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Hollow (2007)
really freaky look at the writer's soul
27 June 2009
wow---what a ride through some really deep s*&%. I am not surprised that the writer/director came up with such a visually gritty (albeit pleasing)flick. I loved the imagery and the scene painting---very gripping. Lighting was fabulous, too. story was rooted in some great observations of human nature. I can see that the changes from the "good, clean" scenes to the monstrous ones were well thought out and gave the viewer a chance to see through the eyes of the kid, although I don't know that we knew that as we were viewing---just after we pondered it for a bit. I am sure that the father seemed like a monster and that door was a dreaded port for Joshua. I thought the actress was superb in both her delivery of the lines and her emaciated look--very heroin chic. Nice work, lovely painting of a movie. What's next, Paul?
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