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Amsterdam Heavy (2011 Video)
Awful, dumb and insulting.
20 September 2011
Amsterdam Heavy pitches itself as an action movie with Michael Madsen. But where is Madsen???? He only appears in the first three minutes of the movie. Madsen isn't a lead actor, not even a supporting one but just a guest star. So the trailer was misleading as hell.

Storywise: it was okay, the concept was good, but the dialogs were awful and that you have to blame the screenplay for it. One other thing that disturbed me is that it seems that in Amsterdam they all speak English instead of Dutch.

Acting: Apart from Madsen they all suck pretty hard. Worst cast of the year. Bunch of students trying to act.

Action: Where was the action? Literally? You see they are fighting but you never see the kicks or punches. Lammest thing ever. Special for an action film done in 2011.

Amsterdam Heavy is a very bad movie, with a good concept but very bad screenplay, acting, directing, and so on....

1 out of 10 for me, and I'm amazed it got so many 10's but then again, all the crew must have voted 10.
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Bunraku (2010)
Could be better but amazed by it
20 September 2011
When I started watching Bunraku I was expecting another over-produced Sucker Punch, but man was I wrong.

Bunraku is pure entertainment, two characters: a cowboy and a samurai teaming up to fight in a world without firearms.

Acting was good, not amazing but good, but my favorite part of the movie was the art direction.

The story is told through a 3D paper book and and the set looks like one of those books, made of paper which really works out.

The action scenes were pretty good and well choreographed.

So for me Bunraku deserves a 7 out of 10!
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Reiki (2009)
I loved it!
23 September 2009
I saw this movie, expecting something really crappy but I loved it. Keep in mind that this is a low-budget film like an Evil Dead or an El Mariachi.

The director and writer Pedro Chaves is definitely the new Robert Rodriguez! And he proves it while shooting a action film for nothing! True talent directing!

Acting: I was amazed by the characters of Vann and Hansel! A strong cast that we don't often find in low budget movies. Some actors were really weak, like the twins, but they were just minor characters.

Storywise, I was taken aback. It's a B-movie don't take me wrong, but the story flips from action to comedy to horror to romance and has such an unexpected twist at the end that will blow your mind away! So, shortly: watch Reiki.

I'll give it 8 out of 10 for the surprising effect.
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