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Husk (2011)
Pretty Good Piece of Modern Horror
12 July 2013
When I marked this movie to record, the 1988 Scarecrows came to mind, and made me come up with a small checklist of things which I would like to see: the scarecrow would have to have a good design (they have to look pretty decent, or no one would take this movie seriously), and a decent plot and back-story. More so, the main characters have to be realistic enough as to not make me sigh in pity for the movie. The camera angles aren't too crucial, nor the music, but they do have the potential to add to a movie. This movie had all the requirements I would have liked, though some of them could have been improved.

The scarecrows had my approval of being threatening, malevolent beings. Their make- up/costume was pretty cool, I think. The back-story behind the scarecrows was interesting, though why only the nerdy characters could see the flashback, I don't know. Also, for the most part, the actors played their parts pretty well. One of the things I think that this movie does quite well is the avoidance of the normal cliché slasher-movie characters. There's no blonde-haired girl who's messing with three guys' affections or a shy, well-behaving female who survives the onslaught. This just has four males and one female, and they all get along with each other decently well.

I found this rather nice for a change. As aforementioned, I didn't care too much for how we found out about the origin of the scarecrows (via flashbacks that only one character could see), but I can try to look past that. Also, the chess analogy with such little evidence concerned me a bit, but it wasn't too big of a plot point, so I can deal with that also. Gore-wise, this had some pretty painful-looking deaths and injuries, but as I only saw an edited version, I don't know how much total bloodshed this had to offer.

Overall, I feel that this movie is something that a horror movie fan should be able to watch without grimacing. 7.5/10, rounded down to 7 to fit IMDb.
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Wow, what was this?
10 August 2009
Now, low quality horror movies are all the rage nowadays, because all you need is a few people for the cast, and a somewhat interesting story. This has the few people, but it fails on the story aspect. From what I understand, two childhood friends witnessed something in some wooded area, and never told anyone about it. Now, at a much later date, they go back to this area, and talk about it.

The acting was mostly bad, with one of the characters not seeming to care about what's going on. The story was also bad. The biggest problem, though, is the fact that this 10 minute movie takes place during the night, so all you can really see it faces, and a flame later on. I'd advise people to find something else.
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