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Man On A Ledge - Ending saves the movie –SPOILER ALERT
3 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie has its problems. It's very contrived. Very Very Very Contrived. But hey, it's a Studio Picture, were you really expecting anything else. It has very 'A' moments and then regresses to the trenches of late night 'B'. For example, the Latina is fine at times, but sometimes she really over acts, I have to blame that on the director, for jeepers sake, tell her to pull it back a little. It's like she's playing this caricature half the time, especially at certain times of the movie when it's just starting to feel like an "A LIST" movie, it cuts back to her and her boyfriend (the lead actors brother), whom does a great job dealing with over acting, because if he followed her lead, it could have gotten really silly, he played it well. Come to think of it, I have to blame the director for one of her B moments, for example, when in the middle of all the tension she STRIPS down to her underwear, WHY DOES SHE NEED TO CHANGE?!!!!!!!!!!! It's not like she's changing from a cat woman suit to a nun outfit, she changes from an outfit to basically the same outfit. I know, it's the gratuitous naked scene.. that you see in every B movie.. but this isn't a B movie, so why the B moment. They could have made a better excuse somehow, her clothes are stuck on something and they rip or something, but this was sooooooooooooooo over the head obvious. I'll be truthful, she's got a smokin' hot body, so no harm, but they could have at least had her change into something that didn't look just like what she was wearing, spend 10 minutes and make it less over the head. But worse than that, because her body was great, was her moments of over the top. It's like one of those guys from New York that are in a mafia movie and then they do a new york accent on top of their new york accent, it can get painful. If she just said her lines with her natural self it would have been less B. And I'm not jumping on her, well, I guess I am, it's just that there were a couple of moments where she ripped me out of the flow of the movie, and not for a good reason. She has potential, just needs to be a little more real, as in a little less over the top. The director should have watched her a little better, but overall, he did a tremendous job keeping us totally interested with the man on the ledge for 90 minutes. Hats off to the director. And overall, the acting is very good, the bad policeman running the show is obviously a new york type of guy, and here, he plays it straight, he's already one of 'those' guys, so he adds a 'little' and just delivers, without going too much new york on us. He works nicely. And so does the other cop (Ed Burns), there's been times in movies in the past where he did the extra east coast thing where it wasn't needed, but in this one he was perfect. I guess that's what practice does. The brother's girlfriend will find her place. The father was great. He did a great job with his small role. He could do nothing more there, really nice work. The lead guy (Worthington) had the responsibility of keeping us on the edge and he did all that he could with every situation and scene he had. Couldn't change a thing with him. Ed Harris does something here and there that is a little of what he does and a little of something new. The guy's a genius. He always delivers. The movie had a lot of convenient moments, especially with the brother and his girlfriend, but that's expected in these kind of movies, it's all convenient timing. It's fine, but I must say, the best is the wrap up at the end, you really feel good when the movies over, as if, that was fun, even though overall,95% of the movie is not a feel good movie, it's suspense, it just ends all nice and wrapped up in a happy box. If I had to go back in time I would watch this movie again. If you haven't seen it, definitely rent it. Well worth it, yes there are a couple of story flaws, like here's a cop that everyone knows his history….EVERYONE KNOWS… that he stole a 40 million dollar diamond a year or so earlier a block away, but no one recognizes him… that was a huge problem in the movie, and there are others, but still worth the watch.
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Green Lantern (2011)
It wasn't that bad, why the hate?
6 October 2011
I saw Green Lantern with my son because it looked safe enough and I used to collect the comic books when I was a kid. I felt like I was the only guy over 20 at the theater, which I guess isn't surprising anymore. Did think there would be more adults, however, because the Green Lantern was something we read in my generation. Not sure if it's even around anymore. Being a fan of the comic book I had to go see it, and I was intrigued with the movie. After I got home I jumped on the computer and read the reviews. I was very disappointed with the professional reviews that cast stones at it, while at the same time, regular folk like myself thought it was a pretty good stab at the DC comic book version. I guess I look for something different when I go to the movies. I go to unwind and enjoy myself for a couple of hours, and Green Lantern worked for me.
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The Town (2010)
Boston's Finest
5 June 2011
I can take or leave Big Ben as an actor, at times. Sometimes I believe him and sometimes I feel like he's a little inhibited in his work and he starts to act. But as a director, I think he has some great potential. And acting-wise, this is one of the movies he nails. Yes, perhaps he was playing a guy from Boston and all that, but there were things going around him that were not just a guy playing a guy from where he's from. People need to understand this. He's directing a movie and he's acting in it like many greats have done, such as the masters Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson (despite any personal views…and who gives a sh*t about that…leave the dude alone already). Not saying Ben is on the same level of these guys, but he has some years to get there. So, my hat's off to Mr. Affleck and his directing AND acting work in The Town. If I was his personal entertainment agent, I would take my time and focus on his strong points, and pick what he can do really well. He should do a couple of really strong acting roles next, get the respect level up to where it needs to be, and then direct (and if the role is right, act) another movie he understands the backdrop that the story stems from. Two thumbs up Ben, you've done well.
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Laughed Out Loud!
17 January 2011
Saw the Cruise/Diaz movie, thought it was a hoot. Had no idea if it was supposed to be a comedy or action, it was both. Not a big Cruise fan, my air conditioning at my condo was being serviced, had to kill an hour and get out of the heat so I strolled into the local movie house. I just went there to pass the time, but was greatly impressed with Cruise's delivery. He's a movie star plain and simple. Very relaxed in front of the camera. Didn't miss a beat. It's like he could do no wrong. And thinking about it now, he was great in Tropic Thunder, hilarious. Took a big risk with that character and a great job. And Diaz was adorable in the movie. She played her role like a harp. I know they paired off once before, but I never saw Vanilla Sky. Might be worth the trip to the video store to see it. Trying to figure out why this movie didn't do better in the theaters. It was a bunch of fun and I found myself laughing out loud.
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The Wolfman (2010)
save the ten bucks
13 May 2010
Being a life long fan of the (wolf) man I was more than anxious to see the hairy guy come back to the silver screen. I am going to say it without hesitation. This was a piece of garbage. The sets looked great and Hopkins and Weaving were spot on but the male lead…what the hell was that all about and why didn't anyone take him to the side and ask him to take the marbles out of his mouth? Can't they at least do that after they shoot the movie? Go over it and fix the guy's speaking voice. Benicio Del Toro is built up to be this 'Actor' who is stage renowned for his Shakespearean works and that he was English born and of proper upbringing for at least ten years or so of his life. However, this guy shows up like he's from East L.A. born out of Mexican Heritage. I don't get why this guy is the lead. Before you say 'racist' or something stupid, my wife is Latina…and she was embarrassed and commented throughout the movie of why---if they are going to re-write the history of the Wolfman story---couldn't they have at least gotten a Latin guy who could pull it off and be believable. If you can't believe the lead the movie's sunk.
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Tooth Fairy (I) (2010)
Big Smiles
10 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Caught Tooth Fairy with my kid. He liked it but I think I liked it more. The love interest looked like she put a tad bit of weight on in her face but she is so adorable just the same. But the Rock, he kills me, in a good way. Thought he made some nice choices. I mean, I'm a big guy and when he came out in a tutu outfit I found myself laughing out loud. #&*#& Hysterical stuff. My son kept on asking me in the theater why the main kid (the son) was so grumpy the first part of the movie. I told my son that he was mad because he didn't want anyone replacing his dad and stealing his mom away from him, so it was his way of expressing himself. My son's seven, his response was, "He's going to steal her." It was a good clean movie and everyone was great. That tall English guy killed me, too. And great move putting Julie Andrews in the movie. Thought the line when the Rock made the comment about everyone speaking with an English accent was funny. And can't leave out Billy Crystal, guy's a pisser.
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Sam Raimi does it again!
20 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Somewhat spoiler. If you're a fan of the man, and you like the wackiness of Army of Darkness, then you have to run to go see Drag Me To Hell. Don't walk, Run. Right from the opening credits I knew I was in for a treat. I felt like was in a theater for a 60's – 70's good old fashion horror flick. But not just the corny campy type, the coolness of it. Thought the way he pushed in the camera was brilliantly and intentionally done at the exact times he meant it to in order to goof on the genre yet do it in a way that we were not insulted but along for the ride. The séance scene was just down and out funky and the moment when the gypsy woman was 'gumming' the jaw of the lead girl in the parking garage was tastefully insane, scary and at the same time funny as all heck. Love the scene with the cat and the outcome, not a cat hater, have two, just didn't expect. And man oh man, was I surprised with the ending. Thought old school feel was awesome. Sam Raimi does it again!
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