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Take you on a ride back in depression era
23 April 2011
First reading the book i was bit hesitate to watch the movie because i thought it will never measure up to the book but i finally made my mind and watch it. The pace of the book and movie is little different but apart from that it was beyond what i expected. the whole setting of that era from costumes to background it looks like everything was real. Hats off to the team who made it possible.

Now talking about performances i think the winner here is Christoph waltz, he amazed me by his portrayal of Augustus because by the end of each scene you don't know whether to be frightened by him or love him. Reese Witherspoon is good here like always but some of the characteristics of the book Marlena are missing. The supporting cast are all very good. Hal Holbrook, Scott MacDonald, Mark Povinelli and Donna Scott were really good. Also the standout was Rosie the elephant, she will win everyone's heart by her performance. As for the Robert Pattinson, he really surprised me with his acting here because i didn't see twilight films at all and frankly i didn't see any of his work except in harry potter 4 and the bad mother's handbook in both of which he was good but because of all the negative criticism he is getting lately i wasn't sure about his performance but after watching the movie i must say he has potential because it is not easy to hold your own in front of two Oscar winning actors but he did amazing job. so i got that believing in critics words was very wrong sometime.

I am going to watch it again coming weekend and i recommend everyone to at least watch it once. It will worth your every penny.
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