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American Moon (2017)
A must see, no matter what you think about the subject
19 July 2019
After having seen a few videos about the "moon conspiracy" and their dumb arguments about UFOs and other nonsense, I certainly didn't want to waste time and money on yet another "documentary" on this old subject.

So I waited until it was publicly available for free and I started to watch it due to some friends insisting so much.

And boy, it took me off guard: I could not stop and I had to watch all of it, until the end (and it's long!).

It's an extremely well done movie, where finally someone is able to present facts and competing theories with balance, and ending each chapter with a question instead of dumb proclaims.

I look forward to hearing the replies to those 42 questions, because I think that for a few of them it will be very, very hard.
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