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Very self aware...and clever
14 November 2010
This show has always been funny, clever and great for the whole family. But it is a show that is also very self aware. The show keeps us and our kids laughing with the classic comedy we've grown to love since the years of Full House, but it also will take shots at itself. The series pokes fun at its overall premise of Wizards and magic while still being fun. This particular episode even made reference to the old saying, "Jumping the shark" (When a TV show runs out of original material and makes a desperate attempt to stay fresh) Alex, the main character says, "I got you here by saying Lady Gaga would be on a motorcycle jumping a shark tank". This was clearly an easter egg for the older crowd.

Not many great family sitcoms out there, but this is definitely a diamond in the rough.
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The Suite Life on Deck: Party On! (2010)
Season 3, Episode 8
Great sitcom moments!
11 September 2010
I've been a fan of the "Suite Life" series since it began and its brought so many great laughs. Its a series that feels original and creative. Kids loves it, teens love it and their parents can enjoy just as well.

With that said, this particular episode stands out as a sitcom classic. That of which deserves to stand up with the best from yesterday's, Home Improvement, Fresh Prince & even Rosanne. This episode takes a classic act and puts a modern day twist on it without compromising the integrity of the premise of the show. There are many great jokes that surprisingly cross the board. And they use their guest star, Sean Kingston, perfectly.

See this review? See this show? See this episode coming up soon? Put it on your DVR schedule, whether you are a tween or a grown adult in need of a nostalgic sitcom moment, you will be highly entertained.

you're welcome for such a great review of a Disney show ;)
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Hellcats (2010–2011)
Hellcats is a real flyer
9 September 2010
Hellcats is a show thats perfect for the network. Fans of shows like Smallville, Vampire Diaries, Make it or Break it & Secret Life of an American Teenager will fall in love with this series. This show was built for the American tween public, and thats not a bad thing.

Aly Michalka & Ashley Tisdale are Disney alums that will draw a lot of fans to the show, and its those fans that are ready to grow out of the Disney Channel and move on to the tween TV scene.

While some of the characters will immediately jump out at you, many others seem to just fade into the background and leave you asking, "Who?" Im sure character development will help this over the course of time.

Its a show that can be very predictable, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Its in how the show is delivered and carries its stories. Only time will tell.

Hellcats has promise, and i believe given the chance they will fulfill all expectations and maybe a little more. This show could easily become a cult classic with many more seasons to come. Will Hellcats reach the top of the pyramid and continue to fly or tumble into obscurity?
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Happy Town: I Came to Haplin for the Waters (2010)
Season 1, Episode 2
Mmmm, like tapioca pudding...
6 May 2010
In the follow up episode to the pilot Happy Town delivers. There's a fair amount of character development, as there should be, and the story moves it self along. Some may argue that the story doesn't move along fast enough, but it seems to be a series that will keep at a steady pace, leaving us with many questions and anticipation walking into the next episode.

There's a couple revelations, but what makes this show so great in its early stages is the undertones and subtleties. You gotta give the actors great respect for selling these moments of "whats really going on?" Happy Town's fuse is officially lit, and i have a very strong feeling its gonna blow us all away by the time its all said and done.
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Happy Town: In This Home on Ice (2010)
Season 1, Episode 1
Who is Chloe?
29 April 2010
I have been following news on this show since it was first announced and after watching the pilot i was quite pleasantly surprised by the delivery. This show has a premise that was hit or miss from the start, but it seems like they have hit it dead on from the start.

The CHARACTERS were easy to connect with from the very start, with the exception of a few (but thats just because their supposed to be a mystery) While they may seem to be cookie cutter characters, there is a lot of undertones that there is much more going on with each one.

The STORY was set up great for future episodes. At times while watching the pilot i felt like i was reading the first chapter of a Stephen King novel, as it was fleshed out quite well for a TV series. There were a lot of suspenseful moments and scenes that had me leaning towards the TV set, very much involved.

It usually takes a show 3-5 episodes to really get a rhythm and give the viewer an idea of what direction the show will go. Will Happy Town bring the same mystique and suspense on a consistence basis, I'm willing to bet it will. And i would also expect that this show will find great success, becoming the talk of the town along the lines of, "OMG, did you see what happen on last weeks episode?" Even to people discussing their own opinions and views on the twist and turns in a very LOST like matter.

In CONCLUSION, "Happy Town" is a show that could be slated for quite a long run if done correctly. Some edge of your seat moments, mixed with a lil comedy and all wrapped up in some mystery. A show that deserves a real chance. I suggest to check it out and be the first on the bandwagon. ~ Resi
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CSI: Miami: Spring Breakdown (2010)
Season 8, Episode 19
Whats the big deal?
13 April 2010
This is the first time I've ever watched a "CSI" show in full. Chelsea Hobbs & Cassie Scerbo of brought me to check out this particular episode and while i felt their performances were more than up to par. all i could think was...whats the big deal? This show really isn't that great in comparison to its competitors. I understand the forensics thing is big right now, but they put way too much emphasis on the scientific motions CSI goes through and most people don't truly understand what they are doing. Bones is a show that does this very well and explains every aspect of it. The detectives in this show seemed half of that of any in Law & Order, while i found myself wondering why they weren't checking certain leads & going through way more work than they needed to. This would have been a great chance for CSI to draw a rogue viewer into their world. Not only did they not do that, but they completely turned me off to it. Hmmm, maybe my Aunt would enjoy this show, but not me. Feel the same way? Suggestions would be...

Any Law & Order Bones Southland Justified
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Justified: Fire in the Hole (2010)
Season 1, Episode 1
Very promising start
23 March 2010
A very promising start to a show that could become an instant hit, or at very least, garner a huge cult following. Ever since The Shield, FX has been on a roll, and easily the station where true quality drama is at.

I really like the cowboy/old west type feel, mixed into the modern day. Walton Goggin's character has a line that explains the environment best as he says, "There was a day when 2 crackers driving down the street in a pick up would send them running" (them being the African American presence) His character, Boyd, along with Timothy Olymphant's character are fleshed out really well in a short amount of time, and are both very intriguing and well delivered through each actors performance.

The story writing is great and has a very nice flow. I never felt that i was watching a scene that wasn't necessary. And the dialouge also had the same flow. Along with some witty back and forths and clever retorts.

The pilot leaves me quite optimistic for the series as a whole. Im excited to see the next few episodes. If you were curious at all, i would suggest giving Justified a chance.
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Sorority Wars (2009 TV Movie)
War was never this much fun
1 March 2010
Sorority Wars is one of those movies that will surprise you. Its a fun and entertaining story that takes you on the journey of a rushee caught between 2 feuding sororities. The character development of the main character is great, its easy to stand behind her as she goes through every moment. Great performances by the core cast, especially Lucy Hale and Faith Ford.

I found myself truly enjoying this movie and following the story every step of the way. Its not in the ranks of some of the great teen movies, but it stands on its own, and stands tall. The best way i can describe this is...its fun.
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Warehouse 13: Magnetism (2009)
Season 1, Episode 3
Making great progress
22 July 2009
3 episodes in (keeping in mind the pilot was 2 hours) and this show has maked quite a few large strides. The character development has been great. In a short amount of time they have gotten me to connect with the characters. Its the flaws that they have that sell them to the audience. This IS A SCI-FI show, so ya, its goofy and you gotta be able to suspend your belief, but should you be able to do that its a show that can be easily enjoyed.

I expect big things out of this series as time goes on, but only that same time will tell.

If you haven't seen this show, i would highly recommend it. It comes with the fun police work of Law and Order, the quirky wit similar to that of a Joss Whedon series all mixed up with Sci-Fi.
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Warehouse 13: Pilot (2009)
Season 1, Episode 1
A promising start
8 July 2009
The characters at this point seem a bit cookie cutter. The free spirited funny guy. The uptight, all business hot chick and the zany sidekick. Im sure they will develop as the series goes on.

The story and basis of the show seems a bit off the wall at first, and it is, but it works (at least in the pilot) A very intriguing story that is delivered well. The episode, though a bit long, kept me involved and entertained the whole way through. By the end i honestly cared about what happened with the story and the characters.

A very promising start to what could turn out to be a good series. Im sure the next few episodes will give us all a better idea of what this will turn out to be, and with Allison Scagliotti joins along with the cast, im willing to bet thats gonna add that much more to the show.
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Family Guy (1998– )
Family Guy is like Skiing
10 May 2009
Family Guy started out as a breath of fresh air. It was funny, and had a great comedic take on pop culture. Family Guy is just like skiing. With every show, its comedic value takes a step down. Season 1-3 was really good, but ever since season 4 started the laughs have grown further and further apart. And as i write this review, i find the newest episodes have been nothing but terrible and bland. They even have managed to take some of the better jokes from the past and bring them back, and back, and back...and back. Running them over, and over, and over, and...well you get the point. American dad has a fair amount of comedic moments in it, which leads me to believe most of the value is being thrown that way.

Family Guy is like skiing...the longer its on the air, the further down the slope it goes.
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