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Throwing Shade (2017– )
Awful on every level
19 May 2017
The show just isn't funny. The idea that a 30 something very gay man is always cute and a 40 something year old matronly, single, and preachy woman is funny just doesn't fly here. Together the chemistry doesn't work, she is annoying, loud and often wrong. He is simply not funny and not overly intelligent. The old sitcom Dharma and Greg about a straight Jewish woman and a gay lawyer was well done, funny, and the chemistry worked. People liked it because they were easy to love both apart and together. To make this combination work in a comedy "talk show", there has to be a good balance of chemistry but also requires an openness by the cast to accept criticism and be open minded to the audiences difference of opinion. Being loud and stereotypical can work but not here. They don't work. Really hard to watch and hopefully people won't have to much longer.
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2 sick women, one healthy woman and 3 nice guys.
4 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
My fiancé got me started on this show. At first I dreaded it but got addicted to the show quickly. The black couple first: Monet is hostile and unattractive in so many ways. She's a feminist without being feminine. She's immature, manly and unappreciative. She refuses to listen to Vaughn yet wants wants wants. She doesn't understand or care about his feelings and doesn't give freely or lovingly. She isn't ready for a serious relationship let alone marriage. Vaughn needs someone accepting and nurturing as most men do and she isn't it. She needs a lot of therapy and perhaps she would be better off with a women then with a man. Vaughn is a cool guy and "get's" it. He can do a LOT better. 2nd. Courtney is appealing. A little immature but caring, smart, and marriage minded with a good heart. Jason is a very attractive and loving guy but scared and ready to flee. If he can hold on and get past the fears of the relationships and commitment this couple has a serious chance at success and a long and happy future. Doug and Jamie. Doug is a genuine, mostly honest, sweet guy. He always means well and is truly a good natured supportive guy. He is accepting, giving and like all humans, fallible. He deserves a loving and giving woman who appreciates him fully. Jamie is clueless and sexless. She is mean. Pathologically damaged, narcissistic,demanding, sarcastically unattractive and will always be looking for that way out. That's what makes her comfortable. Always making sure she can find a way to hurt Doug. She is cutting, hurtful, and caustic. Doug can do A LOT BETTER. She's poisonous. She might be better off going back to where she came from because honestly she isn't healthy enough for a good man. Very sad. My background is marriage counseling so I think I have excellent insight into people and couples and stand by my opinions. Either way, good look to them all. I can't wait to see what happens next week.
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