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Beautiful color and animation, dumbed down story
25 December 2014
I had my hopes set high for "Bamse och tjuvstaden", at least as high as one could have for a Swedish animated feature. It was truly a joy to see these classic characters finally come to life for real through this beautifully animated movie. The Taiwanese studio they hired to animate this really did their jobs well, the colors were amazing, and overall it looked very faithful to the original comics by Rune Andreasson.

Sadly, most of the good things about this film stops there, as the story feels dumbed down compared to what at least I have come to associate with 'Bamse' over the years. Due to this, the dialogue feels very unnatural most of the time. The voice acting suffers too, most likely as a result of the direction.

An extra plus for a movie targeted at children being transgender- friendly, though!

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