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The Awakening (I) (2011)
Fantastic film to make you squirm whilst you think!!
7 November 2011
Just saw this at an advance preview and it is fantastic. If you like your a fan of Spanish horror like The Orphanage of Hierro then you will love this.

Delibrately hiding key facts throughout the film to keep you guessing so ignore the reviews here trying to compare this to Paranormal Activity 3. This is a film where you have to use your brain, you have to concentrate and let the film take you on a journey and if you do then you will be justly rewarded with a scary ghost story.

It builds and builds to an excellent ending , you just need a little bit of patience and a little bit of brain power to get you there.
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The Broken (2008)
Something Clever for a change!
24 June 2009
After watching this film a few nights ago, I was really surprised to find so many bad reviews. Having watched a lot of rubbish horror movies lately, I thought this was quite a refreshing change. Creepy, suspenseful and quite clever.

The Broken manages to build and build the tension giving very little away. About 45 minutes through, my wife said 'I don't understand', all I could reply was 'I don't think your supposed to yet' but we were both intrigued on how the film was to play out.

What is really strange is the lack of cinematic release in the UK, compared to some of the drivel being released lately like Friday 13th remake or The last house on the left, this is miles ahead and anyone with a bit of brainpower should really take a look.

If your expecting a constant stream of gore or slashings with boobies and weed, then go find the latest straight to DVD horror like Amusement in Asda. Anyone who really wants to watch a decent film with a decent plot and some excellent scares along the way should track down a copy of this!
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How to ruin someones childhood!
18 June 2009
As a massive Friday 13th fan owning all of the previous DVDS, I looked forward to this movie after seeing a rather decent trailer. How wrong could i be.

This film is awful. If it wasn't labelled as a Friday 13th movie then this would be on here rated as one of the worst movies ever made. Its not scary and it certainly isn't Friday 13th.

The film makes such a promising start with a flask back aligning itself with the original Friday. Jason's mum being decapitated.

Then it all goes wrong. The script it beyond awful with every cliché ever written chucked in for one. Sex and weed being introduced within minutes before a whole set of campers are dispatched one after the other in inventive kills! Hang on a minute, since when did Jason have a brain to hang someone in a sleeping bag so that they burned to death whilst also setting up a bear trap?! Then another piece of sacrilege, Jason runs. At this point, I concerned turning it off and quickly re-watching an earlier instalment.

Anyone who loves Jason knows that this film is terrible. Marcus Nispel has to hold his hands up and say 'I've ruined on t he of the greatest horror characters' And now they have announced a part 2. A part 2 which comes out with an apology as to the first film being so bad. Just leave it alone please! As for remaking nightmare on elm street...don't get me started!!
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