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Fantastic, sugar-free teen film. All story - fluff-free
19 April 2011
Worth every penny to see it on the big screen.

Fast paced, realistic & relevant.

Kat Dennings and Reece Thompson deliver stellar performances.

These 2 young stars should go on your watchlists! Incredible cinematography.

Every scene & line are relevant to the story.

Fantastic soundtrack.

Best teen film I've seen in a long time.

See it before it slips away - it won't be the same experience on a smaller screen.
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Amazon Falls (2010)
Outstanding Performance - April Telek
18 April 2011
Non-Hollywood version of a Hollywood story--as told through the eyes & experiences of a Canadian writer/director who has been there.

The film is raw, punchy and real.

April Telek delivers an incredible performance.

Her character struggles between what she knows to be true vs the unrealized dream that keeps clawing on her judgment.

Her character is smart, consciously aware & genuinely loving - which makes the story unique & heartbreaking.

The soundtrack is fabulous.

Great film!
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