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Rojo (2018)
What is it and what it seems
26 July 2019
This film take me by surprise, original and captivating. Usually I read something about the film before heading to the cinema but in this case I saw the trailer and read the quickly description. I'm mentioning this because affects yours/my mood and expectatives about the film, before even seeing the film, and your opinion of it. This films plays with different styles and the narrative is a metaphorical one. The beginning of the film set the pace and there is some humour there when you least expected. However all this funny bit and pieces that I enjoyed are related to the fact that I speak spanish, and the rhythm of the conversations, the tone of how things are said, can lead to laugh and enjoy the absurd moment or see it as a truly dramatic one. There is a another layer that talk about how we "slowly get used to" corruption and crime as far as we don't get our benefits taken away and our placid lives interrupted... too much. If you wanna see a film about a crime and a mystery, this film may disappoint you... if you go with a good open mood, you may have a great time!
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Sono tornato (2018)
A real tragicomedy
10 January 2019
Fun and well balance tragicomedy that deserve a wider audience (beyond Italy) because the topic is unfortunately international. Well acted and some twist here and there spiced up with some crazy stuff make this film pretty enjoyable!
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Petra (I) (2018)
Disappointing and ridiculous plot that ressembles soap opera
5 October 2018
There is no development of the characters, there are great actors but they are under utilized in an absurd and ridiculous plot that reminds you of the worst soap operas. The music is misplaced and there are many moments with dialog that are full of platitudes and dont add to the story or the character or anything at all. The photography is mediocre, the décor and clothing ugly.... insufferable!
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Ridicule and disrespectful account of historic figure
29 May 2017
This is a intense disappointment. After reading few reviews I was expecting something epic at the minimum for the 2h40min that the film run.... however after the first 45min I was sure that there was no way this films could reach nothing then laughter. There so many clichés that after a while you cannot avoid the laughs when is supposed to be dramatic. The plot is interesting but all the aspect that make it special are not explored nor developed. There many characters that seems to vanish without sense and the encounter with the natives at the amazonian jungle are absurd and implausible under the conditions shown. Just for context, Bolivia and Brazil have a significant variety of native dialects ( more then 300 ) this means that many of this areas where not in contact with the Spanish or the Portuguese. The acting, UFFF painful and excessive like in a soap opera. Anachronism in language and behavior... Shame that they miss a great occasion to do something espectacular.
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Sadly this film did not age well
15 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a chess player and somehow I imagine that the film will be about chess after reading the description. Well, the truth is that chess does show a little here and there; the chessboard and the game itself is very little shown and I considering that many people may not know chess is reasonable to keep a balance.. but they sincerely could have done better. The main characters are hard to like, due to little construction and the acting is way over the top with "Pavius"the young one. The personal dramas were interesting but presented in a sort of confusing way that there was not time to understand what was going on. Frankly, if you are interested in chess and films you may see it for curiosity but not for quality or entertainment. Chess is fascinating and Im sure that you could a good movie out of this one, maybe a remake?
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Glory (2016)
Pure and excellent satire
24 February 2017
I saw this film at the VIFF 2016 (Vancouver International Film Festival) without knowing much about it. The film was a pleasure from beginning to end. The story is simple but the actors Margita Goshen and Stefan Denolyubov are perfect for delivering this dark and poignant film. There are many comments about our society that anyone can relate to: corruption, media, abuse of power, etc... But what really makes the film fantastic is the ending, not for everybody's taste but it is exactly that which makes it unique. I am looking forward to see more films from these filmmakers.
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Searchers (2016)
Inuit wild beauty
17 February 2017
This film was surprisingly captivating considering the slow pace that can make some viewers impatient... But if you let yourself be immersed in the beauty and the drama there will be not a single moment to spare. The story is quite simple but the photography is extraordinary, the music is excellent and scenery of the remote areas are all breathtaking. Best to see it at the cinema to fully appreciate but otherwise see it anyway.
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the piece of information that we were missing
16 November 2016
Many documentaries show us situations that we have some idea, that somewhat we know a bit or we have heard or read about it but not deep enough. For that reason, this documentary was a complete surprise from the beginning to the end and it seems the audience was very compelled too through the whole film... so I guess I wasn't the only one feeling like "how this happened and I did not read or hear anything about it". The topic is extremely important and current; we have several documentaries about how important is protect our data and privacy but not so many about how we got in this situation. Here is that piece we were missing and helps a lot to make sense nowadays with our sense of surveillance. We have films about Edward Snowden and the last one, "Snowden", have the Nicolas Cage's character base in the creator of "Thin thread" that is the man, the good American.
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A long trailer that became movie
10 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When you read the synopsis about this monk being haunted by women and see the trailer for this film your curiosity is awakened and the expectations start to grow! so you certainly will want to see this film because the plot is original, is a Japanese comedy and sound promising. However then the problem begins when there is not much more then few smart lines and catchy music,long takes on bare breasts and more long takes on more breasts; disappointing and frustrating when you keep wondering if the plot will be revealed now... and then, maybe now?... and no, nothing. Enjoyable film maybe if you are half asleep on the plane or doing something else in the meantime.
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Violent and explicit but what for?
7 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Im aware that violence against women, men, kids and animals exist in this world and I would like to change that, therefore for create conscience maybe we may need to see it in films for better understanding for how we had become a violent society. However, this film will not contains that context or narrative to hold together your mind and body, because put you through the unpleasant shock over and over again with little space to reflexion or at least, for find meaning for what you are seeing. The first half hour you are engaged;the actresses are great in their roles, but suddenly they are transformed into monsters that leave no space for you to see the previous person they were portraying before…and that's all. This film unfortunately lost the opportunity to portrait what was intended.
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Medriocre but well acted
31 May 2011
This is a very mediocre movie with really good actors who have done everything to give shape to this story. Mena Suvari and Caterina Murino are great in their roles even if these roles are incomplete for understand their stories. For Jack Huston I did not feel anything. He is just not the right actor for the role maybe, he seems too young and perfect to be credible. The story remains shallow, despite the inspiring beginning and how seductive the first 30 minutes looks - it then became flat. The characters are not developed enough to make them believable. They are a cool couple but without any reason to do what they do?. Sad to see what could be a good movie in the right hands. The photography and aesthetic in the movie is good, also beautiful locations, however the lack of depth make this almost disappear. I feel disappointed after watching it.
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