house. Only for hard core 1966 Batman fans (like me) as it is just all over the place with unfunny villains clowning around all the time.

To me atleast, it is worth watching for all the bits with Robin and the cute women together. I also like the memorable part where Batman almost finds the true identity of Batgirl. Nice to see Catwoman (Eartha Kitt) make a tiny appearance at the end. But that is it basically.

This three-parter should have been a two-parter or maybe even a single 25 minute adventure. Things pick up next week.
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Star Trek Continues (2013–2017)
Four Words: Give It A Chance
18 July 2018
The original 1966 series lives on as if it never ended...however the actors are not the same.

An amazing attempt to bring a 50 year old TV series back to life! The sets, costumes, and scores match up so well with the old show.

Four words: give it a chance! The original 1966 series has been a lifelong partner to me so, at first, "Continues" bothered me because it seemed to be playing around with ideas and plots I had spent decades watching and re-watching. At first, I never liked the "Continues" cast, but after a few episodes I began to warm to them all.

I have followed all the 1980s and 1990s film/TV Star Treks, love them all, I also like the new Netflix series, and after all that I think there is just enough room for one more Star Trek series: "Continues".

At the time of the this review I really have only one issue with "Continues", the forced attempts at humour between Kirk/Spock/Bones. However, in time maybe even those bits will grow on me???

In a nutshell: this will never be as good as the 1966 original, but it makes a pleasing very well thought out copy.
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Batman: The Foggiest Notion (1967)
Season 3, Episode 12
Better Than Part One
14 July 2018
Part two of this clunky three-parter set in London.

Oddly enough, instead of showing Batman and Robin get out of last week's cliff-hanger, this begins with B&R having a nice chat about it in Gordon's office. However, there are signs of improvement as the episode moves on...

1- The moment where those young girls "go wild" and grab Robin would have to be one of the highlights of season three.

2- I like the way Batman still "respects" Alfred when he is clearly holding back information about Batgirl.

Not the best episode of 1966 Batman but still highly watchable.
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Batman: The Londinium Larcenies (1967)
Season 3, Episode 11
Things Improve In Part Two
14 July 2018
The start of a clunky three-parter set in London (aka Londinium).

Clunky? Why? Frankly, it is a bit all over the place! Set in London but obviously filmed at Fox/Warner. In my opinion atleast, the old school British villains are just not funny or interesting. However, the army of hot young girls who seem to like Robin are cool.

Also, the always used titled camera looks a little off this week. The room looks so tilted I feel like we are on a set for The Poseidon Adventure (1972).

As noted in my past reviews, I like every episode of 1966 Batman, I like this one too, but if they wanted to do a three-parter set in "London" why not go all out and do things a bit better than this? After a lesser warm up things pick up in part two.
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The Series Format Is Set In Place
7 July 2018
Dr Wells is kidnapped.

This is a taste of things to come over the next three seasons: a sometimes very routine episode like this comes to life in the later stages when the bionic action kicks in. Things get violent in these opening years but not so violent you feel the need to hide the kids from the TV. In the last two seasons (4 and 5) the fights were sadly toned down but we had more fantastic things to look at (Bigfoot, Death Probe, etc) so this was not really an issue.

Also, in Dr Wells Is Missing, the trouble maker is played by John Van Dreelen, who twice played this sort of pest in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964-68), so this hour nicely lines up 1960s TV with 1970s TV.

In a nutshell: this is good.
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Batman: Surf's Up! Joker's Under! (1967)
Season 3, Episode 10
Wonderfully Colourful Nonsense
7 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Oddball episode with the Joker making trouble at the beach.

Another reviewer called this episode "boring"?? Well I admit this adventure has a few problems, mainly the plot point of Batman and Robin being turned into surfboards, but boring is the last word in the world I would use to describe Surf's Up, Joker's Under!

I just turned a blind eye to the silly aspects of the tale and just went along with this insight into 1960s surf culture. I am an Australian so I guess by nature I get sucked into all types of beach shows, and I don't often see beach shows where people talk like this.

Once again, those jazzy Billy May music cues keep coming, the music heard over the start is some of his best music so far.

To the critics I say this: turn off your brain and just get sucked into this colourful nonsense! Enjoy!
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Batman: How to Hatch a Dinosaur (1967)
Season 3, Episode 9
The Music & Monster Lift The Episode To A Good Level
7 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Egghead wants to hatch a dinosaur (aka Lost In Space monster).

This is missing some of that colourful dialogue we normally get when Vincent Price (Egghead) shows his face in the series. The episode can hardly be called poor but it just feels a bit empty to me. Thankfully we have two other things to pay attention to:

1: New jazzy Billy May music used at the start (over the stock footage of the batmobile driving out of the batcave and onto the road). This music cue is really some of the most exciting energetic music you will ever hear in 1960s TV (and I have heard it all) but to my surprise this sort of Billy May music gets close to no attention from the 1966 Batman fanbase?? I have never understood that?

2: The monster first appeared in the 1967 Lost In Space episode titled The Questing Beast.

To me atleast, the music and monster make this episode memorable.
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Batman: The Ogg and I (1967)
Season 3, Episode 8
Hit And Miss Episode With Enough Hits
1 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Egghead (Vincent Price) returns.

This begins with a very amusing line where Egghead has a go at Commissioner Gordon and suggests that someone needs to write him some new lines. Very funny moment which almost makes the whole 25 minutes worthwhile.

A second clever bit happens where an actor from Gilligan's Island (The Skipper) appears.

The later sections of the adventure get very silly but I was too busy looking at props which did double time in Irwin Allen TV to care. I think the big cage was used in Land Of The Giants (1968-70) and the big boiling pot has something under it that was once used in Lost In Space (1965-68).

The Ogg And I might not be my favourite Egghead adventure, but as I keep saying in my reviews, 1966 Batman is just not capable of doing a bad episode. Enjoy.
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The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988 TV Movie)
Under-Rated Gem
27 June 2018
The Hulk teams up with another comic book character named Thor.

As others have said, fans of the original weekly series - The Incredible Hulk - might struggle a bit with this film as it is clearly not staying in the same dramatic tone as the old show but I personally enjoyed it a lot.

Firstly, the Hulk himself now seems stronger and bigger than he did in the past and the character needs to look that way so...great stuff! Secondly, Bill Bixby (David Banner) really struck me as a great actor here, I am sure he was fine in the old show but I don't remember being so impressed with him like I was here.

And thirdly, Thor is just a really fun character to have around, in fact the makers of today's superhero movies could learn a thing or two from this under-rated TV movie.

In a nutshell: this is a nice light hearted blast!
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Batman: Ice Spy (1967)
Season 2, Episode 59
Good But Not Great Two-Parter
27 June 2018
The final Mr Freeze two-parter in the series.

This 1966 Batman series was just not capable of doing a bad episode but I am sorry to report that this final Mr Freeze two-parter was my least favourite Freeze show of the series. It is mainly part two that I have a bit of an issue with as very eventful things start to happen but the show's budget is clearly not up to the challenge of filming the script in a convincing way.

But there are nice moments such as Commissioner Gordon giving viewers a welcome hint that Batgirl is on the way next season.

This might be the end of Mr Freeze but Batman-studio 20th Century Fox did a more spaced out semi-tribute to the character with the 1968 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode titled "Flaming Ice".
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Batman: A Horse of Another Color (1967)
Season 3, Episode 5
Better Than Part One
23 June 2018
Continues on from last week's Penguin/Lola Lasagne adventure.

This episode gives less screen time to Lola (great!) and more time to Adam West playing Bruce Wayne (instead of Batman).

When the 1966 Batman series ended I am told that Adam West was asked to play James Bond in Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)...but West turned down the role because he felt the role should be played by a British actor.

But the general suave nature of Bruce Wayne, seen in this episode, makes the viewer think that West would have made a really wonderful James Bond. Too bad he turned down the offer...and he later admitted to regretting the decision.

But away from all this, the later sections of A Horse Of A Different Color feature some outstanding location filming where Batgirl looks better than ever! All in all, a knockout Part Two that is much better than Part One.
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